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Bloom and Petal

Bloom - Entity assembly with Soroban-smart contracts & Petal decentralized document signing service.

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We want to launch two services using Soroban - smart contracts.

Bloom is a smart-contract suite for on-chain entity assembly. By using Soroban smart contracts, we aim to provide a more efficient, transparent and streamlined solution for building on-chain entities. The main smart contract we are building will act as the on-chain entity, handle all asset issuance logic and be capable of interacting with other smart contracts and creating assets with different properties, visible on-chain, including all asset types available in tradFi today plus all others that can be created via smart contracts. This will allow companies to have more control and clarity over their on-chain entities (and assets) and greater flexibility in the functions and processes they execute bringing them closer to a DAO-like governance than is currently possible in Stellar classic. This will also make Mojoflower created entities be less dependent on a centralized company (like Mojoflower) for handling their assets.

Petal is a decentralized document signing service that stores signatures and document / contract receipts as an enhanced ERC721 smart contract on EVM equivalent chains and L2s (Arbitrum / Polygon). The flow is:

1. A user connects using a wallet of their choice

2. Uploads documents to IPFS and inputs which entities to gather signatures from and optionally how to send them a notification of where to view and sign said document

3. The possible signees view the document and choose whether to sign or reject. When they have chosen their action, the signature for that action is requested from their wallet and stored on chain with the NFT representing the document in question.

We want to build a Soroban version of the document signing service plus add Stellar wallet signing capabilities. Currently there is no document signing service, that we know of, that allows users to send documents via Stellar in a decentralized way and users cannot use their Stellar wallets to sign documents.

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Progress so far

Everything is on track with what we are building for Flora, our app store/marketplace, except that we find it hard to integrate other services on Stellar, not due to technical challenges but rather a lack of projects. We only have one partner integration, but we are now building new services ourselves. We have already built an EVM version of our decentralized document signing service and we want to bring that tool to the Stellar ecosystem by adding Soroban support i.e. make a similar version of our current enhanced ERC721 smart contract for Soroban. Our platform users will also be able to sign in and sign documents using Stellar wallets.

To get there, we request a budget of  
Additional information

We have attached a video of our document signing that is we are adding to Calyx. You can try it here It is important to note that Petal will be launched as a standalone product and will be decentralized, so the video should be viewed as supporting material only. We will also launch support for signing into the platform using Metamask and other wallets. This is live on our development branch and can be tested at but this is not for public.

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First Deliverable

Petal decentralized document signing service for Stellar will be our first deliverable. It includes:

  1. Sign in with Stellar
  2. Create v1 of an enhanced ERC721 equivalent smart contract on Soroban that will act as the receipt for an IPFS document + verifies signatures for said documents and keeps the signature state of the contract / document

Users will be able to:

  1. Sign in with Stellar
  2. Create a document, store it and ask for signatures from stellar accounts (which are verified on Soroban)
  3. Sign and view their documents made via Petal

Reviewer instructions

Test the product and review code


Mojoflower is a software company founded in 2021 in Iceland, building an ownership platform utilizing blockchain and web3 technology. The platform can be used for various purposes and our goal is to become the go-to platform for ownership, similar to Stripe for payments.


Oli Torfason (Oli Mojoflower#8074))

Co-Founder CEO (Full time)

Oli is a entrepreneur and has started multiple companies. He started and launched Founder SNARK in Iceland,  Acquisition agent Alda Music in Iceland (Acquired by Universal), Kassaleigan Founder (Acquired), AwareGo Security Awareness training multinational sales network (shareholder via Snark). Education background is in business, and he’s married and a father of 3.

Bjorn Halldór Helgason (KurtSwayze#9322)

Co-Founder CPO (Full time)

Björn is a entrepreneur and a creative spirit. He founded Kaktus creative in 2015 and they leading app developers for large pharmaceuticals in Iceland. He’s been working on Mojoflower since 2021.

Þórður Ágústsson (turtle17#6693)

Full stack developer (full time)

Þórður is a full stack developer and blockchain enthusiast. Þórður joined the team in August. Þórður short name is Thor and his spirit animal is Turtle.

Lukas Stateczny (juico#3657)

Front end developer (full time)

Lukas is a front end developer. He lived in Iceland since a teenager but now lives in the Philippines. He enjoys long walks in nature and photography.