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Benkiko Finance

The Digital Bank for The Digital Economy.

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Benkiko is an online micropayments and tokenization platform for Africa. As The Digital Bank for The Digital Economy, Benkiko enables African online shops, content creators and freelancers to get paid easily across borders and offer them avenues to invest.
Benkiko combines an effective superapp approach with ready to use SDKs for developers across Africa to develop solutions for their local market needs and issue tokens for the projects and communities.\

Powered by Stellar, the projects and communities can issue digital tokens/assets for governance, utility or other use cases and become tradable on Stellar DEX as well as AMM.

Benkiko's goal is to enable online platforms and marketplaces to enjoy seamless and affordable payments through easy to use SDKs, and enable users of these apps to also get to invest in them through tokens and digital assets.
This democratizes wealth creation for average Africans who've been locked out of investment opportunities in the legacy financial system.

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Progress so far
  • Benkiko soft launched on July 1st 2021, and has so far register over 900 users on Android.
  • We support P2P deposits and withdrawals in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana.
  • Card and mobile money deposits are available across Africa.
  • We recently launched to public our SDKs and developer portal for the community to build online marketplaces, gig working platforms and apps powered by Benkiko.
  • Benkiko is a bootstrapped project, but we're actively looking to raise $150K angel round to power our growth in the 5 markets above.
  • Benkiko is targeting to process over 500k transaction in the next 6 months.
  • To work with developers community in launching 5 mini-apps powered by Benkiko.
  • Use SEP 0024 to power a bridge between Benkiko and Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance coin.
To get there, we request a budget of  
  • Work with content creators to pass the message, awareness and use cases.
  • Partner with Developer community to develop apps using Benkiko payments.
  • On board online shops, and physical stores to receive payments with Benkiko.
Additional information

Benkiko Finance

  • Empowering digital and digitally enable jobs with faster, cheaper and borderless payments.


  • Africa's digital economy is estimated to be worth $180B by 2025, while the Global digital economy is at $15T already.
  • Uber, Lyft, Fiverr have pioneered the Gig economy.
  • More people are coming online. Kenya internet penetration is currently at 85%.
  • Banking the millions unbanked and enabling them to bring value online.
  • Open African's digital natives to alternative investment opportunities in DeFi, DAOs, Web 3.0, digital securities, community currencies and more.


  • Stellar horizon APIs.
  • Benkiko USD Stablecoin.
  • SEP 0024 to connect with external ecosystems/assets.
  • Tokenization through SEP 001.
  • Stellar DEX for tokens exchange.


  • A Stellar powered Digital Bank.
  • Crypto for cross border micropayments.
  • Super App approach to enable developers deploy crypto payment powered apps.
  • A way to do more by exchanging value online through digital tokens.
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First Deliverable

Benkiko is hopeful to get $40, 000 from SCF which will be spent as following;- Marketing and content creation partnerships - $13,761.46- Server and other related costs - $5,687.15- Branding and swag - $4,211- Team facilitation and stipends - $7,063.30- Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance coin bridge liquidity - $9,174.31


Benkiko is led by this amazing team;

  1. John Frank -
  2. Brian Henry -
  3. Matthew Munyao -