SCF Startup Camp Finalist
Sorosorcerer: easy and accessible building production ready custom smart contracts on Soroban

Sorosorcerer is a platform with the mission to reduce the barrier for entrepreneurs to build impactful use-cases on Soroban and Stellar Network. This is achieved through creating a wizard which guides builders through functional and business requirements to automatically create a production-ready smart contract which can be deployed on Soroban to quickly bring the idea to market.


How did you and your team get started?

Smart contract development is too risky and resource intensive for most builders. This tweet about a talk by Tomer Weller summarizes it perfectly. A technical founder may spend hundreds of developer hours of a huge amount of resources to turn around a smart contract. Deployment is risky, and design considerations may limit scaling.

During the SCF/SDF we decided to build a standardized and scalable wizard which reduces the barrier for founders to bring a product on Stellar to market. Our intuitive front-end combined with a library of secure smart contract components merge together to create a developer experience that focuses on functional design and will save time and resources. In summary Sorosorcerer makes building production ready custom smart contracts on Soroban easy and accessible.

What did you build during the SCF Startup Camp on Stellar/Soroban?

We built a simple wizard tool which allows a user to select functionality they'd like in a fungible asset. We created a fungible asset contract with features that take advantage of Sorban. See the contract code here:

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What was your experience like?

We loved the 5 day sprint design process and enjoyed the great mentoring and facilitation. It was a really fun week and can highly recommend any team interested in Stellar or Soroban to participate.

Memorable moments

  • Long chats with great mentors
  • Being kept on track by facilitators, no getting distracted!
  • Accomplishing something tangible and exciting in such as short amount of time

Lessons learned

Getting user feedback is very hard to do in just one day. Take some time starting on day one to reserve some time from people to get user feedback on day 2/3/4

Next steps

We built a simple wizard tool which allows a user to select functionality they'd like in a fungible asset. We created a fungible asset contract with features that take advantage of Sorban. See the contract code here:

Words of wisdom for future teams

If you're new to the ecosystem, take some time beforehand to dive into the documentation and familiarize yourself with all the unique native features Stellar has. This will help with coming up with new and cool ideas to build.


Vincent McLeese (discord: Vincent_Efiko#5614)


Ex Accenture /  Blockchain team

Product managed large corporate DLT implementations in supply chain and FS for F500

HEC Paris finance graduate (MSc.)

Outlier Ventures Mentor


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