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Autify Network

Building decentralised infrastructure for B2B cross-border payment, global supply chain and B2B Lending.

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Autify Network is building essential infrastructures needed in the Supply chain, Commerce, Cross-border payment and Lending for SMEs, Startups & Enterprises. We are working with more than 35 B2Bs and Governments in India, Singapore, Dubai, Australia & Europe, combining all processes of more than $5 billion in cross-border payment every year.

We are Integrating Stellar (USDC) as a cross-border payment feature in Autify Network and making sure existing users trust the new service for large transactions. Our long-term goal is to build a faster and cost-effective cross-border payment for B2B, SMEs and Enterprises.

B2B Payment infrastructures: Autify Network building a blockchain-based payment infrastructure using the stellar network.

  • Immediate money transfer through any device round the clock 24*7 and 365 days.
  • Virtual address of the customer (payment@companyname) for send & receive provides incremental security with the customer not required to enter the details such as Card no, Account number; SWIFT code etc.
  • Significantly lower charges - elimination of FX conversion/agent charges.
  • Accounting entries can be performed directly in the core systems.
  • DLT-based payment infrastructure/ecosystems can reduce liquidity needs for banks/ financial Institutions in managing Cross Border remittances
  • API-based connectivity to DLT-based payment Infrastructures.
  • Allows the entire cross-border FX payments lifecycle to be managed in the core banking/payments system.

Supply-chain traceability: The supply chain of the future is significantly enhanced by Distributed Ledger Technology. Original documents and events are reported in real-time and made available to authorized actors. This way, everyone has access to the original data instead of duplicated data in multiple siloed systems. At every point in the supply chain, data must be verified before goods exchange custody.

By leveraging Autify's tamper-proof distributed ledger, trust can be established between actors and data integrity can be guaranteed. The result is better, faster and more cost-efficient trade.

Enhancing Track & Trace: Autify makes it possible for different actors along the supply chain to have different access privileges to shipping documents. Our solution maintains immutable records of the entire product journey from the field right down to the end consumer. Information is stored at every step of the supply chain and can be accessed with a simple scan.


Millions of businesses around the world contribute to the nearly $2 trillion in cross-border payments each year. The most common method for US businesses to move funds across borders is SWIFT, which takes a considerable amount of both time and money.

High Cost: Cross-border payments are notoriously expensive due to the number of intermediaries involved in transferring money from one country to another, all of which charge fees for their services. Regulatory costs add up too, while FX fees will also be charged to convert one currency into another.

Slow transactions: Cross-border payments via a traditional bank transfer normally take between two and five days to process — a very slow turnaround time compared to virtually instant domestic payments. Again, this is because so many entities are involved in a single transaction. With a lengthy series of steps to complete, cross-border payments are often delayed as a result.

Security issues: Consumers want to be confident that their money is safe when making international transactions, and of course so do banks. If a hacker is able to steal money from a cross-border payment pathway, there is no guarantee that a bank will be able to recover the stolen funds. Such losses can be extremely costly.

A Lack of transparency: A common complaint both businesses and consumers have about cross-border payment systems is the lack of transparency. In fact, a 2017 SWIFT and EuroFinance survey found that 64% of corporations want real-time payment tracking capabilities, while 47% wanted better visibility regarding the costs and deductions involved. This transparency is very important for businesses and customers who want to ensure they aren’t incurring hidden costs.

How do you use Stellar in your solution?

We are Integrating Stellar (USDC) as a cross-border payment feature in Autify Network and making sure existing users trust the new service for large transactions.

Stellar blockchain is the principal blockchain we are using to connect different payment entities around the world.  All the user transactions are recorded on Stellar. In particular, we use the USDC stable token as a settlement mechanism for remittances.

Stellar play a very important role in our operation since anchors will help us handle the on and off-ramp process within the buyer and supplier, to ensure the speed and rates of the transactions along with the opportunity to expand our operations as long as we have anchors in different countries.

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Progress so far
  • Launched the MVP 6 months ago and worked with B2B companies across the globe. 
  • Receive grants from NEAR Foundation, Filecoin Foundation, DFINITY and Biconomy. 
  • Selected for India blockchain accelerator by the Government of India and eligible to get funding up to $700K.
  • Working with the Government of India and leading brands in the fashion and luxury industries.
  • Part of ZilHive incubation, CELO camp & Hatch Web3 Accelerator by Hedera and eligible to receive grants.
  • Working with 35 enterprises in India, Singapore, Dubai, Australia & Europe, combining all processes of more than $5 billion in cross-border payment every year.
  • Beta payment module development started.
  • Raised $1.5 million in funding led by Loop Ventures, Protocol Labs and other prominent investors. 
  • Hired a CTO to lead the payment module development.
  • Onboarding a big enterprise with $100 billion in annual revenue.
  1. Hire developers and build a dedicated team to work on the payment module development. 
  2. Launch the Beta cross-border payment. 
  3. Market expansion to Southeast Asia and Europe to acquire more customers.
  4. User research in Pharma, food, automotive and other industries and help them on the cross border payment.
  5. Providing B2B cross-border payment future to all existing enterprises and get adoption faster. 
  6. Invest in Community building and marketing, and make sure we are ready for the product launch.
  7. Update the UI/UX to achieve seamless customer onboarding.
  8. Achieve $200 million in cross-border transactions in the next 6 months.
  9. Integrate Stellar USDC on Supply chain, Insurance and other products.  
  10. Build the B2B lending module on Stellar.
To get there, we request a budget of  
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Autify Network LLC

We are a team of 10 full-time entrepreneurs, blockchain engineers, cryptographers, and operational and marketing experts eager to build real-world solutions. The team has more than 10 years of experience in building and running startups.


Nabarun Chakraborty, founder & CEO - LinkedIn

  • 12+ years exp in commerce, retail & supply chain.
  • 4X founder, Co-founded Newton Vehicles (an electric vehicle startup) & Ornativa (a D2C fashion brand). ​
  • Raised over $3 Million in funding from Microsoft Ventures, Spark10 Accelerator, Shopclues, Venture Catalyst, Silicon Road Ventures and Angels. 
  • The former head of growth at Flatheads.

Joel D'souza, Growth Lead - LinkedIn

  • 4+ years of exp in operations and growth.
  • Helped early-stage startup grow from 100K to 1M app downloads.
  • 4+ years of exp in working with startups like Vogo & Flatheads. 

Wasim Bari, Developer lead/CTO - GitHub

  • 9+ years exp in software development.
  • Worked with Dell & Synechron as a senior engineer.
  • 4+ exp in Blockchain development and worked with Bold global & others.

Kunal Goyal, Sr. Developer - GitHub

  • 4+ years exp in software development.
  • 2+ years exp in AI/ML.
  • 2+ years exp in Blockchain development. 

Reshmi Mitra, Marketing & PR Lead - LinkedIn

  • Experienced across retail, hospitality, fintech, and eCommerce.
  • Worked in the core teams of both early-stage startups, and unicorns, and helped them scale.

Shreejata Neogi, Graphics & Video Lead - LinkedIn

  • 4+ years of exp in graphic and branding design.
  • 2+ years of exp in video editing.
  • 1+ years of exp in illustration.  

Soumitra Sen, Content & Social media manager - LinkedIn

  • 4+ years exp in content strategy.
  • 2+ years exp in Blockchain/Web3 content writing.
  • Worked with Blockchain council. 

Kundan Mishra, Developer - GitHub

Keshava Varmaa, Frontend Developer - GitHub