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The Stellar Community Fund is a fast-paced, open-application awards program based on community input to boost development for startups and developer projects built on Stellar and Soroban. Get funding, integrate these powerful technologies to accelerate your project, and become part of a supportive ecosystem and vibrant community.

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Build and innovate in a greenfield ecosystem, and be among the early adopters of Soroban, Stellar's new native smart contracts platform.

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Index Products

Build smart contracts that can manage indices that provide exposure to various strategies or baskets of currencies.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Build a permissionless money market that supports the ability to supply and borrow assets.

Collateral-backed Token

Build a protocol that issues a token backed by an asset available on the Stellar network.

DAO Tooling

Enable builders to coordinate through DAO tools such as multi-signature wallets, voting infrastructure, contract-controlled treasury, and more.

Smart Wallet

Make it as easy as possible to interact with Soroban dApps through a seamless UI / UX.

Streaming Payments

Make Stellar-based payments even more efficient by allowing users to set up custom payment streams between accounts.

New to Stellar and Soroban and not quite ready yet for SCF? Get started with Stellar Quest, a gamified way to learn how to build on Stellar and Soroban.

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