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CISO/BEI Stellar integration

AnChain.AI is offering to onboard the Stellar blockchain into its risk management products and open them up to the ecosystem.

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San Jose, CA, USA.

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Products & Services

BEI™ API for ecosystem monitoring:

  • allows users to query wallet data for risk scores, sanction involvement, and other activity. Used by crypto businesses to conduct Wallet Screening and Transaction Monitoring and build with a risk-based approach, as recommended by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
  • Built on a custom risk engine for Stellar which screens sanction and other high-risk wallets, powered by our patented AI-engine.

CISO™Investigation Tool:

  • tool to enable compliance and security analysts to conduct onboarding and monitoring operations for compliance, and incident response events such as hacks.
  • Includes “Auto-trace” to immediately identify origin of funds, and out off ramps.


  • Stellar community tool for reporting scams and fraud. Investigation services made available to the community.
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Progress so far
  1. Milestone: Integrate historical transaction data into Risk Engine and release Web3guard for the Stellar community (month 1)
  2. Result: Product support enabled, Web3guard community tooling enabled.
  3. Milestone: Train Machine Learning on provided and open-source data (month 2)
  4. Result: Dynamic risk score for all wallet and contract addresses, enabling compliance and internal controls.
  5. Milestone: Release public BEI™ API for community and devs (month 4)
  6. Result: Enable all developers and projects access to risk-based compliance tooling from day 1 via tooling and evangelism.
  7. Milestone: Adoption (month 5)
  8. Result: 5 projects integrated with BEI ™API
  9. Milestone: Release CISO™ and enable licensing. Includes 1 year license for Stellar Foundation Compliance/security team support and maintenance. (month 6)
  10. Result: Stellar has actionable top down visibility into their ecosystem via on-chain risk analytics and comprehensive approach to regulatory.
To get there, we request a budget of  
  • Build custom data infrastructure
  • Integrating Stellar blockchain into Anchain’s risk engine for transaction behavior and address risk insight
  • Adding support for Stellar blockchain into Anchain’s existing BEI™ API and CISO™ tools
  • Generate risk scores and provide continuous enrichment for  wallet addresses and smart-contracts
  • via community tooling
  • via direct partnership with Stellar and ecosystem teams
  • via open source intelligence
  • Use machine learning to move risk scores up or down based on on-chain activity
  • Enriching entity wallet addresses (such as exchanges) with attribution labeling
  • Providing continuous infrastructure and product maintenance
  • Providing suspicious activity reporting tools
  • Provide an Open BEI™ API to the community and help it with the integration
  • Leverage documentation integration where applicable
Additional information

AnChain is offering an onboarding of the Stellar blockchain into its platform of products (CISO + BEI + Web3guard) and an ecosystem partnership.

  1. Onboard the  blockchain into AnChain’s AI/ML risk engine and products: Enable our preventative and forensic analysis for Stellar developers and their clients (Support in BEI™and CISO™ products)
  2. Complimentary license of CISO™ provided to Stellar and team.
  3. Open access to Essential tier of BEI™ API to developers and projects (enabling FATF risk-based approach to compliance from day 1)
  4. Partners in compliance and risk data: Risk intelligence powers compliant and safe ecosystems. Our wallet and smart contract risk scores are powered by machine learning, so that open source intelligence becomes actionable data.
  5. AnChain.AI will support Stellar into its suspicious activity reporting tool (Web3guard) for the community and support evangelism efforts including docs integration and direct outreach.
  6. AnChain.AI works directly with Stellar and  to enrich entity labels with the best data possible.
Pitch deck
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First Deliverable
AnChain.AI is a leading Web 3 risk management, compliance, and security technology provider founded in 2018. AnChain.AI partners with blockchain protocol ecosystems in the interest of supporting their foundations, developers, and business interests, including their DeFi, Gaming, and NFT initiatives, with tools needed to operate the most compliant and secure ecosystem possible via FATF/Regulatory compliance, security, and suspicious activity responsiveness.


Francesco Piccoli

Senior Director of Products

By running the product efforts at Anchain.AI, Francesco works to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to the blockchain industry, financial institutions, and governments around the world. He obtained his Master of Engineering at UC Berkeley and BSc in Aerospace Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy.  Prior to joining AnChain, he conducted cutting-edge research on autonomous driving with Volvo Cars and anomaly detection with Ripple.

Derek Liu

Data scientist

Derek is AnChain’s lead data scientist, spearheading our efforts in risk scoring, NFT wash trading, smart contract vulnerability detection, and auto-trace. He joins the team with years of experience in data science for anti-fraud from Goldman Sachs, PwC, and fintech startups.

Chris De Leon

Backend Engineer

Chris holds a BSc and Masters in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley and has been building web3 applications for the past 2 years.

Adi Patel

Frontend Engineer

Full stack developer with experience making dynamic and production ready web applications in the healthcare and web3 space. Majority of Adi’s expertise is in frontend engineering, where he works with a Next.js, React.js, Typescript, SASS, and GraphQL tech stack.

Clayton Leslie

Developer advocate & Head of Business Operations

Clayton has extensive experience working closely with web3 developers, financial institutions, and governments around the world.

Matthew Eckelberg

Cloud Manager

Matthew Eckelberg is the Manager of IT, CloudOps, and DevOps at AnChain.AI. He is passionate about IT operations, cloud administration, and security. Matthew’s experience includes Deloitte, The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, DoD Contracting Industry, and the US Marine Corps.

Lina Self

UI/UX designer

Lina recently joined Anchain.AI as a UX UI Designer, bringing with her over 8 years of professional user-centered design approach and creative knowledge from London, UK. Originally from Lithuania, she has an MA in Media & Communication (Malmo, Sweden) and BA in Visual Communication (Loughborough, UK) with previous experience working ranging from London Fashion Week to magazines and global retailers.