Round Phases

Each round of the Stellar Community Fund consists of four phases: submission, panel selection, community discussion, and community vote.


During this phase, participants submit their proposals for panel review to Proposals are editable, so get started and then continue adding polish. This is your best chance to wow both judges and the community. Make it shine!

Panel Selection

The task of the panel is to select the strongest entries and advance them to the final community phases. This phase is critically important for ensuring the best projects rise to the surface and gain valuable feedback and expert advice from the panel of SDF and community judges.

Community Discussion

This is the participation and learning phase. It's the most important part of the Stellar Community Fund since it gives participants valuable feedback and allows them to position themselves as advocates for their proposal and for the overall growth of the ecosystem.  Discussion and community participation is highly encouraged.

Community members should take this time to ask participants questions about their proposals, submit suggestions, and engage with any active elements.

Community Vote

Once the entries are in, the panel has narrowed down the field, and discussion has concluded, a group of verified members of the Stellar ecosystem will vote on the prizes. Winners' shares are based on the percentage of quadratic votes they receive. For example, if a project receives 10% of the quadratic vote, they will receive 10% of the awarded lumens (50,000 XLM of the 500k XLM pool).