Build the future of finance

The Stellar Community Fund gives people all over the world a chance to kickstart their Stellar-based projects and connect to the thriving Stellar community. You can road test ideas, get real feedback from developers and potential users, and win funding to allow you to pursue your vision. It's a rare opportunity to win rewards — no strings attached — for dreaming big.

To find out more about the next round of community funding, join the SCF server on Discord!

What is Stellar?

Stellar is an amazing technology that allows you to build the future of finance. You can easily issue any kind of digital asset, connect any app to a network full of existing assets, and handle payments, make trades, or connect to real-world financial infrastructure. There are all kinds of interesting projects built on Stellar, and all kinds of existing resources that support the Stellar ecosystem, but there's also a ton of room to innovate and a lot left to build. How will Stellar change the world? The SCF is your invitation to help figure that out.

Stellar Community Fund

There are two community funds, each with a different purpose:

How it works

1. Learn about Stellar and brainstorm the possibilities

Get inspired! Dig into or the developer docs to see what you can do with Stellar. Check out the projects and partners directory and previous SCF winners to see what others have already done.

2. Choose a fund and check the timeline

Are you a business looking to launch a long-term project? The Seed Fund may be best for you. Just getting started or hoping to tinker with a new idea? Look into the Lab Fund instead! Once you pick the right fund, check to see when submissions are open and plan accordingly.

3. Develop

Time to realize your idea! For guidance, consult the tutorials and other resources in the developer docs or explore the Engineering Talk series. If you need help or feedback — or you just want to engage with like-minded Stellar developers and enthusiasts as you work on your submission — check out the SCF community channels.

4. Submit your project

Please read through the requirements and guidelines prior to submitting to make sure your project is eligible. For complete instructions, check out the How to submit section.

5. Get nominated

At the end of the submission round, a nomination panel goes through all eligible projects and chooses the finalists for qualified vote. During the nomination round, panelists may want to know about your project, so be prepared to engage and answer questions!

6. Connect with the community

Once the nomination panel narrows the list, the community has a few weeks to discuss the final projects. This is a great time to engage, advocate, and receive feedback to make your project even better.

7. Win Awards

A group of verified community members decide award allocations by quadratic vote. The more support your project gets, the bigger the prize!

Featured Winners