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BravePay: New Era of payments

BravePay makes cashless payments accessible to on and offline retailers, transforming any smartphone & website in a zero-fees POS

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Bilbao, Spain

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Cashless payments come at the cost of local businesses.

In a world where cashless payments are becoming the norm, retailers bear up to 3.5% transaction fees that go to Banks, card issuing Companies and Payment Service Providers. Cashless convenience comes at the cost of local businesses.

With the boom of blockchain, more and more customers are hunger to use their digital assets to pay on and offline. But current payment solutions are not network agnostic and replicate the traditional fee-based model, coming again at retailers’ cost.


BravePay is a zero fees payment platform that makes cashless payments universally accessible for on and offline retailers.

BravePay enables on and offline businesses to receive instant bank card or crypto payments, and safely store transaction value in USDC (Stellar). BravePay doesn't require any special hardware: it seamlessly works on any smartphone or can be integrated in any website in just a matter of minutes.

BravePay also provides retailers with "tech steroids" to take their businesses to the next level: AI Powered age-verification, access controls, ERP, NFT tickets, crypto direct debit automation, crypto-payroll...


Unleashing the power of Stellar to disrupt retail payments.

Built on Stellar, BravePay leverages the speed, security and low fees of one of the most popular and efficient blockchain networks.

But BravePay also gives value back to the Stellar Community: BravePay seamlessly bridges fiat and other crypto assets (BTC, LTC, ETH…) into Stellar, enhancing liquidity through retail transactions.


BravePay transforms any business into a crypto-friendly store that unites fiat and crypto payments in one place.

The fundamentals of BravePay cashless payments are very simple:

Customers pay cashless

  • using their debit or credit card as usual
  • with any crypto wallet, with ETH, BTC, LTC…and 15+ popular assets, or
  • with BravePay app, an iOS and Android virtual wallet that they can charge with fiat or any crypto currency

Retailers get crypto

Retailers collect those payments from any smartphone or through our web widget, converted into USDC (Stellar) straight into their BravePay enterprise account. From there, they can transfer funds to any other Stellar Address or to their verified business bank account.


With BravePay wallet we make crypto payments simple and accessible to any consumer.

Crypto can be overwhelming sometimes: Public Keys, Secret Keys, recovery phrases, trustlines, order books…are complicated concepts, even scary to new users. At Brave we are obsessed to remove all those barriers that create unnecessary consumer friction, in order to make crypto experiences as they should really be, instant and simple.

Get BravePay App for iOS / Android

Wallet set up

Setting up your BravePay wallet in your smartphone just takes one minute:

  1. Download BravePay app from the Apple or Google Play store
  2. Sign up using your email or connecting your Google or Apple Account
  3. And go through a selfie age verification, for our AI to create your anonymous age-tag. And you will be all set!

Adding funds

You can add funds to your BravePay wallet anytime, using your bankcard, ApplePay, GooglePay or with a long list of popular crypto assets such as BTC, LTC, ETH, XLM...

Simply select the amount in your local currency and follow intuitive on-screen instructions for every method selected.

Age Verification

BravePay also provides you with an anonymous age-ID that grants you access to content, products and services with age restrictions, without disclosing your identity nor any personal data. Simply unlock the“Activate button”, with your pin, touch or faceID, and scan the QR Code to get your instant access.


Straight from your BravePay wallet, you can authorize crypto direct-debit orders that will be automatically credited from your account on due date. On your customer profile, you can get all relevant information about your active subscriptions, payment history or cancel them in just one click.

NFT tickets

With BravePay, you can purchase NFT tickets to get access to events, venues or value added services. Tickets can be easily accessed and managed in “My Tickets” section.


Changing the paradigm in retail payments.

Most payment systems require dedicated hardware, an old-fashioned approach that only benefits the service provider.

BravePro transforms any smartphone or website into a Point of Sale terminal that collects fiat and crypto payments from bank cards and crypto wallets.

Get BravePro App for iOS / Android

User credentials

Your Staff can log in to the Android or iOS App with just an email and the password of their choice. BravePro credentials for staff members can be easily managed by business owners at our Customer Portal.

Charge amount

With BravePro you can set the amount of your store checks, like with any other conventional data phones. To authorize the payment, customers must get their contactless bank card near your staff’s smartphone or use their BravePay wallet to authorize the transaction.

Charge product

Staff can also add items from your store product list and create detailed checkout tickets for your customers.


With BravePro, staff can set up recurring direct debit orders that are automatically credited from your customer’s BravePay wallet on a due date. Store’s subscriptions can be easily tailored to your needs in our customer’s portal and will show up automatically on your BravePro app.

E-commerce integration

With BravePro web widget online stores can seamlessly integrate crypto payments and access controls in their websites.


A professional crypto e-banking.

BravePro Customer portal is a responsive web application that gives business owners full control of their finances. Conceived as a crypto e-banking service, our Customer Portal is a business solution that takes away all the complexity of blockchain.

The access to BravePro Portal follows strict KYC rules to ensure total compliance with international anti money-laundering regulations.

Setting up your organization

At our portal, you can create business units such as Stores or Events in just a few clicks. You can assign Teams to your business units, create roles and manage the access of your employees. With BravePro you will be fully in control of your store operations.

Manage your inventory

You can also set a product list and better manage your stock and get real-time information of the best selling items of your store.


At  BravePro Customer Portal, you can create and manage recurring direct debit orders that will show up automatically on your BravePro apps. You can tailor to your needs the parameters of your store subscriptions: set an initial payment, the frequency, amount, payment dates…

NFT Tickets

Easily mint NFT tickets for your event, venue or added value services. Select the validity period, the units, select your preferred image…Unlike regular ticket, NFTs tickets can only be sold, exchanged and validated in the BravePay ecosystem.

Transfer funds

From your BravePro Customer portal you can easily transfer crypto assets to any other Stellar Address or to convert them into FIAT straight to your professional Bank Account.

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Progress so far


Since September 2021, we have made significant progress in the development of our product ecosystem:

BravePay Wallet

  • Android and iOS wallet have been released in the Apple and GooglePlay stores
  • We have integrated our face analysis technology for age-verification and ID processing (fall back)
  • We have integrated on-ramps through ApplePay, GooglePay and bank cards
  • We are integrating deposits with 15+ blockchains (90% completed)
  • We have multi-fiat currency support
  • We have built a NFT tickets wallet functionality

BravePro Point of Sale System

  • Our Android and iOS POS have been released in the Apple and GooglePlay stores
  • Current version includes access controls, charge by product, charge by item, subscriptions and NFT ticket sales and validation…
  • We are integrating contactless card payments (70% completed)
  • We are building bridge payments from 15+ blockchains (40% completed)
  • We have developed a web widget for access controls and payments

BravePro Customer Portal

  • Key functionalities are ready (access management, organization set up, inventory, subscriptions management…)
  • NFT tickets automation module has been finalized
  • We have integrated Circle for deposits and bank transfers
  • We have integrated Stripe to invoice Premium Plans
  • We are building a dashboard with advanced analytics (50% complete)
  • We are developing a WebApp for our salesforce (10% complete)

Brave Holder’s Area

  • We have developed a front end for Liquidity Pools
  • We have created a rewards system
  • We have integrated Rabet + Google Sign in
  • We have built a Holders Area including Rewards checker and analytics


  • Dec 2021 - Jan 2022. We tested the Beta version of BravePay wallet with over 200 users. Their feedback was  precious for us to understand end-user needs to better define our roadmap
  • May - Sep 2022. We tested BravePro with staff members of Entertainment businesses in Madrid (Theater, cannabis clubs, night clubs…). Functionalities like contactless card payments, employee payroll and NFT Tickets Marketplace…arise from the feedback  these pilots
  • May 2022. We reached an agreement with Blender. BravePay will become Blender technical partner for access controls and payments in their Music Events in Serbia.
  • Apr 2022. Partnership with Stripe for on-ramps
  • Jun 2022. Partnership with Circle for off-ramps
  • Sep 2022. Brave is selected as Resident Company of the B-Accelerator Tower (BAT), one of World's Best Connected Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems.


  • Dec 2021. BravePay Trademark registration
  • Jan 2022. Brave registers its internal procedures and appoints the company representatives to the SEPBLAC, the Spanish Financial Intelligence Unit responsible for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • May 2022. Brave files the Crypto Exchange and Wallet Custody Service Provider license to the Central Bank of Spain
  1. Goal 1: Critical developments.
  2. Goal 2: Marketing and Sales
  3. Goal 3: Compliance and Legal
  4. Goal 4. Adoption Targets
To get there, we request a budget of  


BravePay has great features today. Our early adopters in key industry verticals such as entertainment and music events have requested to us some exciting new features that will make BravePay even greater. In the next 6 months we will be releasing:

  • Contactless card payments. This exciting new feature will allow any user to pay on BravePro app directly with their contactless bank card, and retailers to receive instant USDC conversion.
  • Explorers program. Our referral program is designed to foster the expansion of BravePay. Users will be incentivized not only to recommend BravePay wallet to their peers but also to get their favorite shops joining our network of partners.
  • Staff Payroll module. With this feature, employers will have the tools to pay their staff salaries and incentives fully in crypto.
  • NFT tickets Marketplace. This web3 application will enable BravePay users to trade their NFT tickets and business to receive a fee of the transactions.
  • BravePro bridge. In BravePro, we will be implementing bridges to 15+ blockchain networks, enabling users to use third-party wallets of different chains to pay directly on BravePro, straight into Stellar.
  • Budget (93,000): 2 Frontend + 1 Backend @ $31,000 / year = $93,000


  • We are planning to start our offline Sales in Spain, in cherry picked areas in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Marbella. We are hiring 3 sales representatives for the development of our customer base.
  • We conduct digital Marketing activities through our partner agencies (Liquidworks and BMind)
  • We will invest in a mobile Pop-Up Area to enhance our visibility and WOM in our consumer engagement activations at Music Festivals.
  • We will start the deployment of our Brand Ambassador’s program (local music/sports celebrities)
  • Budget ($139,000)
  • 3 Sales Agents @ $28,000 / year = $84,000
  • Marketing Content = $10,000
  • Mobile Pop Up Area (Year 1) = $25,000
  • Consumer Engagement activations = $20,000


  • We will fund the yearly independent audit on the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing procedures (compulsory for crypto licensees in Spain)
  • We will initiate the legal process for the Central Bank of Spain to issue our Payment Service Provider license. This is a pre-requisite for us to become an Anchor.In order to achieve these goals, we require the following budget:
  • Budget ($18,000)
  • Legal Fees  = $18,000


  • 500 BravePro customers
  • 10,000 Loyal BravePay wallet users
  • $12M transacted volume
  • This traction figures will put us in a solid position for our Series A round ($3.5M - Summer 2023)
Additional information


a. Traditional PSP’s (Payment Service Providers)

Banks and Card Issuing Companies that provide cashless payments services Over the last years they have expanded to adjacent products (Point of Sale Systems, gateways…).

(+) They have a good geo coverage

(+) They process debit/credit card payments

(-) They require a special hardware

(-) They charge high transaction fees

(-) They are not ready for crypto payments

Competitors: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Santander, Caixabank, Citibank, BBVA...

b. New Challengers.

Tech Players entering the cashless payments space with innovative software and hardware solutions.

(+) They offer POS solutions and payment gateways

(+) They process debit/credit card payments

(+) Fresh positioning and look&feel vs traditional banks

(-) They require a special hardware

(-) They charge high transaction fees

(-) They are not ready for crypto payments

Competitors: Square, Stripe, Adyen, ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal, Clover...

c. Crypto Disruptors.

Crypto businesses aiming at disrupting the category through different approaches (Pre-paid cards, wallets, gateways…)

(+) Crypto ready (some players only)

(-) They charge high transaction fees

(-) They have Limited scope (few coins, functionalities, on / offline only…)

(-) Consumer App / Wallet needed

Competitors: Binance, Coinbase, BitPay,


BravePay is a B2B SaaS solution with multiple revenue streams:

1. Bravecoin release

Unlike other solutions that charge a fee for every transaction, BravePay generates value through minting of Bravecoins. These Bravecoins are put in circulation by a supply release algorithm at a 2% ratio of the transactional volume. The limited supply of the transactional coin in our ecosystem makes the system work: only 100 million Bravecoins will ever exist, being only 1.2 million in circulation today. The progressive release of new coins based on the transaction volume synchronizes supply and demand.

2. Subscription

Although BravePro is free of charge for businesses, some advanced functionalities require a Premium Membership (e.g. Creation of multiple stores and business units, multiple employee accesses, inventory management, NFT automation...)

We estimate that 70% of our customers will sign up for the Free Plan, 20% for the Business Plan (€30 / month) and 10% for the Corporate Plan (€50 / month)

3. Network Bridge

Payments using non-Stellar wallet (BTC, ETH, LTC…) will have 1% conversion fee. This fee (paid by the user) will support the maintenance of the cross change bridge.

In 2023 we will initiate the legal process to get a PSP license in Spain. This will allow us to eliminate the on-ramp fees that our vendors are charging today.


Cashless payments account for $7.8 trillion in transacted value today, and they are expected to grow into $15.2 trillion by 2027. E-commerce, Retail and Entertainment represent 33% of the market, $5.4 trillion in transacted value by 2027.

By the end of the decade, BravePay ambitions to capture a fair share of 10% of the e-commerce, retail and entertainment segments in the markets where we operate. We forecast $10.2B in revenue by 2030.

BravePay targets on and offline businesses:

  • ONLINE businesses. We target retail e-commerce across all categories but with special focus on technology, travel (hotel and flights booking), fashion, pharma, spirits and events (ticketing portals).
  • OFFLINE businesses. We target categories such as HORECA (with special focus in nightlife and hotels), hi-end fashion shops, music and sports Events.

In 2023, we will focus exclusively on businesses operating in Spain.

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First Deliverable
BRAVE Security Corporation SL

Brave is a Spanish startup that disrupts digital payments and access control through AI and Blockchain. Founded in 2019, Brave is resident of the B Accelerator Tower (BAT) in Bilbao (Spain), one of the World’s best connected Innovation Ecosystems. Recognitions and Awards: - Winner Entrepreneur XXI '21 - Finalist South Summit '21 - Finalist Webit '21 - Winner UNICEF Lab '20 - Winner StartUP Expansion Awards '20 - Finalist PITCH WebSummit '19 - Finalist San Sebastian Film Festival Challenge '19


Our team holds over 230 years of joint experience in Motorsport Sponsorship, Global Events, Tech Unicorns, Banking and complex Deep Tech developments:

Javier Gutierrez (JavierBrave#3643)

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Javier holds over 15 years of experience at Philip Morris International, where he held a number of Global and Regional Executive positions in in Digital Marketing, Consumer engagement and Motorsport Sponsorship in F1 and Moto GP. Javier has extensive contact book and deep understanding of the pain points and dynamics of highly regulated industries.


Enrique Rubio (Batcoder#1970)

Chief Technology Officer

Our CTO is a Senior Developer with extensive knowledge of Blockchain, Backend Architecture, iOT and AI. Enrique's experience spans over 16 years working highly complex projects for the Banking sector (Santander) and one of the latest Spanish Unicorn (Wallbox) among many others. Enrique's drive and broad tech knowledge is key for our innovation pipeline.


Saioa Arrizabalaga

Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Saioa is an experienced Marketeer and Communication Consultant. After her experience in the Banking sector, Saioa developed most of her Career in Motorsport Sponsorship at Philip Morris International, overseeing the Consumer Engagement and PR activities for Ferrari and Ducati in 2 Regions. Saioa brings her creativity and broad expertise in consumer facing programs.


Jose "Pepo" Capel

Chief Communications Officer

Professional Magician and Communication Coach for C-Level Executives, Pepo is an outstanding professional that leads our Marketing and Product teams in the development of effective communication strategies and consumer programs that stick and create impact.


Joaquin Rodriguez


Joaquin is Senior finance executive with over 17 years of international experience (Europe & LatAm) leading finance & IT functions in multinational organizations (Airbus, British American Tobacco). His business and finance acumen are priceless for Brave.


Pavle Skerovic

Head of PR and Strategic Partnerships

Our head of PR is a top class Marketeer with over 19 years of international experience in Leo Burnett and Philip Morris International. Pavle, a former professional sportsman, has an extensive contact book within the world of Professional Sports, Art, Fashion and Cinema.


José Gerpe

Chief Revenue Officer

Manager of a number of very popular Pop and Hip-Hop bands, José is a professional with over 20 years of experience in the TV and Cinema (Televisión Española, Mediaset) and in the Events and Entertainment industries. José’s negotiation skills and broad connections in one of our target industries are priceless for Brave.

Carlos San Juan

Head of Front End Development

Carlos is an experienced Front End Senior Developer obsessed about UX and human centric design. Ivan multi programming languages skills are key for the development of our products and CRM Portal.


Eduardo Redondo

Head of CRM Development

Eduardo is a talented front-end developer that lead highly complex projects in companies such as BBVA, Telefonica, Carrefour or Wallbox to name a few.


Victor Vargas

Mobile Solutions Architect

Victor is a Senior iOS Developer and backend with broad experience as developer for the advertising and the gaming industry. Blockchain and AI enthusiast, Victor brings to the team his extensive tech knowledge and analytical mind.


Sebastian Rodriguez

Head of Android Development

Sebastian is a highly skilled Senior developer with broad experience leading complex projects in the Banking and in the electric vehicles industries (Wallbox) among many others. Sebastian's expertise in Payment technologies is a priceless asset for the Team.


Jorge Guerrero

iOS engineer

Jorge is a senior Android and iOS engineer with over 10 years of experience as tech consultant and independent developer for high tech startups. His broad knowledge of programming languages and cross-platform experience are essential in the development of our products.


Rubén Abad

Android engineer

Ruben is a en experience engineer with over 10 years of experience as developer of mobile games. His creativity and experience in the gaming industry are key for the design of gamified mechanics in our ecosystem.


Javier Cárceles

QA engineer

Javier is a young and talented QA and automation engineer that joins Brave after companies such as Erikson, Thales and Wallbox.


Sergio Escalante

Head of UX and Design

Sergio is a Senior Product designer with extensive experience in the advertising industry and Tech Startups. His creativity, attention to detail and strategic thinking are essential for the development of our Brand and Products.


Marina Oorthuis

Senior Graphic Designer

Marina is a Senior creative designer passionate about Art and user experience. Marina shapes the ideas of our product development team into human-centric visual contents.


Sergio Cabañero

Senior Motion Designer

Sergio is a talented motion graphics designers passionate about art and design. Sergio brings to live our brand and product with beautiful audiovisual works.


Zeljko Bosnjak

Board Advisor

Zeljko is a digital marketeer, strategist and serial entrepreneur that supports our Board in outlining our Digital Strategies.