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Anara Farmers Market

Anara is the next generation of e-Comm for the agriculture industry. Anara Farms is a direct to consumer one-stop-shop marketplace with all the latest tools; providing access to a secure payment system, transparent pricing, and a list of seasonal products. Consumers can search by farm, stay up-to-date by following their favorites, and viewing the stores latest activity stream.

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Over 80% of all farms in the U.S. are small farms making less than $350,000 a year. Access to different distribution channels are competative and in high demand.

Anara has developed a agri-comm (agriculture + eComm) market that introduces a marketplace and payment system to connect consumers and farmers in a one-stop shopping experience. Creating a decentralized, safe and trusted platform for all users.

Our marketplace will not only allow consumers to shop directly with small, local farms, but allow them to follow their favorite farms, view activity feeds on latest farm updates, view competitive product pricing and pay using secured methods.

Local farms using our Farmers Market platform can track local market prices, access to additional year round revenue streams, limited restrictions for going to market, and providing a safe and secure payment system.

Using Stellar as the foundation for the Farmers Market, provides us all the tools to create a new wave of decentralized marketplace while providing a safe, secure and transparent platform without the high overhead costs of middlemen services and products; keeping money in the hands of the people we serve.


User Account Actions:

  • Create Anara Wallet & Profile
  • Check Anara Wallet Balance
  • Redeem Tokens
  • Purchase Transactions
  • Get Transaction Details
  • Follow
  • View activity feed

Group/Business/Org Actions:

  • Create Group/Business/Org
  • Distribute(sell) Items/Products
  • Post to activity feed
  • View Followers
  • Redeem Tokens
  • Transfer Tokens to Your User Wallet
  • Get Transaction Details

Account Creation: This process has been made as fast and simple as possible. We only require username, email and password. The idea is to get people on the platform as quickly as possible requiring just enough information to authenticate and communicate. We do not require verifying email at this point. We do however require they type their password in twice. Once they enter the required information we log the user in as soon as they click signup.

After clicking signup, this automatically creates a personal account/wallet. We will only fund the minimum lumens required to create the account on the block chain preventing scammers from creating accounts to steal lumens. The personal account will be named after their username and can be used as an address for sending assets. The personal account will also be the wallet used for buying assets from stores, and can be used as a key signer on organization accounts.

Organization/Business Account: Once they have created a personal account it should drop them on to a dashboard with some instructions about what they can do. Buy, Sell, Create a store, add items, raise money and manage credit. There will be a “create Organization/Business button” which will show a form with the KYC & Org documentation fields.

Groups will be used for organizations/business entities. The group name can be customized by the user and will double as their subdomain the site. This workflow will allow one user to create multiple groups/organizations. When creating a new group/org/business we'll create 1 stellar account, we may change this in the future and automatically create 2 accounts, 1 for issuing and 1 for distribution. The end goal is to make the system as simple as possible.

Inventory: Once a group/org/business has been created it will show up on the dashboard in a simple card which displays the business name and logo. It will also show up in the directory of stores on the frontend.

Clicking on the card’s group details takes them into the group /org/business dashboard where they can see additional information about the accounts and transaction. The user can use the “create new asset” link on each account to create new asset tokens in stellar, inventory will be represented by the quantity of tokens created and sent to the distributor account.

Purchasing: Buying will result in creating a trustline between the accounts; on a successful transaction the quantity of assets representing the product will be transferred to the buyers account. To redeem we will need to create an app/page that will allow the seller to receive the tokens representing the products, likely a QR code that the buyer will scan and send the appropriate tokens to.

Selling: To list items for sale the business owner should create a sell order, where they list how many items they want to sell and the price per item. To buy, someone either buys directly or they create a buy offer, if there is an existing sell offer and the prices match the system will automatically fill the orders and create new orders for the remainders.

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