Stellar Community Fund
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The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) is an open-application grant program that distributes up to 24M XLM annually to Stellar-based developers, startups, and full-fledged companies based on community input.


XLM awarded




Community members

How SCF works

SCF has two rounds per year, with each round consisting of four phases outlined below. Reference the SCF Handbook to learn more.


Companies and developers building on Stellar submit their projects


A selection panel chooses the strongest submissions for community review


Selected candidates engage with the community to receive feedback on their submissions


Verified community members vote on the submissions they think deserve a grant

Apply to the SCF

Can you imagine a change that would make the world a better place? Apply to the SCF with your Stellar-based project and request you need to realize your vision.

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Check out SCF’s talent

Submitting to SCF? Gather valuable insight from the winners and candidates of prior rounds to increase your chance of success.

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Engage with the community

Throughout the year, lively discussions take place on the SCF Discord, which allows the community to engage with SCF submissions.

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Become a verified member

Interested in supporting and voting for SCF submissions? Become an SCF verified member and influence the growth of the Stellar ecosystem!

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Winning the SCF #10 wasn’t just about getting a grant, we had the opportunity to build and scale our mission with a community that really cared about what we were building and supported us every step.
Emmanuel Evarist
Be open minded and flexible! Any startup building on Stellar should think of submitting to the SCF, which is without doubt the most welcoming and constructive fund we’ve ever worked with.
Steve Walker
the blue marble
The SCF is a great way to validate your product, get in touch with the community AND get a chance to collect funding to take your product to the next level. You'll always get value out of it!
Beans APP
To potential submitters I'd say: Apply! Even if you don't win, the visibility and feedback can be beneficial on their own. You never know what connections might come out of the experience.
Tori samples
Leaf Global Fintech
SCF gives you that initial push to bring your idea to life, but if you already have a product with traction, it can be the rocket that takes your project to the next level 🚀
Mariano morales
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