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Use natural language to access Stellar and Soroban real-time data, compose and send transactions via the Arcturus ChatGPT Plugin.

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Arcturus is a ChatGPT plugin that will be able to retrieve and combine real-time data from the Stellar Blockchain and Soroban. Once the user activates the plugin from the ChatGPT store, he can request and receive text-based, real-time information from the Stellar Blockchain and Soroban by prompting ChatGPT.

The main advantage of the plugin is the improvement of usability, which will allow users and developers to use natural language to obtain data from the Stellar Blockchain and Soroban. It will also allow users to easily create transactions and send them to the Network by prompting the AI Model using natural language.

In this first step I want to implement the core functionality, so that the Arcturus Stellar ChatGPT Plugin can request and interpret data from Stellar Horizon and Soroban RPC. To do so, the Arcturus API needs to be implemented and the specifications and examples for the AI Model need to be prepared and extensively tested.

Furthermore, the Arcturus Plugin will be capable of composing transactions and after external signing, able to send them to Stellar Horizon and Soroban RPC via the Arcturus API. External signing will be implemented via WalletConnect.

Over time, the system will evolve by implementing different SEPs and using additional services like for example Stellar Expert and Soroban Assistant AI.

Another benefit is that Arcturus can increase the visibility and popularity of Stellar and Soroban, as ChatGPT is becoming more and more popular.

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Progress so far

Arcturus is a new project. My other two SCF projects "PHP Stellar SDK" and "AssemblyScript Soroban SDK" have achieved all the goals defined.

To get there, we request a budget of  
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First Deliverable

1. Account details: Plugin can answer questions about the details of a given Stellar account

2. Payments for account: Plugin can find and answer questions about the payments for a given Stellar account.

We created the plugin, implemented, described, tested and fine tuned the functionality needed to be able to answer questions about accounts and their payments.

Account data

The plugin can load, understand and display:

  • On-chain account details of the account, such as balances, sequence number, home domain, thresholds, flags, data values, signers, etc.
  • On-chain data about the assets issued by an account
  • On-chain info about claimable balances for the account as a claimant or sponsor (uses paging)
  • Off-chain Stellar Expert directory info about an account
  • Off-chain Stellar (toml) data associated with the account's home domain
  • encode and decode muxed accounts
  • decode data values


The plugin can load, understand and display:

  • On-Chain payment details for all types of payments such as create_account, payment, path_payment (uses paging)
  • On-Chain transaction data associated with the payment, e.g, to be able to show the memo

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

Arcturus is an open source project on GitHub and the source code can be reviewed here:

If you have access to ChatGPT plugin development you can also run the plugin locally and start a conversation.

Reviewers without ChatGPT plugin development access can find an exported example conversation here:

Demo video:



Christian Rogobete (Soneso)

I am a Stellar developer since 2017. I am the main developer and maintainer of the Stellar iOS, Flutter and PHP SDKs. Furthermore I developed the AssemblyScript Soroban SDK.

I am set up for success because I have a lot of experience with Stellar and Soroban development. Furthermore I received early developer access to ChatGPT plugin development.