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Crypto Link

Crypto Link is a Discord bot which aims to bring Stellar Lumen to popular social platform Discord. By allowing instant peer to peer transactions, integrated merchant system, Discord Members can use XLM to pay for services offered by Discord communities. Further, Community owners can monetize their created roles and grow their community accounts.

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Crypto Link

📢 About 📢

Crypto Link is a self-funding multi-functional & multi-guild Discord bot serving as a bridge between the Stellar Ecosystem and Discord users. Being built on top of the Stellar Blockchain, it utilizes the native token, Stellar Lumen (a.k.a XLM) and tokens issued on Stellar chain, allowing for execution of Peer to Peer transactions amongst users, monetization opportunities for Discord guild owners and project promotions/crowdfunding/ICOs activities at low costs for aspiring fintech-companies building with the help of Stellar.

❓ Why Discord ❓

Discord has gained popularity across all spectrum of users. Still considered as a gamers platform, in recent years, drastic increase of crypto and other topic specific communities has been observed.

From year 2016 - 2019 user registration count has gone up from 25 million to drastic 250 million with monthly active users set to 100 million. There is 6.7 million Discord Active Servers where total daily activity is set to 14 million users. More on statistics can be found in this article.

Taking beforementioned statistics, Ease of Discord server creation, and support for bots, represent an enormous potential and opportunity for Stellar Ecosystem to gain additional exposure, and bring its unique characteristics of fast low-cost transactions and low-cost token creation to the masses.

Having that in mind, we have therefore set on the road to create Crypto Link Discord bot, a "bridge" between Stellar Ecosystem and Discord Platform. Through its use, every Discord user and Discord server will be able to create tokens on Stellar Network, execute payments, and create full blown economy as they see fit for their daily operations.

Additionally, Crowdfunding activities costs a lot of resources before ideas can obtain initial funds for project development. Therefore we have decided to expand Crypto Link beyond the limits of the bot. Its ecosystem will involve as well project accelerator program, where potential projects/ideas will be granted Crypto Link staff support, in order to shad a light on the idea and make a first step in crypto-sphere.

#️⃣ Bot's Coding Language #️⃣

Crypto Link is coded completely in python which is high-level and general-purpose programming language. While criticized of his speed, we felt that its simple simple syntax will allow all spectrum of programmers to contribute to the Crypto Link development and with additionally help not just the project grow however as well in the rate of adoption of Stellar Ecosystem.


We are operating currently under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE - Version 3, 29 June 2007



💸 Instant Peer to Peer feeless transactions and deposit/withdrawal processing of native currency XLM and tokens 💸

Users are able to execute instant peer-2-peer transactions without fees either with the Stellar native currency XLM or integrated tokens. Currently system supports public and private off-chain transactions and on-chain deposits and withdrawals.

🏪 Merchant system 🏪

Discord Guild owners can monetize roles in various lengths and values and make them available for purchase. Once role is purchased, Crypto Link will handle micro management tasks (role management, transfer of funds, role monitoring and its removal upon expiration) on its own, saving owners a lot of time which could be devoted to other activities

📡 Crypto Link Up-Link system 📡

Crypto Link Up-link is a service for communities which allows for monitoring Crypto Link System activities. Acting as a 'Network Explorer' users are able to see activities such as role purchases, transactions, etc., happening across other guilds.

📯 ICO's and Project promotions 📯

Integrated support for Stellar Native Crypto Currency and its tokens provides as well opportunity for Crypto Link to be used as one of the channels for running ICOs/Crowdfunding or simple project promotion activities. Companies who build on Stellar can offer users to purchase their tokens with Stellar Native Currency XLM across any guild where Crypto Link has been integrated.

🌅 Queries to Horizon Network from Discord 🌅

Crypto Link has integrated as well access to Stellar Horizon endpoints which is client-facing API server for the Stellar ecosystem. Integrated endpoints are: Accounts, Payments, Assets, Effects, Ledger, Offers, Operations, Order Book, Payment Paths, Trade Aggregations, Trades and Transactions.

In development/Planned

Hybrid Wallet System

Integration of Custodial and Noncustodial wallets to fit the needs of people getting familiar with crypto, crypto enthusiasts and active users.

🕹️ Crypto Link Award Pools 🕹️

Escrow type of activity where any discord member with sufficient rights creates award pool on various events. Discord is a place for numerous gaming communities. With Award pools, and gamers perspective, players will be able to organize monetized Team-2-Team matches where winner will take all. Winner is decided based on the vote count, where votes are submitted from all the members participating in Award Pool. Scheduled to be available on Crypto Link Testnet in December

Crypto Link Token on Stellar Network

While Crypto Link will remain powered by Stellar native token Lumen, it will have as well own token issued on Stellar Network. Current Intentions of CL Token are to serve as award token for various activities initiated by the Crypto Link and other activities, which will be later used in conjunction with other bonuses (ICO's, Merchant system, etc.)

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Best regards and thank you for your time and review.

Lovro Bajc

Founder and CEO

Discord id:

@Animus#4608 (id: 360367188432912385)

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