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CryptoCannoneer turrets fire tennis balls, water cannons, and golf balls (coming soon) at targets in a warehouse! It is free to play, and you win a custom cryptocurrency - Turret Token (TRRT) for playing!

TRRT enables premium content like laser sights and flamethrowers! You can also collect NFTs for in-game achievements that yield TRRT daily.

CryptoCannoneer is open source and available on github.

I built the backend of the CryptoCannoneer turret control using Node-Red. It is tied into Telegram as a frontend. The stream is available on Twitch and Zoom.

I built a Node-Red SDK for Stellar specifically for this game (also open source). I am also building out an NFT marketplace.

The hardware uses raspberry pis as the brains for the turrets and linear actuators for the pan and tilt motion. The compressed air and water are released using a sprinkler solenoid valve. Relays connect between the raspberry pi and the rest of the hardware.

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- Create an app that combines the livestream and control interface into one intuitive, mobile-friendly UX.
- Improve reliability of all current features.
- Create NFT marketplace and launch yield bearing NFTs.

To get there, we  will use our requested budget to:
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Shane "BlockShangerous" Sandler - Founder
I have been passionate about developing on Stellar since 2018 and am inspired to help make crypto easier for newcomers. Adoption requires ease of access and understanding — and we must make cryptocurrency more accessible both technologically and conceptually in order to help protect newcomers from predatory tokenomics and scams.

My background is in engineering, business management, filmmaking, and live events.
I was an event engineer and lighting designer for 6 years in the before times (pre-covid, back when events existed). I have run lights and video for massive concerts and music festivals including A-list talent like Post-Malone, Snoop Dogg, The Dirty Heads, and Benny Benassi.
I am a serial entrepreneur with experience starting and running multiple succesful, and some less than successful, businesses.
I love steampunk aesthetics and am obsessed with fallout/post-apocalytpic events like Wasteland Weekend. Between work and play I have been to dozens of music festivals, concerts, and live event experiences.