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HashingDNA hackaton will create a yearly hackaton based on Stellar technology to promote, think and setup projects based on HashingDNA solutions. This year we have a certification solution for digital files ( or images (www.hashingproof). The goal is to find new applications for the technical solutions already developed by HashingDNA to speed to gotomarket of the technology. In other words, find different case of use.
The technology already developed by hashingDNA could be integrated in different backoffices/frontoffices that help companies to create differents solutions for their markets (ie. Social Corporate Responsability to increase awardness, Trazability platform, Property promotion platform, etc...)  

The idea is:
1. Promote blockchain technology and specifically Stellar features.  
2. Moving from technology (already developed by hashingDNA) to solutions (that will be developed by hackaton participants).

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We just get the approval from Esade to set up a Hackaton with students from different programs. As far as we get a sponsor to cover the cost of the hackaton  we will fix a date, makea space reservation and start the promotion of the event to make sure that the event is a success.

To get there, we request a budget of  
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Proof of existence solution for any digital file, on a public blockchain ledger.

On the video you can see how we use Stellar blockchain to create a certificate of a digital file. Using a similar technology we want to develop a digital signal, email certification and scan certification based on Stellar.

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The budget will be used to set up the hackaton during february for internationational ESADE MBA Students. To make sure that Hackaton is a succes we have a roadmap for each different stage:

1. PROMOTION. Promote properly the activity inside the university to cathup attention of students from different programs (MBA, PDD, International MBA, etc... ). The goal is to make sure that the best students or participants sign to participate on the Hackaton. For doing that we will print posters, make a promotional video for the intranet, participate in Esade Alumni newsletter, and create a board of expert professors that sponsor the activity. The goal is to have around 50 participants.  

2. FACILITIES. rent space, coffe break, cleaning services, etc.. Keep Hackaton participant confortable for the day. For that we will look a facility that has a big room to host all the participants and do all the comon activities (welcome, teach about technology use, final presentations, etc... ), and small rooms with all the material that participants need to make brainstormings (blackboard, paper, pen, etc..). During the day we plan to do 2 coffe breaks (morning and afernoon) and a launch.  At the end of the day each group will submit and present to the rest of the participants an idea where blockchain technology can have a deep impact.

3. PRIZES. At the end of the day the best idea will receive a prize (money + services) to set up a company and launch this idea on to the market.

4. PROMOTION.  HashingDNA public relations agency will make publicity of the event and try to create word-of-mouth to keep event rolling for the following years


HashingDNA is a company that already create a certification solution based on a Stellar blockchain. You can check the solution on our web page  or our app The Directors of the HashingDNA are the following:
1. Kim Solsona (CTO)

He left his studies really early due to his curiosity for the online world. He his a self learning professional always involved in cutting edge technology. Since 2014 he his involved in deploying blockchain solutions. His deep knowledge about blockchain technolgoy and capacity to image decentralized solutions make that hashihngDNA have a range of solutions for the following years.

2. Edgar Jorda (CEO)

He holds a management degree in Esade and a MBA in University of Illinois (UoI). He has been involved in the startup ecosystem since the very beginning of his career. Just after finishing his studies in University of Illinois he launched a content bank based on internet (1999) for Spanish speakers website located mainly in America (north and south america) and Spain. He make a sucessful EXIT after selling the company to AoL. After that he moved to Samsung where he was in charge of all the internet activity (first on a local basis in Spain and after that on a international basis) from publicity to online selling (definition and launch of the project, where he gets recognition from Korea board of directors). Later he move to manage an innovation ecosystem from esadecreapolis (early 2008 after professro Henry Chesbourgh published his open innovation framework). He has been working in esadecreapolis until he move to HashingDNA as a CEO with the goal to develop solutions around blockchain technology.