Round 10
Banking The Unbanked

We're banking the unbanked – and their world will never be the same again.

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Cross-Border Payments

Based in

Newport Beach, CA, USA

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Active since

February 2020
Products & Services

PayCruiser® is a better way for businesses to pay and get paid by the unbanked worldwide. It's simple, fast, secure, and accessible. We enable companies to:

1- Receive payments from the unbanked anywhere

2- Allow the unbanked to send and receive funds anywhere, anytime

3- Provide an inclusive and reliable digital banking experience via mobile

Our current product offerings with live B2B customers are:

1- Digital Payments

2- Cross-Border Wallet

3- Fraud Prevention & AML Compliance Tools

Here is a short demo video: Watch Demo

What's new this time?

We've completed production-market fit with great feedback from customers. Our solution is also now integrated with banks and telcos in West Africa.

PayCruiser is now live and generally available and operating in two continents with business customers and government agencies as paying clients.

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Progress so far

Some of our recent traction include:

1- B2B Payment processor for Medsnow, a medical billing company with over 800 active merchants. The actual minimum yearly transaction volume is $12M/yr.

2- Contract with Orange Mobile to process cross-border payments to 360M users in Africa. This partnership's estimated transactions volume is $6M/year (per sub-merchant. We are currently under contract with one sub-merchant).

3- White label partnership contract with BNB (a remittance company processing over $200M/yr) to process cross-border digital payments for their merchants in Senegal. This partnership's estimated transactions volume is $4M/year.

4- White label contract with Senegal Government's Housing Authority to power monthly mortgage/lease payments for 78000 users processing on average $250 monthly payments on a 15-30 years mortgage plan per client.

5- PayCruiser built Africa's first mobile money payments terminals and signed a rev-share partnership with Banque Régionale des Marchés to provide these payment terminals to businesses in the West African Economic and Monetary Union. Currently, the solution processes around $8k per week of operation.


West Africa: We will be the default merchant processor for businesses in West Africa.

USA: We're going to blitzscale PayCruiser to +15M USD processing volume per month

Cross-Border: Leverage the stellar network, to become an anchor in West Africa and enable our clients from the American diaspora to send money anywhere in West Africa, using stable USDC coins.

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  
  1. Complete Stellar integration (SEP-031, SEP-012, SEP-010).
  2. Complete integration with Visa for global payments processing
  3. Complete integration with Mastercard Cross Border\Onboard 100 B2B merchants on the platform
  4. Onboard 100 B2B merchants on the platform

To integrate with Stellar (SEP-031, SEP-012, SEP-010), we need 40,500.00 EUR to complete the initial MVP, Root Wallet. Project breakdown will be as follows:

  • Implementation of the following Stellar protocols:
  • SEP - 010 - for Stellar Web Authentication
  • SEP - 012 - for stellar clients KYC (or other) API
  • SEP - 031 - for stellar Cross-Border Payments API
  • Build receiving Agent Integration with module SEP-031 server
  • Base SEP-031 server extension to support Receiving Agent API to implement required end-to-end functionality for client remittance transaction on Receiving Agent side
  • Module with Base SEP-031 client functionality
  • Module is implemented as a docker container with ability to make required configuration to support SEP-031 calls to Base SEP-031 server module. Module is making calls of the following Stellar protocols:
  • SEP - 010 - for Stellar Web Authentication
  • SEP - 012 - for stellar clients KYC (or other) API
  • SEP - 031 - for stellar Cross-Border Payments API
  • Sending Agent Integration with module SEP-031 client
  • Base SEP-031 client module extension to support Sending Agent API to implement required end-to-end functionality for client initiation transaction on Sending Agent side
  • Sending Agent Router to support several Receiving Agent
  • Base SEP-031 client module extension to support ability of sending transactions to a set of Receiving partners

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Ousmane Conde (technical founder) has built and led information retrieval and A.I. teams for Fortune 100 companies (Europe & the USA) and has led a diverse group of senior software engineers and mobile developers for the past 15 years. In 2015, he received the Black Engineer of the Year Award, Modern Day Technology Leader. Growing up in West Africa, he was raised by a single mother and self-funded his education from high school to grad school while supporting his family. At 18, he founded his first company and led another tech startup to become a top 20 most promising Big Data Solutions provider in the USA. Ousmane is a two-time Google Scholar and has received 12+ degrees and certifications in Computer Science and Leadership (UCLA, University of Lyon, Florida Memorial University, California Polytechnic, Pomona). He has paused his graduate studies at Harvard to focus on PayCruiser.

David Galvan (strategic adviser) is a payment, technology, and internet veteran with over twenty-five years of business and operational experience in Silicon Valley. He is currently V.P. of Digital Partnerships and Start-Up Engagement for MasterCard International. He focuses on digital partnerships, alliances, mentorship, and investments with emerging companies in the Fintech space. Before that, Galvan was Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for 24 Hour Fitness, the largest privately owned U.S. fitness club chain in the United States, serving nearly four million members in more than 420 clubs. Before 24HF, Galvan was the President/Head of B.D. at Schedulicity, a leading online scheduling service for appointment-based businesses. Galvan has also held senior leadership and operating roles at Topix, InfoGroup, Yahoo, AOL/Netscape, and Motorola. He is a frequent speaker on the Payments and Innovation, Digital Commerce, and Marketplace scene. A native Californian, Galvan is a graduate of Stanford University.