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Centiiv Pay

Enabling Seamless Cross-border Payment from Crypto-to-Bank.

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Cross-Border Payments

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Centiiv Pay is a payment system built on the Blockchain to facilitate cross-border payments from crypto to bank. We are making it possible for users to have a quick and seamless payment experience. For businesses, Centiiv Pay is a low-cost payment option that can help facilitate faster and cheaper cross-border payments. Also, it is the platform that would allow users earn passive income through its investment and savings feature. Africans can invest in business ventures in agriculture, real estate, oil and gas and so on.

Other Features of Centiiv Pay:

Centiiv Remit

Crypto to Bank: This is the payment infrastructure to make
cross-border payments seamless for Africans sending and receiving funds to and from Africa respectively.

Centiiv Loans

This product feature is that which would enable our users have access to credit facilities by taking loans using their crypto assets as a collateral.


This is the feature that would allow Africans to earn passively by investing in selected business ventures like real estate, oil and gas, agriculture etc. Here, Centiiv intends to manage these business ventures as a subsidiary and allows its users to earn by investing and making returns. For instance, a farm managed by Centiiv would allow users make extra income by investing.

Centiiv Insurance:

Centiiv Insurance is the service that is being created with the goal of enabling users minimize risks around their crypto assets such as protection from market volatility, liquidations e.t.c.

Centiiv Charity

This is the feature that makes it easy for our users to contribute to the welfare of humanity. Here, an infrastructure would be put in place to ensure every dollar donated by users are used in executing humanitarian projects.

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Connecting Africa to the global market through Blockchain technology.
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Progress so far

We are done with the first version of the product which includes the cross-border payment feature and gotten a few users to test in private before we proceed to shipping it to public. Below are the feedbacks we got from different users:

  • “CentiivPay was so easy for me to use. I like the interface and had a great first-experience compared with Binance and Coinbase. Also, the insurance feature is so needed because it will mean I lose little or no money.” ... Simbiat, Graduate Student, U.S.
  • “CentiivPay has a clean and neat UI. It is very easy to use and takes a few click and steps to complete transactions. Overall, the product fits all my payment needs and I find it easy to send and receive funds.” ... Harold, Product Design Lead at Andela.
  • “CentiivPay is super easy and straightforward with great onboarding experience. I am particularly looking forward to the insurance feature and I lot of users would love it.” ... Yemi, Head of CS at Bundle NG.
  • Launch of Centiiv Pay in USA to enable users in Americasend and receive funds to and from Africa.
  • Launch of crypto swap feature.
  • At least 100,000 active users of Centiiv Pay across Africa and U.S.A bythe end of 2023.
  • Active operations in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, and U.S.A within six (6) months of launch.
To get there, we request a budget of  
  • Partner with a fintech and bank in the USA to enable users deposit and withdraw dollars into Centiiv Pay. We have a partnership with Modern Treasury to provide the infrastructure to facilitate seamless deposits and withdrawal. We are currently in talks with Silvergate Bank to have them as our Banking partner.
  • We already have a partnership with SendWyre to provide us the infrastructure needed for seamless swap of cryptocurrencies. This feature will roll out once we achieve the goal of 5000 active users.
  • Launch in more African countries through adequate marketing.
Additional information

Africans have decried the issues they encounter while making cross-border remittances. These includes high transaction fees they have to pay before they can get their funds to the receiving end. Also, remitting funds internationally comes with its own hassles as it requires individuals to fulfill a couple of unnecessary requirements.The need to have an easy remittance method in Africa cannot be emphasized enough. The stress an individual has to go through to be able to get his/her funds sent across really is not necessary.

Speaking about the high fees that has to be compulsorily paid is another problem that requires urgent attention. This is coming at a point in time whenNigeria and Africa as a whole is experiencing a high rate of emigration, Nigerians call it Japa and it simply means leaving the country or continent to seek greener pastures in the Western countries. This year alone, Nigeria has recorded over 65,000 emigration of its youth toUnited States alone, statistics has it that ×3 of that number migrated to the UK. What this means is that the market is growing bigger by the day giving us the potentials of gaining a significant market share while we provide a solution. Amongst other things, the least of these migrants worries should be payments. because definitely an international student abroad wants to receive money from home and a migrant worker wants to send money back home.

Therefore, launching this product at this point in time is a no-brainer.The outlook of cross-border in Africa no doubts need to be looked into and this is the reason Centiiv Pay came into the picture. Centiiv Pay isa payment system being built on the Blockchain to facilitate a fast and hassle-free remittance of funds across Africa with the enablement of seamless crypto to bank settlements.

Centiiv Pay provides a secure and seamless environment to satisfy the needs of Africans in the area of cross-border payments. This way, merchants who need to transact beyond the shores of their home country would find payment very easy to do which in turn would help improve their businesses.

Centiiv Pay also intends to make it easy for crypto enthusiasts to make purchases directly from their crypto wallets without having to liquidate their crypto assets. Here, users, through the Centiiv crypto cards can spend their crypto on third party platforms.

Other features of Centiiv Pay are:

  • Swap Crypto: This feature is that which would make it easy for users to exchange crypto assets right within the Centiiv Pay app. Here, a user can easily swap crypto assets without bothering about liquidity.
  • Centiivest: This is the feature that would allow the members of CentiivCommunity invest in selected business ventures in various sectors such as agriculture, real estate, oil and gas to enable them make passive income with little to no efforts.
  • Centiiv Loan: This is the platform where loans will be provided to cryptocurrency traders to get the best out of the crypto space. Here, the Centiiv token ($CNT) would be used as a collateral to secure loans.Crypto traders can take USDT loans to “buy the dip”… Interesting right? Merchants can also access loans via the app to help grow their various businesses.
  • Centiiv Insurance: This is the feature that gives users of the CentiivPay access to insurance to minimize the risk around holding crypto assets. “God forbid wallet hacks, losses or liquidations”, but when it happens, Centiiv insurance enables you to minimize the losses.
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First Deliverable

Centiiv is an African startup building solutions to connect Africa to the global market. The use cases of Centiiv are built to satisfy the everyday life of Africans. The actualisation of Centiiv roadmap will help solve major problems facing Africa around commerce, transportation and logistics, financial technology (Fintech) and Technological incubation.


Bolarinwa Odupe (bolarinwa#4197)


Bolarinwa Odupe is an experienced software developer with a demonstrated history of working in the Management Consulting and Tech industry for five (5) years. Skilled in Blockchain Programming, Content Writing, Project Management, and Web Frontend Development.

Muazu Abu (Muazu Centiiv#1673)


Muazu Abu is a software Engineer & a blockchain developer with proven expertise in building scalable web & mobile applications capitalising on frameworks like React, nodejs, expressJs, mongoDB ethersJs.

Ajibola Akinmosin (Jhybo | Centiiv)

Engineering Lead

Ajibola is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Communication, C#, Flutter and Dart and Engineering. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Science from Federal University Lokoja.

Kehinde Dawood (Digitalhkenny#3652)

Marketing Lead

Kehinde is a Marketing and Growth Manager with  experience  for shaping brand perception through digital marketing channels, growth funnels, strategic communication, content direction more.

Adeolu Akinde (Klausigner#4275)

Senior Product Designer

Akinde Adeolu is a product designer, brand identity designer and motion graphics design enthusiast. A graduate of business administration and management. a German language learner and also in love with tech.

Abdulmajid Usman (Tobi_#4091)

Frontend Engineer

Abdulmajid is a mobile developer at Centiiv. Passionate about software engineering and love building interesting products. I like exploring new technologies, finding and implementing optimal solutions to software related problems.