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ClickPesa offers a platform that unifies payments services into one platform for businesses in Africa. It helps local businesses perform better by increasing productivity and profitability. Internationally, ClickPesa simplifies the way companies can do business in Africa. The platform connects with existing mobile wallets and bank accounts and provides in addition a set of APIs for a seamless payment experience.

Clickpesa has been developing applications for financial services in  East Africa since 2016. The Clickpesa team started to experiment and develop on Stellar in 2017. Since then Clickpesa has set up as an anchor on Stellar providing on and off ramp capabilities for three stable tokens on Stellar TZS, KES and RWF issued by Clickpesa.  

Sub-Saharan Africa is the most expensive globally to send and receive money. The cost of remittances in sub-Saharan Africa was the highest, averaging 8.17% percent in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared with 4.9 percent in South Asia, the lowest average cost (All Africa). In the last 2 years we have been exploring ways to utilize The Stellar Network to facilitate payments remittances and lower the cost of transactions for our existing merchants. Currently our merchants rely on Visa, Mastercard and other traditional payment methods such as Swift to receive payments which are expensive and can take multiple working days to settle causing cash flow problems for merchants.

To solve this problem we are launching the Clickpesa Sender Portal to replace Swift, Visa and MasterCard.  Halifax travel and tours a Clickpesa merchants who operates Tour company selling holiday Safaris package deals to the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro can now issue a payment request for a Serengeti Safari and climbing Kilimanjaro package deal to a customer in Europe or America and the customer in Europe or America will be able to complete this payment using the Clickpesa Sender Portal. The Sender Portal utilizes local payment rails offered by Anchors on the Stellar Network in different countries and stable tokens to facilitate payment remittance and settlements in a fast, cheap and compliant manner.

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The Sender Portal (The Application)

The Sender Portal is in production. We have developed the Sender portal to support all Stellar SEP standards. In addition to this the Sender Portal is integrated to the Clickpesa Merchant Dashboard so the existing merchants on the Clickpesa platform can interact with the Sender Portal to facilitate a range of payment services over the Stellar Network. A payment request can be sent from an existing Clickpesa Merchant in East Africa to a customer in the USA . The customer in the USA completes this payment request through the Sender portal utilizing the payment channels provided by the anchor in the US (Finclusive) over the Stellar Network. Payment received in USD will be converted to USDc then exchanged to TZST on the DEX and paid out into FIAT TZS to the merchant in Tanzania.

Identifying Corridors

We spent time to identify the corridors that have the biggest demand for this services and identified two countries which are:

  • United states of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom (UK)


Each of the countries identified have different compliance requirements. Where we can, we work with existing anchors to facilitate this process. In the USA we are exploring working with Finclusive. There are requirements we need to have in place to complete partnership.

In the UK there aren't any anchors currently.  As there are no active Anchors, we have spent the last six months working with industry leading compliance consultants and legal consultants to apply for Payment Authorizations licenses in the UK. This will enable us to operate as an Authorized Payment Institution in the UK and facilitate payment remittances.

Partnering up with Anchors

Because the more corridors there are the more transactions we can facilitate for our customers. We have been actively in contact with different Anchors on the Stellar Network to partner up with and open up new corridors for payment remittances.


Goal 1: Increase the number of Corridors Clickpesa Merchant can receive payments by utilizing the Stellar Network - Actively seek to partner with anchors with the right regulator approvals to offer a wider range of payment corridors. The more corridors the more the transactions and the more likely merchants will be interested in using the Clickpesa Platform for payment remittances.

Clickpesa aims to have up to at least 2 major corridors live by the end of 2022 utilizing the Stellar network for payments and settlements. These corridors are the United States - East Africa and the United Kingdom - East Africa. We will achieve this by partnering up with an anchor in the US (Finclusive) and acquiring our own licenses in the United Kingdom by submitting a license application to the FCA.

Goal 2: Acquire 2 Authorized payment Institution licenses - Engage with regulators and consultants to understand licensing requirements and apply for licenses that  will enable us to expand services to more markets.  

Clickpesa aims to acquire at least 2 licenses by the end of 2022.  To achieve this Clickpesa will hire compliance consultants to assist in putting together license applications to the necessary regulatory bodies. Our goal is to work with countries and corridors with similar laws so we can replicate this process and adjust to fit those different jurisdictions so we can quickly set up payment corridors where there currently isn't  and there is demand.

Goal 3: Increase revenue by 100% through the Sender Portal by Mid 2023  -  As with any business Clickpesa aims to grow.

By the end of 2022 we aim to increase our revenue by 100% through the Clickpesa Sender Portal. To achieve this we plan to add more people to the business development, marketing and sales teams. Their focus will be on developing partnerships with anchors to unlock more corridors and executing our marketing and sales plans for the The ClickPesa Sender Portal.  

Goal 4: Integrate more Clickpesa tools, services and functions on Stellar by May 2023 - Clickpesa Merchants currently use a wide range of tools services and functions which are not yet connected to The Stellar Network.

By Mid the end of 2022 we plan to connect at least one Clickpesa tool, services and or function to the Stellar Network. To achieve this we will add a project manager and a development team around them to focus on integrating Clickpesa tools services and fnucntions on Stellar.    

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

We have identified four key areas to accomplish this goal and grow our business:

Partnerships - Partnerships are vital, to open up different markets. We will focus on further building out our business development team and integrate them with our compliance team to smoothen the partnership onboarding process with Anchors.

Compliance - We need to expand our compliance team to bring in more experts in Payment remittance licensing and regulatory experience. Our aim is to build out a strong compliance team that would work internally with our Business development and product teams to meet our compliance requirements. Externally the compliance team will work with compliance consultants in different countries to coordinate licensing activities.

Sales and Marketing - A new service is being launched. The Sender Portal  has to be clearly communicated to existing customers and potential new customers.  To do this we need to expand our sales and marketing team. Our Sales and marketing teams will work with contracted agencies to come up with strategies to market and sell the Sender Portal with and execute strategies to reach our target market

Product Development - We are expanding the development team by adding Project manager and a full stack developer to speed up development as we plan to integrate more Clickpesa Services to Support Stellar



Payment Remittances are an essential part of economic activity. A recent IMF report shows Payment remittances contribute to economic growth, through their positive impact on consumption, savings, and investment. To better realize these positive economic outcomes we need to lower the cost of payment remittances.


High cost - A recent world bank report shows the UK - East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda) corridor to be one of the most expensive in the world. The average remittance cost on the UK East Africa corridor is  well above the SDGs target of 3%. Part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is to reduce the average cost of remittance from the current 8.6% average to 3%. In addition to high cost payment remittances can be slow

This cost can be attributed to multiple middle parties involved in the payment process utilizing traditional payment methods to settle remittance which are expensive. Clickpesa will use Stellar for payments and settlements which will lower costs considerably and speed up settlement times.

How do you use Stellar in your solution?

The Sender Portal utilizes the Stellar network anchors for payments and settlements.  An existing Clickpesa Merchant in East Africa will now be able to send a payment request to a customer in the USA . The customer in the USA can complete this payment request through the Sender Portal using payment channels provided by the anchor in the USA (in the USA Clickpesa will work with Finclusive). Payment received in USD will be converted to USDc then exchanged to TZST on the DEX and paid out into FIAT TZS to the merchant in Tanzania.  The sender portal provides a complaint way to execute this payment.




  • Family sending remittances home for dependencies and investment

Sole Trader.

  • micro businesses performing online jobs such as gigs


  • Legal firms consulting across jurisdictions
  • Financial consultants


  • SMEs trading business doing cross border trades
  • Everyone who resonates with our marketing communications


  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Kenya
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

Buy Personas

  • Customers of businesses, Business owners, CFO, Accountants. Finance department


  • Ambitious
  • Middle aged
  • Innovative
  • Tech Savvy



Clickpesa will generate revenue through the following way:

  • Exchange spread - (1.5% - 3%)
  • Withdrawal fee - Variable based on payout channels and Country (see fee table)

Prices will vary depending on daily rates. Clickpesa strives to meet Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) goals by keeping payments remittances to East Africa at 3%.


Q3 2022: 0.9million USD

Q4 2022: 4.5 million USD

Q1 2023: 7 million USD

Q2 2023: 15.5 million USD

Q3 2023: 45 million USD


See here a financial plan with profit & loss projection, cash flow projection and break-even calculation.


More than $40 billion is sent to sub-Saharan Africa annually through official channels. Below are the numbers sent into our initial market focus areas in East East Africa:

  • Over 3 billion USD sent to Kenya in 2020
  • Over 500 Million USD to Tanzania in 2020
  • Over 250 Million USD to Rwanda in 2020

The payment remittance market is growing according to research by Facts and Factors “the Digital Remittance Market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8% from 2019 to 2026”. This presents a market Clickpesa can tap into and grow.



  • We have in depth professional knowledge of the industry
  • Strong technical team with knowledge on Stellar
  • First-mover skills. We are early Stellar adopters
  • Reaching emerging market segments
  • Customer trust.
  • Sought after channel partner
  • Growing Brand
  • User friendly


  • Small marketing/Sales teams
  • Limited Channel access
  • Many product gaps
  • No consumer connection to the brand


  • To develop strategic alliances (anchor partners)
  • To Become a first-mover in an emerging markets
  • Become a disruptive innovator
  • The market is not well served
  • Build our brand awareness
  • Growing African Economies in various sectors such as trade tourism.


  • Potential new product failures damaging our brand
  • Inability to grow the customer base long-term
  • Potential Regulations
  • Ability to meet liquidity requirements
  • Unpredictable trends and disruption


We have three categories of competitors:

Money transfer operators (MTO) - Mostly Internationally based and focused on low value transactions C2C. They don’t focus on local payment service requirements for SMEs examples include:

  • World remit
  • Western Union
  • Moneygram

Payment Service Providers / Aggregators - They offer Merchant payments, bill/utility payments and wallets examples include:

  • PesaPal
  • iPay
  • DPO

Banks and Mobile Network Operators - They offer a wide range of financial Services and emoney limited to their customers examples include:

  • Mpesa
  • CRDB

We don't see the above as competitors. We believe in collaboration and creating synergies in payments. That why we chose Stellar, a single integration can provide our end users a range of financial services through partnerships with anchors and other players on the Stellar Network.


Content Marketing

We focus on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience to ultimately drive profitable customer action.

Inbound Marketing

We utilize many forms of pull marketing to continue to grow our customers as well as develop meaningful and lasting relationships.

  1. Attract - The aim is to attract right type of customer with valuable content and conversation that will help establish Clickpesa as the trusted app with whom they want to engage  
  2. Engage -Clickpesa will provide insights and solutions that align with customer pain points with the aim of getting these customers to use Clickpesa to perform payments remittance
  3. Service - Provide full support to customers to enable customers to find value with using our application

Social media marketing

We will create and share content on social media networks in order to achieve our marketing and branding goals.

Search Engine Optimization

We are going to apply SEO tactics to improve Website visibility through search engines


Our goal is to consistently expand our services to a wider reach of customers and this can be achieved by forming relationships with anchors to open up new payment corridors.

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