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Connecting Africa to the global market through Blockchain technology.

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Cross-Border Payments

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Centiiv Pay: This is the payment platform where users get to carry out seamless transfer of funds across Africa and payment of utility bills. Also, it is the platform that would allow users earn passive income through its investment and savings feature. Africans can invest in business ventures in agriculture, real estate, oil and gas and so on.

Other Features of Centiiv Pay:

Centiiv Remit: this is the payment infrastructure to make cross-border payments seamless for Africans.

Centiiv Loans: This product feature is that which would enable our users have access to credit facilities by taking loans using their crypto assets as a collateral.

Centiivest: This is the feature that would allow Africans to earn passively by investing in selected business ventures like real estate, oil and gas, agriculture e.t.c.

Here, Centiiv intends to manage these business ventures as a subsidiary and allows its users to earn by investing and making returns. For instance, a farm managed by Centiiv would allow users make extra income by investing.

Centiiv Insurance: This is the services which is geared towards protecting cryptocurrency traders and users from suffering liquidations and/or other unforeseen occurrences by building decentralised insurance protocols on the blockchain.

Centiiv Charity: This is the feature that makes it easy for our users to contribute to the welfare of humanity. Here, an infrastructure would be put in place to ensure every dollar donated by users are used in executing humanitarian projects.

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Progress so far

Following the just concluded Stellar bootcamp, we have been able to build the product and integrate the necessary APIs and currently, we are testing the product as we are looking to launch into the market in a few weeks from now. Also, we currently have a database of over 6000 contacts waiting for us to launch.

We haven't raised any funds yet. We have been bootstrapping since the beginning of the project. Although, we have gotten a couple of grants in the past including that from the Stellar Blockchain Bootcamp as we came in the second category of winners.


As a startup that is intentional about growth, we are looking to achieve the following in 6 months:

  • Launch of Centiivest feature
  • Launch of utility payment feature
  • At least 10,000 active Users of Centiiv Pay across Africa
  • More Expansion in Africa
To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

Marketing Plan

Positioning Strategy

 These are reasons users will choose Centiiv;

  • Users can earn passively using products with the Centiiv ecosystem
  • Ability to carry out seamless transfer of funds across Africa
  • Brand Reputation
  • Adequate customer relationship/user retention
  • Positioning Centiiv as a industry expert. This we intend to to by educating the community on Blockchain, consistent media promotion

Market Launch Plan

At Centiiv, our market launch plan will be carried out through

  • Influencer Marketing: employing the services of blockchain influencers on twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube et al to promote the Centiiv Pay making reference to the value proposition of seamless cross border paymens
  • Media Promotion: this involves running commercials via radio and tv stations to reach a wider audience. Also, mounting of billboards in strategic locations across the continent.
  • Incentives: Giving airdrop of Centiiv token to active users of Centiiv Pay. This is to enhance the rate of downloads and drive adoption.
  • Inbound Marketing: this is the adoption of digital tools and technical know hows to communicate with the users
  • Outbound Marketing: this includes activation events, ambassadorial programs, unveiling of the product through events related to blockchain.



High Transaction Fees: Remittance of funds using the conventional method is quite expensive.

Delayed Transaction: The conventional method of remittances takes 1-3 days before funds get delivered.

Stress Induced: Some modes of cross-border remittances require having to go to the bank which is quite stressful considering how busy the banking environment is.


Crypto-to-bank: An on-ramp to off-ramp solution that makes it seamless for users to transfer funds from crypto wallet to bank account.

Quick transaction: Transactions take less than 10mins

Hassle-free: User can make cross-border payments with comfort.

cheaper fees: Transaction fees cost less than a dollar.

How do you use Stellar in your solution?

Having gone through the use cases of the Stellar Blockchain, we realized that the applications are very much instrumental to the scalability of our product, Centiiv Pay ( Therefore, we would love to work with the Stellar team in using the relevant SDKs that would aid users of our product in cross-border payments, merchants payments and so on.


The demographic of those that require the services of Centiiv is not limited to individuals in the cryptocurrency space but it cuts across to merchants who need to accept payments beyond the shores of their geographical locations. This is so because Centiiv is providing blockchain solutions to solve basic problems these sets of individuals face on a daily basis.

Centiiv will initially serve individuals who need to make cross-border remittance, then small to medium sized business, from new ventures to well established businesses and individual clients, but that does not in any way stop us from growing to be able to compete with the leading blockchain companies across Africa and globally.

As a standard blockchain platform and technology company, Centiiv offers a wide range of services to the following clients;

  • Individuals in the crypto space who need to exchange fiat for crypto and vice-versa.
  • Businesses that need to send and receive payments digitally. (Merchants)

User Persona:

Joshua Rhode: Merchant, knows little about blockchain, 32 years old, has issues with cross-border remittance in his business but open to learn new solutions to solve his business problem.

Ola Dele: Crypto trader, student, 20 years old, crypto evangelist, interested in making passive income.


Centiiv Pay would be adopting a tier form of pricing on payment transactions:

$1-$500 (Free)

$501-$1000 ($0.5)

$1001-$5000 ($1)

$5001-$10000 ($3)

For other features like crypto swap, the transaction fees depends on the network fees which is dynamic but Centiiv Pay would charge only $0.01 as its base fee to swap from one crypto to another.

Revenue Stream and Profit/Loss Projection for 2 years:


According to World Bank, remittance inflows to Sub-Saharan Africa returned to growth in 2021, increasing by 6.2 per cent to $45 billion.

• Sub-Saharan Africa remains the most expensive region to send money to, where sending $200 costs an average of 8.2 per cent.

• Nigeria, one of the region’s with the largest recipients, is projected to receive $17.2 billion in 2021.

SWOT Analysis

As Centiiv’s marketing team, we want to help the brand lean into what it does well, improve what it doesn’t, capitalize on what it can do, and defend against what could challenge it. With that in mind, here is our SWOT analysis for 2022.


What we’re good at.

What’s working?

What our customers like about us.

  • Team Dexterity and Dedication
  • Amazing App Features
  • Passive Income for users


What we want to fix.

What we want to strengthen.

What we want to become more efficient at.

  • Inadequate work environment


What the industry might soon want.

What we think we’ll be good at.

What will be our differentiator?

  • Demand for Blockchain
  • Prevalence of Decentralised Economy


What we think could hinder our growth.

What/who we think could take our customers.

  • Government policies
  • Competition


Within our target market(s), we expect to compete with the following companies:

Western Union, MoneyGram, FlutterWave, and so on,

Features of Competitors:

  • Centralised/third party system
  • Transactions take 1-5 days
  • Transaction fees range from $5-$45 which is expensive.

How We Differ:

  • Adoption of Blockchain to facilitate seamless cross-border payments.
  • Instant and hassle-free payments
  • Cheap transaction fees


Kindly find a detailed outline of our marketing plans in the document below:


To achieve our goal, we are currently in partnerships and working with the following entities to enable us deliver a market-fit product:

  • Thresh0ld
  • Rehive
  • Clickpesa
  • Ramp Network
  • Dojah
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