Round 8
ChronosPay P2P

Eliminating barriers between families from different countries and generating a source of income.

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Product 1 - FIAT-Crypto wallet;
Services: P2P money cross border sender

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Chronospay P2P money sender in each country of South America

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

1 - Update and add this functionality to the actual code of Chronospay (P2P functionality Web & APP);
2 - New design thinking and UX-UI for Web& App;
3 - List of countries to deploy;
4 - Commercial agreement for local partners;
5 - Setup a special Support team (Phone, WhatsApp, SMS, social, e-mail);
6 - Advertising for Beta Version focused in get "CHRONERS";
7 - Build "CHRONERS NET" in each country;
8 - Full advertising campaign in each country.


Problem and Solution

The problem lies in the complex system for people to send money to their relatives from one country to another. Although the new technology streamlines this, it is still not enough for them to reach people who are not friends of the elderly technology, which are the sources of income for several families in South America today, it is a cultural issue and old. ChronosPay P2P is based on Stellar 100% both for the generation of the accounts and for the use of digital assets for payments. It also uses conditional payments to retain payments as collatera (Hold payments)l. With the help of this technology, the basis of the ChronosPay wallet and the ChronosPay P2P conditional payment format, we solve the barrier to entry for people who are not technology lovers and need family help to eat, pay for services and medical help. An important actor in this is the "Chroner", this allows to send the payment / send  from Person1 to the country to a Person2 in the country of "Chroner"; Let's say that he is the facilitator of moving from the cryto world to the real and Fiat world (with the base of technology of Stellar implemented in ChronosPay), and for this himself has an economic benefit. The project also accept retails to enter this model to be "Chroner Store", to have phisical spot to make the operation.

Target Market

People aged 30-60 years from South American countries and they family live in a different country.

Revenue Model

Mode1: Transaction fee.Mode 2: Subscription plan for Large volumen (retail or person).

Market Research

Binance P2P

Threats & Opportunities

Digital marketing and traditional. Sales team will be the Chroners and the retails which will be part of the Netservices.


South American Government, retail industry and payment companies

Marketing & Sales

Resources & Relationships

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