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kommit is creating a platform to unlock the future of certifications with trusted Soulbound Tokens managed by smart contracts

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Chaincerts is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the way certifications are issued, verified, and showcased.

Our platform issues certifications as secure, non-transferable, and verifiable Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) on the Stellar network. These SBTs, managed through Soroban smart contracts, serve as unique identity tokens that showcase an individual or entity's characteristics, features, traits, and accomplishments in a visually appealing format.

With its unique combination of decentralization, innovative visualization, and simple verification, Chaincerts provides unparalleled security, reliability, and transparency to the certificate management process.


Certification systems are outdated and unreliable. Traditional methods such as paper certificates, digital images, and PDFs are susceptible to falsification and manipulation, making it challenging to verify their authenticity. This is a significant issue for individuals and organizations who need to provide verifiable certifications to others.


Chaincerts offers a modern solution to the outdated and unreliable certification system, using blockchain technology to eliminate the limitations of traditional diplomas, PDFs, and cumbersome verification processes. Chaincerts is a transparent, tamper-proof, and visually appealing solution that aims to revolutionize the world of certifications.

How it uses Stellar and/or Soroban?

Chaincerts leverages the strengths of the Stellar blockchain and Soroban's smart contracts. Stellar will ensure the security, verifiability, decentralization, revocability, uniqueness, non-transferability, and singularity of certificates. By incorporating Soroban's smart contracts, we will enhance the transparency and credibility of certificate management operations, providing unparalleled security and reliability.

Our goal is to introduce the innovative concept of Soulbound Tokens within the context of Stellar and Soroban, giving new meaning to certificates.

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Competitive advantage

  1. Modern and reliable solution: Chaincerts provides a modern and reliable solution to the outdated certification system, replacing traditional solutions such as print, images, or PDFs.
  2. Tamper-proof certifications: Certifications issued through Chaincerts are tamper-proof, ensuring that the authenticity of the certification is guaranteed.
  3. Visual appeal: Chaincerts provides a visually appealing solution to certifications, making it easier to showcase and display them.
  4. Verification made easy: With Chaincerts, verification of certifications is simple and straightforward, reducing the need for complicated processes.
  5. Secure management: The Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) that represent certifications are managed through Soroban's smart contracts on the Stellar network. Removing human manipulation.
  6. Non-transferable: Certifications issued through Chaincerts are non-transferable, ensuring that they are tied to the individual or entity they represent.
  7. Transparent: Chaincerts uses the Stellar blockchain, ensuring that the certification process is trustworthy.

Market opportunity and target audience

The market opportunity for Chaincerts is the need for a modern, secure, and efficient certification system that addresses the limitations of traditional certificates, such as PDFs and lengthy verification processes. With the increasing demand for digital credentials, Chaincerts provides a transparent, tamper-proof, and visually appealing solution that can potentially revolutionize the world of certifications. Chaincerts offers unique features such as decentralization, non-transferability, and enhanced transparency, which can address the growing concerns around certificate fraud and identity theft.

Target markets for Chaincerts are:

  • Education: More than a million graduates yearly only in the US; each represents a new unipersonal and non-transferability cert.
  • Enterprise: A global organization must certify its employees, providers, contractors, or business partners to build a worldwide verifiable business trust network.
  • Legal/Government: Birth certificates, contracts, and other important records require strong reliability, uniqueness, and non-transferability. Public availability is crucial for transparency and visibility.

Revenue model

Our target audience is expected to pay a fee for each certificate issued through our platform. We also plan to generate revenue by offering additional features, such as custom certificate templates and visualization methods.

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First Deliverable

The goal of this deliverable is to develop a working prototype that enables:

  • The issuance of soulbound tokens as certificates on the Stellar network.
  • The generation of a 3D visualization model for the certificate through code.
  • The storage of certificate data in decentralized storage using IPFS.

The following steps need to be taken:

  1. Create a soulbound token on the stellar network. Develop an asset design-based soulbound token on Stellar representing the certificate.
  2. Customize a 3D certificate model with Three.js technology. Develop code to build a 3D certificate model based on Three.js.
  3. Load certificate data, including 3D rendering settings, into IPFS. Develop code to load certificate data to an IPFS storage platform, such as Filebase, in order to obtain a Content Identifier (CID).
  4. Development of 3D certificate visualization and landing page. Generate a 3D model from the certificate data stored on IPFS and develop a landing page to showcase the certificate in a visually appealing format.

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Karol Rojas (karolrojas#9297)

Software Developer at kommit

An ambitious software engineer with a year of experience and a boundless thirst for knowledge. A natural leader, innovator, and problem-solver with a drive to continuously improve. Enthusiastic about contributing to open-source initiatives.

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Miguel Nieto (Miguel Nieto#7481)

Open-Source Advocate and Software Developer at kommit

Software engineer with a hunger for innovation and two years of hands-on experience. An open-source and Web3 advocate. Striving to establish oneself as a seasoned Web3 builder, driven by a passion to bring about impactful decentralized solutions.

Github / LinkedIn / Twitter

Lorenzo Zuluaga (Lorenzo Zuluaga#1011)

Engineering Manager at kommit

A versatile software engineer with three years of experience. A proven leader of successful client projects and an active participant in the Sorobanathon, with approved proposals. An avid learner in the cutting-edge field of Web3 technologies, always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow and excel in this exciting domain.

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Einer Zapata (einerzg#7661)

Tech Leader at kommit

A seasoned software engineer with a decade of experience in delivering top-notch tech projects. Equipped with a Master's in Engineering and a gift for teaching.

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Juan Hurtado (Juan Hurtado#2400)

Head of Engineering and Open-Source Program Office Manager at kommit

A tech-savvy software engineer with over a decade of expertise in crafting cutting-edge digital solutions. Passionate about the potential of blockchain, DeFi, and decentralized systems. An avid open-source contributor and Elixir advocate.

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Our team is set up for success because:

At kommit, we bring together years of software development and product expertise. Our team has a successful history of delivering projects with various technologies. Our current focus on open-source and web3 technologies positions us at the forefront of industry innovation. With a talented and experienced team, we aim to make a significant impact on the community.