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Autify Network

Developing a revolutionary cross-border payment infrastructures & supply-chain management through the power of blockchain and AI

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Autify Network is developing revolutionary digital payment infrastructures (B2B cross-border payment, Setting up an Anchor, Launching an INRc stablecoin, P2P lending) and supply-chain platforms (Supply-chain management, supply-chain traceability, sustainable track and trace) through the power of blockchain and AI.

We are addressing an extremely complex problem that affects companies worldwide, resulting in losses exceeding $5 trillion due to inefficiencies and a lack of transparency. We aim to tackle these issues by developing innovative solutions that improve efficiency, reduce losses, and enhance transparency for businesses and their customers globally.

Payment Infrastructures:

Our primary objective is to streamline B2B cross-border payments for businesses globally, making them more secure, cost-effective, and transparent. We plan to achieve this by integrating Stellar SEP-6, SEP-24 and SEP-31 APIs, as well as establishing Anchor services for fiat on/off ramps. Furthermore, we aim to develop a stablecoin (INRc) on the Stellar Network to further enhance the efficiency and stability of our payment platform.

India is a significant player in global trade, with its trade volume steadily increasing over the years. According to the World Trade Organization, India's merchandise exports stood at US$317 billion in 2020.

Supply chain management:

We are building an end-to-end supply chain management platform for businesses to manage the flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Our platform will provide real-time visibility into the movement of goods and enable businesses to quickly adapt to changes in demand or supply. They can also help reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating routine tasks and streamlining workflows.

Also, we developing a few other products like supply chain traceability, sustainability track and trace, vendor aggregator platform, API platform, P2P lending etc.

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Here are a few of our most recent achievements:

  • We graduated from India blockchain accelerator by the Government of Telangana, ZilHive, Stellar Community Fund Bootcamp, Celo camp and Hatch Web3 Accelerator.
  • Autify Network was covered in ForbesYourStoryDigital Journal and 400+ publications and received more than 1.5M impressions for our recent rebranding campaigns. 
  • Autify Network has been named a TOP 25 WEB3 INNOVATOR by YourStory & BuidlersTribe.
  • Working with 100 fashion & luxury companies from India, South East Asia, Australia and Europe.
  • We have reached over 100 signups for our exclusive Beta waitlist in just 30 days since our launch.
  • We are partnering with LINK to run a cross-border payment pilot between India and Africa.

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First Deliverable

First Deliverable:

  • Design the system architecture.
  • Understand the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) and Stellar Core.
  • Set up a dedicated team for the development of the payment infrastructure.
  • Design the backend/frontend UI/UX.
  • Plan the integration of SEP-6 and SEP-24 using Polaris.
  • Establish regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Partnering with relevant banks/NBFC/Fintech for fiat on/off ramp.

Our current limitations restrict us from focusing on only a few specific areas, and launching our products would take a longer time than we desire. With this grant funding, we can expedite our efforts and development and lunch multiple solutions quickly.

Reviewer instructions

We are committed to transparency and accountability throughout our development process. All of our development work will be available on our GitHub repository for easy reviewer access. Additionally, we will be sharing a comprehensive progress report based on the established timeline to keep the reviewer informed every step of the way.



Our team comprises experienced entrepreneurs, blockchain engineers, and operational and marketing experts with over 15 years of combined experience, having worked with well-established companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Infosys & Polygon.

Nabarun Chakraborty, Founder & CEO: 4X founder, co-founded Newton Vehicles & Ornativa. 12+ years exp in commerce, retail & supply chain management. Graduated and raised $5.5 million in funding for previous startups from Microsoft venture, Silicon Road ventures and others. [LinkedIn]

Deepak Komma, Lead Blockchain Engineer: 5+ years exp in software development, Worked with Jiraaf as a software engineer, Worked with Accelchain as a founding blockchain engineer and Worked with Buildspace and Developer Dao. [LinkedIn] [GitHub]

Supriyo Sarkar, Sr. Backend & DevOps Engineer: 5+ years of exp in DevOps & full stack development, Worked with AWS & other enterprise applications, Contributor at Monero(XMR) and 4+ yr of exp with Google Assistant Action Developer. [LinkedIn] [GitHub]

Pushpit Bhardwaj, Full Stack Engineer: Web3 Technology Lead Musixverse, Blockchain Developer/Security Auditor ImmuneBytes & Polygon Advocate, Backend & Cloud Ops Engineer Fitteo & MrktDB and 7x Web3 hackathon winner. [LinkedIn] [GitHub]

Venkatesh Prasad, Creative Lead: 5+ years of exp in UI/UX Designing, Worked with IBM & Royal Dutch Shell as a Senior UI Designer, 5+ years of exp in graphic designing and video editing and 2+ years of exp in 3D modelling and texturing. [LinkedIn]

Pankaj Arya, Supply chain & Product Manager: 10+ years exp in supply-chain and management, Logistics, Worked with Infosys as a senior design engineer and Studied in Supply-chain management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [LinkedIn]