May 11 - Jun 27, 2021


Budget request (XLM)

Tellus Cooperative is a company founded in 2019 in Chile, to create a system of cooperation-based savings within a decentralized economic network. Tellus aims to bridge the gap between workers, small businesses, and the retail investor by strengthening their involvement in the DeFi economy. Tellus will provide with an API connecting anchor providers and app services working with small businesses. Mission: Tellus’ mission is to create a system of economic cooperation between small businesses and workers by implementing decentralization and rewarding participants for sustainable choices. Vision: We envision equal opportunities for all. Creating a system that reshapes the way markets sustain themselves. We strive to create new pathways for sustainable thinking, cooperative-driven investments, and support networks for workers.

In operation since

June 28 – August 22

Based In

August 23 – August 29


August 30 – September 12

Target Audience

September 12 – September 26