Round 11
Bleumi Pay - Stellar Support

Stellar Payment made easy for B2B and B2c.

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Micro & B2B Payments

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Boston, Ma

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Stellar support on Bleumi Pay with Wyre. Accept Stellar and Stellar USDC E-commerce plugin  Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento can use Bleumi Plugin and start accepting Stella based Payments.

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Progress so far
  1. Complete Stellar Bleumi B2B Development
  2. Market and get over 100 clients to support Stellar/Stellar USDC Payments.
To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

Bleumi wants to  helps businesses the power of Stellar and Stellar USDC  for payments and regulated internet commerce worldwide.

  • Support Stellar  and USDC Payment with Wyre.
  • E-commerce plugin  Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento can use Bleumi Plugin and start accepting Stellar based Payments.
  • Bleumi has integrated with Quick Books, Quick Book  users can create invoice and get paid in Stellar and USDC  with their existing invoice workflow.
  • Bleumi also offers ‘Bleumi Payment Link’ web app that enables businesses to accept Stellar and Stellar USDC  payments in 3 simple steps — Create Link > Share Link > Accept Payment.

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Bleumi is a first of its kind — Crypto And Traditional — Payments Orchestration Platform built for fast-growing businesses to stay ahead on the forefront of customer payment preferences. With its entire suite of features, Bleumi solves many of the payment problems that plague online commerce. It’s your one-stop-payment-platform for expansion into new markets, enhancing payments flexibility, improving payments profitability, and reduction of development burdens.


Thomas Arul, CEO and Co-founder of Bleumi