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1. Social media app that restricts public content to be family appropriate.  

Ability to share short videos, images, and messages.  Completed Beta:
a.  AI moderation to ensure safe content, b.  Secure login & 2FA, c. Refer to a friend, d. App notifications, e. Instant messenger, f. Ability to post and view posts (memories)

2. [Future] Family focussed NFT marketplace and wallet. NFT Market NFTs categories bhapi will focus on:

i) Collectible NFTs: Collecting items is a critical part of our lives, and collectible NFTs are digital-scarce items that can be collected, traded, traced and shown to others. This can include our own social media creations, images, photos, audio and video.
ii) Credential NFTs: Perhaps better defined as non-fungible records, these NFTs allow us to limit the sharing of our achievements, and if shared, trace this across an ecosystem in verifiable ways.
iii) Programmatic NFTs: These NFTs make use of the programmable features of the underlying smart contracts to react to the owners and the environment through computational events.

Our initial scope will focus on point i) Collectible NFTs, by building a beta Stellar NFT digital marketplace and wallet.

1. Storefront: The Storefront represents the dashboard or the landing page of an NFT platform. Additionally, it provides the users with information regarding the assets.

The description may generally include: Asset details, Owner of the asset, Previous bids, Price history, etc. We will be using the functionality of Stellar network, including several characteristics of Stellar Smart Contracts (batching and atomicity) to implement a blockchain-based NFT contract on Stellar. The storefront will utilise the SDEX for the core functionality of the marketplace. Path Payments will be used to address the value size issue of trading pair incompatibility on the dev when using a small asset size for the NFT asset such as stroop (0.0000001). Such small amounts may cause issues on the Stellar DEX because Core internally uses INT32 for the fractional representation of prices and the INT32 type can only store values between -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647.

2. Search functionality: An NFT platform must support a category division and management feature. It would essentially make it easy for the users to search for collectibles that they are willing to purchase.

3. Create listing: The functionality of an NFT marketplace is focused on the sellers. The platform should provide users the ability to create listings where they can add in their NFT details.

4. Auction and Buy:  NFT buying flow is a core feature of the NFT marketplace. Users have the option to enter the bid amount, expiration date, and a watchlist showing details of the bid’s status.

5. Creation: The ability to create NFTs and link the digital content to a IFPS location - images, audio & short videos (less than 100mb)

6. Wallet: Users will need to use wallets to pay, receive, and store NFTs as well as for cryptocurrencies. The beta will focus on supporting Stellar in a default Wallet. We will also support other Stellar wallets.

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Goals & Budget

Build and integrate a Stellar NFT market place and wallet into the bhapi beta mobile and web apps.

To get there, we  will use our requested budget to:

The budget will cover the creation of a beta version of the NFT Stellar digital marketplace within a six month time frame, to go live by April 30 2022.


Problem and Solution

The Problem
1. Current social media apps are toxic and don't offer a safe environment for families and COVID crisis has not helped.

The pandemic has led to a deterioration in mental health, with the number of young people with a probable mental illness rising to 1 in 6, up from 1 in 9.Being bullied in childhood has strong and enduring effects on both boys’ and girls’ mental and emotional health into their teenage years.
This is particularly the case for wellbeing: the more often a child was bullied in childhood, the higher their risk of low wellbeing by age 14.
Heavy social media use is shown to negatively affect wellbeing and self-esteem in adolescence, regardless of young people’s existing state of mental health.

bhapi survey of parents across Australia.
- Over 75% are most concerned about the security of their personal information.
- Over 50% were concerned about their data being sold.
- 40% are worried about what their children are exposed to.
- 39% were concerned about there being no laws about what can and can’t be shared.
- 40% would be happy to pay for access to a safe social media platform.

2. Content creators lack of data provenance of their content. Content creators don't have control over their content and are forced to be poster boards for brands.

Influencers (content creators) are hostage to opaque algorithms and terms of service.
Main reasons people unsubscribe from Influencers:
- 72% Disingenuous endorsements
- 69% Promote unrealistic or unsustainable lifestyles or body images
- 69% Influencers dramatically misrepresenting themselves or their lifestyle was a big 'turn off'
- 68% Had bought fake followers.

3. Trading digital collectibles is fun but NFTs are cumbersome to create and trade.


An example of the many steps creating, buying and selling NTFs.
Step 1: User signs up/registers an account on the NFT marketplace platform
Step 2: The user is then required to set up a crypto wallet
Step 3: Now, we arrive at the initial NFT creation step. The user can upload a digital collectible (any asset that the user wishes to tokenize) to showcase their work
Step 4: While listing the asset for sale, a user has two options: setting a fixed price or auctioning the item and finally choosing a bid
Step 5: Assets pass the moderation
Step 6: Once the new NFTs are approved, potential customers can find them in the sales listings
Step 7: The NFT owner can begin with accepting bids
Step 8: When the auction ends, the platform notifies token owners about top bids
Step 9: The NFT Marketplace platform regulates and approves the transfer of digital assets and funds

4. NFT's are costly to create or trade.
The process of creating and then selling an NFT on the Ethereum network can cost anywhere from less than a dollar to more than $1,000 USD.

The Solution
1. Social media app that restricts public content to be family appropriate.  Ability to share short videos, images, and audio.  To allow for greater ownership and provenance of bhapi creator's content, users can create (mint) NFTs. NFTs could be useful on a social media platform for the following purposes.

- Collectible NFTs: Collecting items is a critical part of our lives, and collectible NFTs are digital-scarce items that can be collected, traded, traced and shown to others.
- Credential NFTs: Perhaps better defined as non-fungible records, these NFTs allow to limit the sharing of our achievements, content and if shared, trace this across an ecosystem in verifiable ways.
- Programmatic NFTs: These NFTs make use of the programmable features of the underlying smart contracts to react to the owners and the environment through computational events.

2. Marketplace to easily create and trade NFTs including royalties on the Stellar network.
a. Increasing traceability of ownership, which could be used as evidence in the context of legal disputes.
b. Allowing artists to receive royalties automatically and accurately, thus eliminating royalty losses.
c. Offering an additional revenue stream for creators if they decide to create a NFT linked to their digital assets or to accompany a tangible good.
3. A Stellar digital wallet to store NFTs, perform peer to peer transfers, such as sending pocket monkey, allowance and funds to family members.

Target Market

Target market is families, and acquisition channels will be via Influencers and Schools.
Our first phase is a public beta launching in September, focusing on Brazil and Australia.
In the second phase, in April 2022, we will extend the target market to the US.

Persona 1: Melissa, 45 years old - Outgoing, Loving, Creative and busy
Melissa is a wife and proud mother of two beautiful children - Marcus, ten years old, and Ava, 13 years old.
She works in a corporate job that challenges her to find a work-life balance. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys spending time with her kids and her husband. In addition, she takes clay-making classes in her spare time and enjoys going for walks in the park with her girlfriends. She uses social media to connect with her old friends and family members that live in other states. Recently she has noticed the number of ads on these platforms increasing, which has made her spend more money buying things online. Also, talking to other mothers with kids in the same age group as her own, she has noticed that problems such as bullying, toxic and inappropriate content have become more prominent on social media.

Melissa Goals:
Raising happy, respectful and king children
Being stress-free and spending time with her husband and friends
Protect her family

Melissa Frustrations
Her children hiding things from her and not knowing what is happening in their increasingly online present lives
Hearing about more and more children suffering from mental disorders, triggered by extensive use of social media
Not enough time for herself

Persona 2: Harper, 14 years old - Immature, Insecure, Optimistic, Motivate
Harper is the eldest sister out of 3 siblings. She has a little brother who is five and a sister who is ten years old. Harper enjoys school, especially English and Music, but it has been a tough year for her as she does not like online classes and feels like it’s hard to stay in touch with her friends on- line. She is not the most popular girl in school, but she has many friends, and no one is mean to her face-to-face. However, Harper feels insecure about her body, and some of the girls from her school have left mean comments on her social media posts that have made her upset. Outside of school, she takes dance classes and loves them. She wants to be either a full-time dancer or an influencer when she grows up.

Harper Goals
To be popular and for boys to like her
Be invited to more parties
To have the “perfect body”

Harper Frustrations
Feels insecure and pressured to look like a supermodel
Scared to not be liked and publicly shamed on social media
“Creepy” old men approaching her on social media

Persona 3 (Product Launch - phase 2) : Casey, 8 years old - Sensitive, Impulsive, Trusting, Likeable
Casey is the only child of two loving parents. She likes to draw and take photos. She also likes to play football, which she does twice a week in a park nearby her house.
She likes to explore new videos online, such as videos of her favourite celebrities and tutorials about drawing cartoons.
She is a happy child, and she has a big group of friends from school and her football team.
Some of her friends have Instagram, but her mum and dad think she is still too young to have an account and won’t let her have a profile. So now, she is feeling excluded from some of the conversations at school, which makes her upset.

Casey Goals
Getting good grades in school
Having a social media profile
Be recognised as a cartoon artist

Casey Frustrations
Not allowed to have Instagram
Lack of platform where she can showcase her artworks
Mum and dad always telling her to get off her phone and asking her who she is talking to (Excessive parental control)

Revenue Model

Bhapi aims to diversify its revenue model into two streams:

Stream 1: We will have a freemium version of the social media app available to everyone, offering the same level of security to all members of the network. In addition, the freemium accounts will help the business with acquisition and referral. Freemium users can access the bhapi marketplace, but they will need to use and manage their wallets. Members will make in-app purchases and pay all transaction (creating and selling  NFT)  fees within the app.

Stream 2: Into stream two, the business will begin to obtain revenue from subscriptions. The premium model will be focussed on the Family's subscription, including functionalities available for free, plus parental controls of children under 13. Premium accounts will get access to our digital marketplace without extra costs.  Premium members will not need to pay additional fees for creating, selling, or buying NFTs (apart from the Stellar network costs). The monthly subscription to the app will be USD 3.96.

Costs per transaction
Cost of creating an NFT (minting and storage) is approximately 3 XLM.
Cost of transferring an NFT is a 0.00001 XLM
The revenue will support development, operations , customer support, marketing costs.

In Stream 3 we will support multiple fiat currencies such as AUD, USD, GBP, and BRL.
We will achieve this by becoming an Anchor on the Stellar Decentralised Exchange (SDEX). An Anchor is an on ramp and off ramp to other Fiat and Crypto currencies.
Goal is to have 20,000 NFTs and users by the end of year 1.

Market Research

Research by Global Web Index referenced in this session shows that 53.6% of the world's population uses social media globally. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 25 minutes.
In addition to 'business as usual' questions, a special report by Datareportal from July 2020 examined changes in social media usage during the COVID-19 pandemic. As expected, a massive increase in online and digital activities was noticed. At the same time, numerous reports pointed to how this health, economic and social crisis also affected people's mental health negatively.

Social media is a significant phase in the overall evolution of technology and society. Just like our telephones evolved into smartphones, social media needs to develop into something better in the future.

At bhapi, we spotted a market opportunity to offer society a positive tool to handle anxiety, improve the level of happiness and joy, and get control of their online social interactions back.  

bhapi's mission is to transform families and future generations' experiences on social media, promoting respect, joy and happiness.

The content we consume online affects us deeply. People have been feeling overwhelmed and anxious every day due to absorbing toxic content on social media.  

One in three girls was unhappy with their appearance by the age of 14, compared with one in seven at the end of primary school. The number of young people with probable mental illness has risen to one in six, from one in nine in 2017.

A study conducted in Leicester (UK) followed 54 adolescents aged 11–18 years over three months, revealing that adolescents perceived social media as a threat to mental wellbeing. Researchers identified three main themes:

(1) it was believed to cause mood and anxiety disorders for some adolescents,
(2) it was viewed as a platform for cyberbullying and
(3) the use of social media itself was often framed as a kind of 'addiction'.

Below is the percentage of internet users aged 16 to 64 in selected countries, including Brazil and the US. They reported the activities in which they spend more time online during the COVID-19 pandemic:

42% Messenger services
36% Mobile apps
35% Playing computer or video games
16 % Creating and uploading videos

The global social media market is expected to grow from $94.83 billion in 2020 to $102.62 billion in 2021, an annual growth rate of 8.2%. These numbers clearly present an excellent opportunity for bhapi.

Global NFT Market size has grown from $40 million in 2018, $141 million in 2019, $338 million in 2020 and already projected to be over $2 billion USD in 2021.

Our goal is that all people can have access to a safe social media platform to enjoy online interactions without putting their mental health in jeopardy. Additionally, bhapi is compromised to don't sell user's data and personal information to 3rd parties.

At bhapi, we are passionate about making a happier and safer world for families. We will always fight against racism, hate, bigotry, intolerance, and negativity. We believe in freedom of speech though this does not guarantee freedom of reach for all speeches.

bhapi will be successful because unquestionably, there is a market need for it. In addition, there is a niche for an app like bhapi, whose primary mission is to protect people's happiness and security.

Threats & Opportunities

Technology changes so rapidly these days that it seems like it all happens in the blink of an eye. It is challenging to keep up with constant changes and upgrades, but bhapi has the required innovative expertise to develop and improve features in a competitive market. However, costs associated with product development also bring a challenge to a start-up business. Many competitors are well established in this market, making it hard to differentiate and compete. But, on the other hand, bhapi is a product in a promising market that presents growth and space as per the statistics shown above. We choose to operate in a specific niche, a family-focused app. There is space in the market for a solution that supports parents, teens, and especially kids online. bhapi promises a funny and most important secure environment for people to find peace of mind while interacting online.


More than half of the world now uses social media. The main reason why social media has become so popular over the last decade is the facility to crave interaction and connection with other people.
Networks vary in popularity with different demographics. However, statistics paint a clear picture of Facebook’s dominant social media ranking. More than half of the six most popular social media platforms are Facebook entities—namely Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.
TikTok and Snapchat have also been growing in popularity, especially with teens over the past years.

Communication through social media characterizes modern lifestyles and relationships, including family interactions—social media can affect family systems, relationships, and trust. It is not only the actual impact of social media on family systems that matters but also parents’ perceptions about it and how much they feel able to manage their and their children’s social media use without damaging their family relationships. Thus, the need to foster parents’ positive perceptions about social media’s potential impact on their family relationships emerges.

bhapi competitors are a central issue for families.  In recent years, families, teens, and kids publishing their lives on social media has become a growing trend, but what are the consequences for the family members? How are family dynamics affected by social media? How much trust and liberty can kids and teens have? What is the healthy level of exposure? How much are we allowing others to validate and measure what our family's values through likes? According to the latest data from the We Are Social report, this seems to be an increasing trend, stating that users believe they offer more risks than opportunities. However, Bhapi comes from a completely different side, supporting families in this competitive and sometimes overwhelming environment.

Another competitive market that bhapi is getting in is the NFT marketplaces. A NFTs are digital items that can exist on the internet without being tied to a specific application. The best analogy is: You own something online, similarly to how you might own something in the physical world. When you own a physical item, you have the autonomy to do whatever you want with it. You could give it to a friend, sell it on a marketplace or throw it in the trash. This digital asset has the same sort of property rights baked into it, which allows you to freely trade it, exchange it, and use it in many different applications on the internet.

Currently, there are many NFT options available in the market, but bhapi competitive advantage, is to offer a combined social media environment to a NFT marketplace, offering families a positive and interactive environment, 24h monitored, to ensure online safety to users
Currently, many influencers and celebrities, artists, and musicians are getting interested in this idea of releasing their content as a sort of one-of-a-kind piece of art. So the NFT marketplace is a way for fans and followers to sort of own a little piece of the celebrity or creator. And it's an interesting idea because it's a new way for creators to monetize.  
While using bhapi marketplace, people will be able to
All bhapi users will get access to :

- Digital Collectibles
- Games & Education
- Physical collectibles

Marketing & Sales

In phase 1 (bhapi public beta app), our main priority is to build the bhapi's network. Hence, our GTM strategy will be mainly focused on partnerships with schools. Our goal is to reach families and parents through schools, gain traction, and improve the app based on customer feedback.
In phase 2, after launching premium functionalities, a revenue share with schools will also incentivize our app's promotion through the school network.

Marketing collaterals to educate parents and kids online and provide them with the knowledge to remain protected online will also be developed and provided to schools and parents.

Influencers and content creators will support bhapi's promotion and validation and keep the engagement within the platform, increasing retention. bhapi's digital marketplace, where families can create and trade digital collectibles, will allow people to communicate, play and have fun safely. It's also an opportunity for advocacy and a source for profits via referral programs.

Our goal will be to create and deliver consistent and relevant messages to the bhapi target market according to the bhapi core brand and objectives. Trust and credibility will be essential and will support freemium accounts conversion to premium accounts.

Our primary marketing goal are :
support sales and create a high-level awareness of the bhapi brand within our target audience/geographies.

Our first phase is a public beta launching in September, focusing on Brazil and Australia.
In the second phase, in April 2022, we will extend the target market to the US and English-speaking countries.

Resources & Relationships

We have a strategic partnership with a security reseller providing high-impact value-added security products and services.

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Michael Esber - CEO
An entrepreneurial  leader with over 20 years’ experience working with startups and fast-moving tech organisations. To date his career has seen him work across Fintech, Health, Gaming and Defence and now Social Media.

Ivan Brisot - CFO
A professional Financial Manager with extensive Australian & International – Finance, Accounting, Audit, Compliance, Risk Management & Administration experience across a broad range of industries.

Amanda Mariatti-CMO
A marketing manager with more than ten years of experience leading product launches and marketing campaigns across Australian & International markets. Extensive experience developing and building strategies to ensure businesses succeed in highly competitive markets.

Ruel Mindo - CTO
A seasoned Solution Architect with over 10 years’ experience building apps and web solutions.