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CafeSwap has been in operation since 3rd Nov 2021.
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Our future plan is to build up a Stellar-based wealth management platform with the support of SCF. We will build wealth management products for people with different risk appetite and lower the threshold of use so that people who do not know much about virtual assets can manage their virtual assets in a one-stop shop with almost no learning curve. For users, Stellar is very advantageous in terms of ease of use and low transaction fees, which is one of the reasons why we chose Stellar.

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Progress so far

CafeSwap is already in full operation and has about 3,000 users in non-banned countries around the world. We are in the process of raising funds for the next phase of planning.


First, we need to use social media and other means to expand our visibility and get more people to understand and participate in Stellar-based AMM. Second, we aim to get our liquidity pool to $1-1.5 million within six months. Then based on the above factors launch Stellar based financial products with different yields with guaranteed principal in due time.

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We are developing our own wallet application that leverages both face recognition and image recognition technologies to create a new type of private key holding solution that balances ease of use with security. Next, we are targeting users who are new to blockchain and virtual assets to shift from real world finance to virtual wealth management. Make them realize that virtual assets are money, and the best way to make more money is to manage it. We will make optimization and improvement in product return model, asset security protection, ease of use, etc. and aim to start trial operation in 3~4 months.

Additional information

Tutorial for participating in AMM on Stellar via CafeSwap

CAFE/XLM market making pair is currently earning up to 600% annualized returns, if you don’t know how to participate in our market making, this is a detailed tutorial.


  • A Stellar wallet
  • A computer with Chrome installed
  • Freighter, a browser extension that connects to Stellar wallet

Start market making

  1. Open our website [], click “Connect Wallet” on the right of the top.
  2. Select “Freighter” in the pop-up window and agree to share your Stellar address with
  3. After successful connection, click on the “Farm” button on the left side of the page.
  4. As shown in the image above, position 1 shows a portion of your Stellar address, which means you have successfully linked your Stellar wallet.
  5. Click “Add Liquidity” in position 2 to join market making.
  6. You can click “Remove” on position 3 to remove the market making share.
  7. Position 4 shows how many CAFE you have earned from market making.
  8. The estimated time of the next reward distribution can be viewed in position 5.

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First Deliverable

With the money we raise, in addition to paying the developers' salaries, we need to interface with some teams of lawyers to give legal opinions on virtual asset management in their locations. If a license is required, it will be applied for depending on the business development status.


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