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We’ve started developing CityStates: Medieval back in 2019, primarily privately funded and won a grant in SCF #2. CityStates has grown a lot with more than 70,000 registrations since May this year, a user-friendly dashboard and a growing, supportive and positive community.

The heart of all our endeavors is our Dashboard. The addirktive Dashboard is not only about gaming though. It’s about creating an easy to use interface, connecting Stellar with other blockchains. Multichain gaming as we are developing with CityStates is just one of its use-cases.

So far we have (largely unnoticed) created bridges via Dashboard between Stellar, the WAX Blockchain and the Binance SmartChain (BSC). A user can for example deposit BNB, swap it to XLM and withdraw it to his Stellar account.

Whenever we develop a new piece for the bigger puzzle it’s always with hindsight to future expansion of its use. The bridges to other blockchains for example enable us to Anchor any asset traded on supported chains via Stellar, provide liquidity and move the current Dashboard swap feature to be executed on the SDEX instead.

This is currently not possible because Anchors either don’t exist yet (BNB, ADA, SOL, WAX etc) or charge withdrawal fees too high to offer this as a service to our users. Since every Anchor also has their own procedure for withdrawals this would require additional explanation and support - for an external service. The non-availability of big and known coins/tokens is one of the key factors we have identified for the disappointing start of AMMs. We will try to fix this part.

For the issuance of our first NFTs we basically laid the groundwork to run our own multichain NFT marketplace. The goal here is to enable projects to issue new NFTs on a selection of blockchains and for users to be able to move their NFTs between blockchains similar to the previously mentioned bridge for fungible tokens.
One of the innovative features currently working and tested already with our own is the creation of ‘virtual NFTs’. NFT creators will be able to issue NFTs to users which are then minted on demand to the chain of their choice. For economic reasons (existing user-base and adaption) we have focused on the WAX blockchain for NFTs so far. Obviously this proposal includes the support for NFTs on Stellar for our games and via the Dashboard.

Our primary focus here will be selected blockchain games and established projects. Although we will be able to bridge other NFTs without explicit consent (in the end it’s public data), we are already in talks with other projects that are looking forward to using such a feature officially. Unbeknownst to them, they were impressed by the capabilities the Stellar Network could offer to enhance their players' experience.

The CityStates in-game economies of fungible tokens will run entirely and exclusively on Stellar, utilizing the SDEX and AMM/Liquidity Pools. Currently there are two versions in development. ‘Domination’ with a bigger focus on crypto users and NFT integration and ‘Medieval’ which is set to target mass adoption through zero barrier onboarding.

Although both games share some of the game-assets, they feature different gameplay and have their own distinct economies and target audience. With both economies running on Stellar, it will be possible to send in-game items from one game to the other using the path-payment feature.
A player can for example collect Wood in one game and send it to receive Stone in the other. This will also be possible for any future games of ours or other games developed or supported on Stellar.

Our mid to long term goal is not “just developing meaningful games” but to create a multi-blockchain gaming platform with Stellar at its core.

There are a lot more features planned for the future but it would be counterproductive (competition) to spill all the beans already.

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Current Progress

The Dashboard is in production and continually developed since May.

CityStates: Medieval beta is aimed for the end of this year.CityStates: Domination is in the development/prototyping stage.

After removing bots and multi account registrations to the best of our knowledge, we have around 70,000 users registered on the Dashboard as of Nov, 2021.

We are a global Team operating from Germany, Italy, Philippines, Venezuela, Mexico, Ukraine and freelancers from even more countries.

In May 2021 the governance and IP token CSM as well as the in-game currency HEX were initially issued, both on Stellar. Proceeds from these are distributed to addirktive Game Development Services on an ‘as-needed’ basis to cover expenses. addirktive Game Development Services itself has not raised any funds.

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What's new?
Goals & Budget

Specific: Win the SCF :)

Measurable: 20,000+ active players per day in the first three months after launch.

Achievable/Realistic: We always try to be realistic and set achievable goals.

Timely: Successful beta test of CityStates: Medieval before end of year.

To get there, we  will use our requested budget to:

Everything has been set in motion already, holding back more prominent Stellar integration is simply the lack of time/personnel by the current team.

We will hire at least two more web developers to accomplish our goals of which the focus will be on Stellar based integration..



  • Stellar users only have a few prominent and well known coins to choose from on the SDEX.

A trusted Anchor is needed to bring these to Stellar and fuel LP adoption. Providing liquidity for something like ‘DogeToken’ or projects little known outside the Stellar ecosystem doesn’t attract capital.

  • Blockchain gaming currently is a mess of gamified Ponzi-schemes and Lootbox simulators. Potential players need huge capital investments and often third party tools like metamask to start ‘playing’ mediocre games.

We will change this by developing games that are actually fun to play where blockchain is just one component to enrich gameplay. With our zero-barrier onboarding approach, anybody can play our game without the need to own or know anything about cryptocurrencies.


  1. Anchoring, issuing and providing liquidity for more cryptocurrencies on the SDEX.
  2. Utilizing the SDEX to issue in-game resources as fungible and tradeable tokens, creating truly player controlled game-economies.
  3. Already bridging BSC and WAX to Stellar, planning to add more chains in the coming months.


CityStates: Medieval - General population

CityStates: Domination - Crypto Gaming users

addirktive Dashboard - All our own players and those from other supported projects as well as users using the blockchain bridges


We have several streams of revenue generation already which will grow as the project gets more exposure over time. This includes but is not limited to: NFT sales, in-game currency use/sales, currency swap and transaction fees.


Blockchain gaming as already stated when starting with CityStates back in 2019 is the gate for mass adoption. This is becoming more clear by the day and is basically public consensus by now. A portal like addirktive and its games will do well even if a bear market hits.


Any change in government regulations, technology, the economy, and in our industry is unpredictable and could affect our project or business. To the best of our knowledge, our plan going forward is solid.


Our competiters are venture capital funded behemoths with hundreds of millions at their disposal but no clear vision or blinded by thirst for ROI. addirktive and CityStates have always been passion projects and according to our supporters: it shows.

The transparency and constant progress updates differentiates us from the majority of similar projects. We are trying to show that things can be done differently and hope that this concept will be employed by others that come after us.


So far we’ve grown through word of mouth and social media updates only and haven’t run any marketing campaigns. While happy with the slower but constant growth we have bigger marketing campaigns planned for the near future. The infrastructure needs to be built and tested first though which will be possible to achieve faster with help from the SCF.


  • Unity Development Partner: Post Physical, Ukraine
  • Game-Partnership with
  • Chainlink cooperation for VRF and RNG integration for CS:M (coming)
  • Our game economies are developed and balanced by a scientific data analyst and Professor at one of the Top10 universities in the USA.Due to his job-relation he asked to remain anonymous at this point.

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Abelardo PastorPhilippinesCEO

Dirk PollmannGermanyCOO

Fabio PinedaVenezuelaLead Web Development

Leonard KrucUkraineLead Unity Development

To get in touch please contact us through our official Server as random friend requests are ignored: