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AnChain.AI - Tenzing Smart Contract Catalog

The Tenzing Catalog is an open-source catalog of audited smart contracts designed to help companies build web3 projects faster.

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This grant proposal is related to an open-source Soroban Smart Contract Catalog for the Stellar blockchain. The catalog will be a standalone and free tool. It will contain a list of audited Soroban smart contracts for different use cases (ex. NFTs, SBTs, DeFi, GameFi), which companies and developers can use or refer to to create their web3 application on Stellar.

Today, the coding and auditing of smart contracts is still one of the major barriers to entry for companies and developers to launch any blockchain application. It shouldn't be that way. Our goal with this project is to provide templates of functional and secure smart contracts that can (1) be used as-is for deployment, or (2) modified to fit specific needs, or (3) simply consumed for educational purposes.

We realize that the state of the Soroban platform is still in the early stages and we want to contribute to its testing and development for the ecosystem.

Down the line, we plan to also have integrations with our new Tenzing product, a smart contract management product designed to help companies and small teams of developers build web3 projects, deploy smart contracts on the blockchain, and manage the interactions with them. The video demo uploaded below showcases these future functionalities as well, but this project proposal is specifically related to the Smart Contract Catalog portion of Tenzing.

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CISO/BEI Stellar integration
AnChain.AI is offering to onboard the Stellar blockchain into its risk management products and open them up to the ecosystem.
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Progress so far

Here are the major updates on our progress since our last submission:

  • We conducted extensive research on the nuances of Soroban and the existing smart contract landscape
  • We develop a first version of our open source catalog and made it publicly available here:
  • We onboarded the first Stellar smart contract on the catalog. The onboarded smart contract is a template for a crowdfunding smart contract, and it allows users to donate tokens to a project, with the goal of reaching a specified target amount before a certain deadline.
  • We created a smart contract specific interface, showing the smart contract code and analyzing the major functions the smart contract contains
  • We integrated with GPT4 to explain in plain English what the contract does (almost function by function) and what the potential security vulnerabilities or improvements to the contract are
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Smart Contract Catalog - companies’ pain points and value proposition

Right now, launching a web3 project is fairly hard, regardless of whether we’re talking about an NFT project, a Soulbound one, or a DeFi application. There are multiple items that a company who want to launch a web3 project needs to consider, from proper access control and key management, to day-to-day operations and monitoring.

While our broader product suite can help with a lot of those items, on this proposal we’ll only focus on what is relevant to the Smart Contract Catalog portion:

  • Coding of the smart contracts: smart contracts are the business logic of any web3 application and are generally immutable once deployed on a blockchain network. The contracts in the Tenzing catalog will be able to be deployed as is or quickly customized based on specific needs.
  • Smart contract auditing: since smart contracts are immutable once deployed and they often handle real money transactions, the best practice is to conduct a 3rd party security audit before deploying any smart contract on-chain. Pricing for this alone usually ranges from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have been auditing thousands of smart contracts in the past few years and we come from a cybersecurity background. All the smart contracts in the catalog will be rigorously audited and ready for deployment, eliminating the need for additional expensive audits.
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First Deliverable

Extensive research on the nuances of the Soroban platform and development of the infrastructure and skeleton of our open-source smart contract catalog

1. Identify the key features and capabilities of the Soroban platform to better understand the platform's potential and limitations

  • Analyze the ability to create custom smart contracts and the range of SSC language supported
  • Evaluate the user interface and experience of the Soroban platform
  • Explore the security and privacy measures in place on Soroban

2. Conduct a thorough analysis of the existing smart contract landscape on Stellar to identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement

  • Review existing smart contracts available on Stellar
  • Identify which smart contracts are the most relevant to be developed upon completion of the first milestone

3. Develop a comprehensive plan for the infrastructure and skeleton of the open-source smart contract catalog

  • Define the scope of the smart contract catalog on Soroban
  • Determine what types of contracts will be included in the catalog
  • Design a user interface tailored to Soroban’s specific features

4. Define the requirements for the open-source smart contract catalog in a way that will benefit the Stellar ecosystem

  • Ensure the catalog is designed to be interoperable with other platforms and services on Stellar
  • Prioritize the development of smart contract that will be most useful to the Stellar community

5. Onboard the first smart contract onto Tenzing open-source catalog

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

To demonstrate the completion of the first deliverable, our team will onboard the very first smart contract type on Stellar and provide an MVP version of Tenzing open-source catalog. This MVP version will be pushed to production, allowing the Stellar team to review the interface and provide feedback.

AnChain.AI Inc.

AnChain.AI is a leading Web3 risk management firm HQ in Silicon Valley and founded in 2018. CNBC Top Startups Award Winner in 2022. We offer AI-powered SaaS products and services for any company that has exposure to blockchains in order to protect themselves and their customers from bad actors. These products and services range from on-chain anti-money laundering checks and fraud detection (BEI, CISO, SCREEN) to smart contract security audits. Tenzing is AnChain.AI's new product.


Francesco Piccoli

Senior Director of Products

By running the product efforts at Anchain.AI, Francesco works to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to the blockchain industry, financial institutions, and governments around the world. He obtained his Master of Engineering at UC Berkeley and BSc in Aerospace Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy.  Prior to joining AnChain, he conducted cutting-edge research on autonomous driving with Volvo Cars and anomaly detection with Ripple.

Derek Liu

Data scientist

Derek is AnChain’s lead data scientist, spearheading our efforts in risk scoring, NFT wash trading, smart contract vulnerability detection, and auto-trace. He joins the team with years of experience in data science for anti-fraud from Goldman Sachs, PwC, and fintech startups.

Chris De Leon

Tech Lead

Chris holds a BSc and Masters in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley and has been building web3 applications for the past 2 years.

Adi Patel

Tech Lead

Full stack developer with experience making dynamic and production ready web applications in the healthcare and web3 space. Majority of Adi’s expertise is in frontend engineering, where he works with a Next.js, React.js, Typescript, SASS, and GraphQL tech stack.

Clayton Leslie

Developer advocate & Head of Business Operations

Clayton has extensive experience working closely with web3 developers, financial institutions, and governments around the world.

Matthew Eckelberg

Cloud Manager

Matthew Eckelberg is the Manager of IT, CloudOps, and DevOps at AnChain.AI. He is passionate about IT operations, cloud administration, and security. Matthew’s experience includes Deloitte, The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, DoD Contracting Industry, and the US Marine Corps.

Lina Self

UI/UX designer

Lina recently joined Anchain.AI as a UX UI Designer, bringing with her over 8 years of professional user-centered design approach and creative knowledge from London, UK. Originally from Lithuania, she has an MA in Media & Communication (Malmo, Sweden) and BA in Visual Communication (Loughborough, UK) with previous experience working ranging from London Fashion Week to magazines and global retailers.

Richard Ban

Product Manager

Formerly at Accenture, Richard works as a Product Manager at AnChain.AI leading Tenzing's development.

Jordan Cates

Developer Advocate

Jordan works closely with developers and companies building web3 applications. Her background is in cybersecurity.