How to submit

The first step in entering the SCF is to come up with a killer project. Is there a change you can imagine that would make the world a better place? A need out there that's not addressed by current technology? Some content, resource, or event that would help people better understand how and why to build on Stellar? If you need inspiration, think about it, ask around, connect with other Stellar developers and enthusiasts, or check out our documentation.

First: Let’s Login

Entering the SCF is a simple and straightforward process: just log in to the relevant fund page (Seed Fund or Lab Fund) with your phone number, then head over to the “Enter” page. Here are the line items you will find in the entry form:


Pretty obvious, but be sure and spend some time thinking through the right title for your project. First impressions are important.  Titles are the stickiest part of your entry, and a good title makes people say, “have you heard of {XYZ}?” instead of, “what was the name of that project again?”


The visual mental bookmark for your entry. It’s another place for an easy quick win to set yourself apart for the pack. Don’t just screenshot your app: really think through and design something visually appealing.


Don’t skimp here.  If you’re in a rush, step away and come back when you have some time. Winning the SCF is a sales pitch: it’s all about building relationships and storytelling. To convince the judges and community that your project is worthwhile, get in front of a camera, get us in your elevator, and make your pitch.


A word format for the script of your video. What would you tell me about your project if we met over coffee? What would you say if you could only say a bit? What is the “why” of your entry?


Details, details, details.  You’ve convinced us to click on your entry, you’ve got our attention, now wow us.  Take us on a journey through your brain and passion. Spare no details, really flood the feed with everything. This box supports markdown, so go nuts.


Link to all the places: website, blog, GitHub, Instagram you name it. We want to see what you’ve built.  We want to get to know you and your team. Show us your place on the Internet.


Make it snappy and keep it relevant.  What keywords would someone use to find you on Google?


This list is only shared with the panel. We’re looking for email, Keybase, Telegram, phone number, etc. Any and all the places we can get in touch with you to talk about your project. The SCF is about relationships, so make sure we have some bridges to get to you.

Along with funding, SCF has provided incredible benefits to Litemint, it raised awareness about the project within the Stellar community and adopters, encouraging connections and partnership. Submitting your project to SCF can bring invaluable resources to help you succeed.

If you have a fin-tech idea, an inking of a concept, that could fill an unmet need or improve on an existing one, get some good people together and work on it. The Stellar Network thrives when tech and finance enthusiasts have novel ideas and implement them.

I have been working in the last two years on my project. The Stellar Community Fund made me think about new challenges and being one of the winners helps me dedicate more time to improve it.

It's a fantastic way to showcase your Stellar-based project, expose it to many potential users and customers, and potentially receive some funds to kick start your project.

The SCF is a great way to get feedback from the community and helps with the first steps in realizing your project. It's a real kickstart!

SCF is the best place to start if you have a project for the Stellar ecosystem. It provides validation as well as it helps you refine your vision.

I like the vision of Stellar for financial inclusion and the focus on the tech side to facilitate the transfer of financial assets, like building email for money.

I like that building on something that I believe in. I'm certain Stellar can change the world for the better.