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CommuniDAO - The Stellar Discord Dao Bot

We are building a DAO community management bot using Stellar, Soroban and Discord

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Following the first stage of our project, it became evident that the redeployment of the bot posed a significant challenge, necessitating a high degree of technical expertise for effective customization and deployment across unique community environments. To counter this, we've initiated the development of a server owner signup and bot deployment feature for our web application.

We have also constructed prototype smart contracts designed to deliver the functionalities we envision once Soroban is fully integrated into the Stellar mainnet. Although member voting capabilities aren't functional on the mainnet until Soroban's activation, we are in the process of conducting tests on futurenet.

Our team has developed a prototype user interface for effective interaction with these smart contracts. Our goal is to further integrate Soroban functionality into our Stellar wallet client, a move that will empower Dapp developers with easy access to contract invocation, token deployment, token wrapping, and more.

In terms of augmenting the bot's functionality, we will be introducing inter-server operability. This feature will enable users registered on one server to automatically receive eligible linked roles on other servers where the bot is deployed, streamlining user experience and fostering community integration across servers.

By the end of stage 2, our objective is to deliver a fully functional DAO bot that any Discord community can utilize to deploy a DAO, either using their existing assets or employing the bot's built-in badge and role creation functionality to deploy new assets to the Stellar network.

Our top goals for stage 2 include:

  1. The addition of a 'new community signup' feature, offering both free and premium features. This will not only create a revenue stream for the bot's hosting and maintenance costs but also empower communities to deploy their own Discord applications. Our application will host these for them, providing the required functionality. Importantly, deployment will not necessitate developer skills, and will allow white-labeling the UI for each server.
  2. The development of a open database of communities, to allow anyone to learn about a dao, and view their governance history, as well as participate in governance if they are a member.
  3. The introduction of inter-server operability, eliminating the need for users to link their Stellar accounts multiple times.
  4. The development of advanced tooling functionalities, such as ledger data caching for quick accessibility and verifications.
  5. The provision of multiple options for DAO contract deployment to accommodate a variety of requirements. This includes classic asset adapters using Stellar Asset Contracts or Soroban only tokens, alternative voting methods supporting a single token for DAO management instead of NFT badges and roles, new proposal creation methods allowing proposals to be highly customizable by their creators.
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SCF #13
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Stellar Dao Discord Bot
Our product aims to give discord communities the ability to create a DAO on stellar to facilitate community governance.
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Progress so far

Progress on the Stellar DAO Discord Bot project has been marked by meaningful strides since our last submission. Our team took the challenge head-on and now boasts of a fully functional Discord roles bot, working with mainnet and normal classic assets. This functionality will continue with our soroban contracts which will use the awesome functionality of the Stellar Asset Contracts. This is a testament to our commitment to advancing Stellar community engagement.

Our drive towards crafting user-friendly tools led us to conceive a reusable Stellar wallet client. Engineered to enhance usability, this client doesn't compromise on the security of users' assets. It is an example of our belief that user experience and safety are not mutually exclusive but can be melded seamlessly into a product.

Being attentive to the Stellar developers' community's needs and in line with the spirit of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF), we developed a functional prototype of the linked roles bot. This bot isn't an ordinary creation; it's unique. We've incorporated Stellar quest badges into the design, allowing for the creation of linked roles. These badges serve as tokens of accomplishment, unlocking new levels of interaction and engagement within the community. This innovative approach to linked roles amplifies the Stellar network's ethos of open creation, thereby fostering a more interconnected and active Stellar community.

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Additional information

Our Stellar DAO Discord Bot project is more than just a Discord bot; it is a compendium of tools and services designed to enhance the overall experience within the Stellar ecosystem. While the bot remains the center of our efforts, we have various components under development that we believe will be instrumental in fostering easy and efficient development on the Stellar network.

We are focusing on developing these tools in a modular manner, intending to separate them into individual libraries as much as possible. This approach aims to foster reusability, allowing other developers to leverage our tools in their applications. While our primary development language is TypeScript, we are also exploring the utility of other languages to meet specific project requirements.

While we can't provide a guarantee that each of these tools comes to fruition, here is a brief outline of the key tools that we are currently developing, that we believe will be useful for the wider stellar developer community.

**1. Stellar Wallet Client: This tool aims to support multi-wallet linking and signing in serverless environments. As Soroban matures, we also envision this client facilitating Soroban transaction creation, further simplifying interactions with Stellar's blockchain.**

**2. Ledger Data Analyses and Caching: This component focuses on providing up-to-the-ledger proofs of knowledge concerning tracked assets. It effectively caches necessary ledger data to enable quick access and verification, enhancing the overall efficiency of our services.**

**3. Stellar OAuth2 SEP-10 Authentication: We're working on an authentication method based on Stellar's OAuth2 SEP-10. This tool will allow applications to use Stellar accounts as an authentication source, making it easier for users to connect and interact with different applications within the Stellar ecosystem.**

**4. Stellar Soroban Oracle Service: We are developing an oracle service that will interact closely with our Ledger Data Analyses and Caching tool. By invoking a smart contract, this service will be able to retrieve requested data, providing an efficient and secure mechanism for users and applications to access relevant ledger information. The Oracle service acts as a critical bridge between our caching tool and the Stellar blockchain, enhancing the speed and reliability of data retrieval and allowing that data to be used on ledger.**

We hope this list expands as we continue to identify and address new requirements during our development process. Our goal is to continually improve and expand our toolbox, thereby contributing to the growth and accessibility of the Stellar ecosystem.

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Tim Baker (Silence#8008)

Software Development Engineer

Tim is a respected and accomplished member of the Stellar community, having contributed to the development of several notable projects, including Stellar Turrets and Yieldblox. His active engagement with the Stellar Quest community and the Stellar Community Fund is a testament to his strong commitment to the advancement of the Stellar ecosystem.

With an impressive background in blockchain technology that spans many years and multiple chains, Tim worked as a Software Development Engineer (SDE) for Kings Distributed Systems, where he played an integral role in the creation of a groundbreaking decentralized compute protocol called

Overall, Tim's exceptional technical skills, innovative ideas, and unwavering dedication to advancing the blockchain industry make him an invaluable asset to any team or project in the space.




Julian Clatro (jclatro#5448)

Fullstack Web Developer

Been part of the Stellar community for 2 years, initiated his first steps at the Stellar Quest, where he gained confidence and experience as a Stellar developer. Julian was awarded at the SCF #8 for his project Wally, that he stills develops. Later he contributed to the Stellar Turrets, where he got the chance to meet Tim and a year later he joins Stellar DAO project.