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Chronos Pay is a low-cost universal payment solution for business with immediate accreditation, simple and transparent.

Budget request:  

Project Stage


Cross-Border Payments
Micro & B2B Payments

Based in

Uruguay and Argentina

Team size

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Products & Services

Chronospay its a platform for business to get payments all the ways digital (on internet) or physical (in person)

Web base solution (eWallet+WebPOS+Business Dashboard):

  • Multi currency
  • Dashboard (balance of each currency digital and fiat)
  • Deposit and withdraw
  • Send and receive
  • Make payment request (link or button payment)
  • Web POS
  • Details of transaction
  • Details of payments request (status, refunds, standby)
  • Payment FIAT/crypto gateway (sBTC, sETH, BTC, ETH. USDC. USDT, XLM, ARSX, BRL)

Mobile version (iOS and Android) (eWallet):

  • Multicurrency (FIAT & Crypto)
  • Deposit and withdraw (Bank account, creditcard and ATM)
  • Send and receive
  • Make payment request (link or button payment)
  • Details of transaction
  • Details of payments request (status, refunds, standby)

Administration Backend :

  • General Dashboard Financial and Perforce KPI (balance of FIAT and crypto accounts)
  • Onboarding administration : KYC, Screening and compliance
  • User administration: Profile, status, and performance
  • Transaction details and administration
  • AML algoritm parametrization
  • Referral program administration
  • Reposting (crypto, fiat, users, etc)
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Progress so far


  • Bind Bank (Argentina)
  • Finclusive
  • Jumio
  • Wyre
  • Prisma
  • Banco Pichincha
  • GBBC Global Blockchain Business Council
  • Inegenico
  • Unicred
  • Delpaiscooperativa


  • Stellar Argentinian Anchor on Production  
  • Stellar Ecuador Anchor on Production
  • US Anchor (On/Off Ramp) on Production -ACH and Wire
  • Web Base Platform on Production
  • eWallet on Production
  • Administration Backend on Production
  • POS integration on beta


  • PSP License (Argentina and Ecuador)  
  • Crypto License on going


  • Q1 2020 Cofounder Fund
  • Q2 2021 Angel investor

Going to market in:  Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay

Users: Q1 50 Business, Q3 2022 150 Business and Q4 3000 Individuals


6 months from now Chronospay will be available to use in the mayor retails in Argentina, with the possibility to use like alternative payment procesador for FIAT and crypto and also make crossborder payments or send remittances to other countries (anchors available). In parallel to this fase we will making the integration in others countries  Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia and Mexico.

When is done with the commercial agreement for local merchant  and retailers we will available to send remittances or payments in the all chronospay network.


  • Customers Acquisition: Business 20.000
  • Get license crypto payments
  • Brand recognition in LATAM (Digital social media and traditional)
  • Build a best team (Technical and Commercial)
  • Impact a 5.000 peoples helping (financial inclusion & Education)


  • Integration with stellar anchor: in each country we have presence (Build anchor if are not available)
  • Integration with credit card processing international
  • Integration with US bank system and EUR
  • Integration with Ecommerces LATAM
  • Integration with POS LATAM
To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

To meets all our goal we have a complete plan to go it. Our teams have special task and goals for each one align to the main goals.

In the commercial and partnership, we already have agreements and MOU with the most important POS suppliers, Ecommerces and Banks or Financial institution of LATAM to expands integrates our services.

In the technical side, our CTO, Project Manager and Developer teams have a wide experiences in blockchain technologies, we build an anchor for Argentine peso, and we are working for the anchors for Ecuador and Uruguay. Also we make the integration of the cardproccesing system and the integration for the bank network in Argentina.


Our solution is build on top of stellar network and we bring all the advantage in products to people to use in the day by day. Freelances can send request payment by WhatsApp/email to get pay in credit card or crypto and make the settlement in local currency or crypto taking the control all the transaction and followup the payments Or think in a farmer who need to sell your product direct to other country with Chronospay Now its possible.

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CEO and Cofounder - Patricia Shimamoto -

CTO and Cofounder - Matias Nicolas Plano -