SCF Startup Camp Finalist
Airswift Supply Chain Finance Solution: Revitalize with Tokenized Account Receivables

Airswift is a financial technology company pioneering crypto payment solutions for businesses and consumers worldwide. We offer products such as a supply chain financing platform, crypto payment gateway, crypto-funded prepaid cards, and crypto on/off ramps that connect businesses to Web3.


How did you and your team get started?

We are a group of blockchain and payments experts who formed in order to help buyers optimize their working capital, and help small business suppliers (SBSs) secure operating cash flow by leveraging the vast potential of blockchain technology.  Our users include multinational buyers and international groups of suppliers. All face pressure to unlock the working capital in their supply chains. In particular, buyers want to lengthen their payment terms while offering their suppliers' early payments. Suppliers often need additional cash flow.

Airswift tackles these pain points by leveraging credit from large buyers through splitting and tokenizing their account receivables. This enables factoring services for account receivables related to the large buyer, even for SBSs that are not in direct contact with the buyer. Consequently, SBSs along with supply chains can secure lines of credit.  

What did you build during the SCF Startup Camp on Stellar/Soroban?

Stellar-based Supply Chain Finance Solution.

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What was your experience like?

In the past, we explored the possibility of building a Supply Chain Financing platform on Stellar and released a preliminary product for customers. However, the smart contract and USDC were not available at the time. As a result, the Stellar blockchain could only play a limited role in the system. With the progress in Soroban and the growth of the ecosystem, as well as the ongoing demands from our customers and partners, we decided to build a web3 native supply chain financing platform on Soroban. At this stage, we thought that it would be productive to join the SCF startup camp so that we could iterate our original design with some new insights.

Participating in the camp was an unforgettable experience. From the moment we embarked on this journey, the pace was intense, and the challenges were constant. However, the sense of accomplishment and personal growth we experienced made it all worthwhile!

Memorable moments

  • The Sprint questions and HMWs uncovered a diverse set of perspectives, generating insightful discussion around the fundamental needs of each type of our system’s user, and the true value that we can deliver to them.
  • Our storyboarding and process map activities allowed us to take a step back from designing the product so we could rethink it from the perspective of a user's journey and the overall architecture.  

Lessons learned

  • We realized how much ideas can change over the course of the bootcamp, and learned not to be afraid of changing core features of the product when it's being developed.
  • Regarding the shaping of design decisions, we discovered the importance of avoiding tunnel vision and looking ahead from multiple perspectives to find the best solutions.

Next steps

Stellar-based Supply Chain Finance Solution.

Words of wisdom for future teams

Despite the fast-paced and challenging nature of the entire camp, the rewards and knowledge gained make us truly appreciate the efforts we put in. All in all, it has been an incredible experience that is definitely worth being a part of.


Koby Braidek, Web3 copywriter for Airswift
With two years of experience writing in the blockchain and crypto space. After obtaining his M.A. from McGill University in 2019, he became a freelance technology writer before joining Airswift in 2022.

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