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CryptoCannoneer Coin Carnival

Gamified DeFi Education Experience

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CryptoCannoneer Carnival & Barcade
The carnival/barcade will feature multiple in-person games, activities, and experiences in a post-apocalyptic/fallout/steampunk themed environment.
The overall arcade/carnival will utilize a governance token and an in-game currency, both built as Stellar tokens. Food, drink, and merchandise will be available to purchase using any Stellar asset by utilizing path payment.

A livestream shooting gallery game where users control turrets to fire tennis balls, golf balls, water cannons, and flamethrowers to earn cryptocurrency (TRRT), and yield-bearing NFT achievements.
Teaches users about token supply, market cap, inflationary/deflationary tokens, NFTs, yields, token burns, trading, and more. The flagship game for the carnival, available via live-stream and in-person.

PiNFTerest - NFT Marketplace
An NFT marketplace and a way to discover and explore NFTs on any chain. A beginner-friendly way for customers to buy and sell royalty-enforced Stellar NFTs, includes a fiat gateway utilizing Paypal and Circle USDC.

StellarRed - Low Code Stellar SDK
A Node-Red SDK for Stellar enabling non-coders to develop on Stellar using a "low-code" interface. I create weekly tutorials on how to build on Stellar using this tool every Saturday.

RedHorizon - Stellar DevTools & Wallet UI
An example flow of what can be built using StellarRed. This is a set of development tools including a wallet interface and convenient dev tools like token, NFT, and TOML generators.

A Stellar NFT framework for enforcing royalties utilizing trust flags.

DeFi Educational Center
A resource for learning DeFi and cryptocurrency concepts. Our educational content will be available via blog, FAQ, video, and gamified learn&earn.

BreakTime - Wreckreational Destruction Room
A "rage room" wreckreational experience where people can come smash stuff. This will be a livestreamed, cryptocurrency powered version of the concept that is gaining popularity worldwide. This will only be available in-person but will utilize livestream interaction and NFT achievements.

Open source technology is a powerful way to educate and engage the community in support of improving existing concepts. Crowdsourcing is the future, both financially and programmatically.
I believe in gig worker economics and freelance models of business innovation. I envision a world where users can engage in products and services for free — without requiring payment via their personal information.
Cryptocurrencies and intelligently designed tokenomics make these types of innovative business models feasible. Investors and early supporters can share in the growth and profit of the business and token.

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Livestream Shooting Gallery Game and NFT Market
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Progress so far

In 3-6 months we would like to achieve:
- 100 Daily Active Users
- $10k NFT Trade Volume
- 1000 TRRT Trustlines

And launch new product MVPs:
- CryptoCannoneer App
- PiNFTerest NFT Marketplace
- DeFi Educational Platform

To get there, we request a budget of  

Product Refining
Creating the CryptoCannoneer App MVP utilizing
Finishing the automatic ball reloading mechanism
Creating targets for the water cannon

Marketing Development
Begin Market Research
Develop and Test Marketing Strategies

Product MVP Development
PiNFTerest Bubble MVP
DeFi Educational MVP

Additional information


Cryptocurrency can be challenging - especially for newcomers. The space is technologicaly complex, filled with scams, pump and dumps, and predatory tokenomics.
There are many ways to help educate people but if it is not fun and intuitive, people simply won't dedicate the time it takes to learn and participate.
Gamified education like Stellar Quest and Coinbase Learn & Earn are proof that education can be made fun and rewarding.

CryptoCannoneer is the first game in a hybrid online/in-person cryptocurrency carnival experience. The games are meant to be fun and rewarding, while simultaneously teaching financial concepts and cryptocurrency literacy.

Newcomers to crypto are overwhelmed by token availability, tokenomics, NFTs, consensus, networks, and predators.

Stellar creates the potential to utilize microtransactions to award learning and gamify education. It is the ideal platform to create a system that teaches about trading and token supply with the integrated SDEx.

CryptoCannoneer games and tools showcase the power of Stellar and help bring awareness and adoption to the network.

Many currently available blockchain games have extremely high startup costs associated and are not accessible to people who do not already have large cryptocurrency holdings. By building games and NFTs on Stellar,
creating free-to-play games and games that rely on microtransactions are possible and economically viable. Our games intend to be as accessible as possible with low barriers to entry.


Different services will have different targeting.
In-person services are currently only available in Phoenix, AZ.

The overall Carnival is aimed at a very broad audience from crypto newcomers to die-hard NFT collectors. The Carnival is designed to be beginner-friendly and accessible to newcomers who have no understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The educational aspects are aimed toward anyone who wants to learn more about DeFi, Stellar, and tokenomics. This includes crypto newcomers and crypto enthusiasts alike who may be unfamiliar with Stellar.

CryptoCannoneer specifically targets educational audiences, NFT collectors, play-to-earn players, and people simply looking for entertaining games and content.

We expect most of our customers to be male and from a wide range of age groups. Gamers will likely be younger (14-25), whereas serious NFT collectors and traders will likely be older (25+).
Once we have a marketing budget we intend to utilize available data to refine our target markets and marketing strategies.

We want our educational content to be useful for all age groups from teenagers up who are interested in crypto/DeFi development.


Cannon Coin governance token will be for sale and one source of profit for the overall ecosystem.

BreakTime & Barcade
Directly paid for as a product/service.

Free-to-play gaming model utilizing premium offerings for profit. Selling NFTs that yield TRRT token. All NFTs have a royalty for the secondary market.

In addition to NFTs we will offer merchandise like shirts, stickers, mugs, etc., featuring our game art.

CryptoCannoneer intends to sell NFTs and create "drops" of packs of yield bearing NFTs as its primary source of income.
The pricing is setup to encourage players to spend money on a free-to-play game as established by the videogame industry.
The goal is to create desirable assets and reap significant royalties from them being traded.

The game economy will be designed to encourage TRRT adoption and I hope this project can be self-sustaining within 6 months.

Our revenue model is focused on creating an enjoyable free-to-play experience to encourage users to trade NFTs that we collect a royalty from every trade.


NFT Marketplaces are booming. The cryptocurrency market is cyclical and right now we are experiencing an amazing run of bullish prices and general public awareness.

Cryptocurrency education is a popular topic and requires gamification to really be compelling.

Blockchain gaming is also growing and platforms like Litemint are seeing fantastic growth and engagement.

This project is extremely unique and can hopefully capture the imagination of customers in new and original ways.


Government regulation is a major concern. Securities definitions and cryptocurrencies as financial instruments are constantly being redefined.
Current regulation in the USA is murky at best and can be completely redefined to make these services and compliance financially infeasible.
KYC regulation can make blockchain gaming completely impratical for newcomers and small businesses.

I have made contact with numerous Arizona regulators to help mitigate these risks. I have spoken to the Arizona Fintech Sandbox and Money Transmitter Licensing board, numerous lawyers, and industry experts to ensure I am following regulations.

Stellar NFTs are relatively new and undeveloped so the NFT gaming space is far less crowded than on other networks. There are opportunities to create NFT minting and marketplace features that are impossible on networks with higher fees.
The SDEx allows for all assets to be immediately tradable with any other assets and the upcoming AMM and liquidity markets should provide a large surge in Stellar asset trading and liquidity.

Stellar USDC presents an opportunity for easy transmisison of a USD pegged asset and I have business accounts with Circle and Coinbase to utilize the fiat gateway.


NFT Marketplaces
There are MANY competitors from many different chains. NFTs are far more popular, making their marketplaces farther developed on varying networks other than Stellar.
Even on Stellar, there are established NFT marketplaces like Litemint and StellarNFT.
PiNFTerest is unique because it incorporates the ability to pin NFTs from any chain and other marketplace, and is focused on Stellar royalty enforcement.

Blockchain Gaming
There are many blockchain games out there that have much larger marketing budgets and expansive customer reach. Some have extensive development teams and incredibly well built UX and features.
CryptoCannoneer games are extremely unique as they are hybrid in-person and online, and utilize livestreaming.

DeFi Education
Many sources exist for blockchain/cryptocurrency/DeFi education. There are other platforms that utilize play2earn and learn&earn.
Our games are truly fun to play. By first focusing on an enjoyable user experience, and then incorporating in the educational aspects, we hope to create the most engaging learning platform available.

Rage Room and Barcade
These are common concepts with many local competitors but ours has an unparalleled level of production value due to our experience with concerts and livestreaming. I am also unfamiliar with a crypto-powered version of either of these.
We are the first to build on Stellar and utilize Path Payment to make purchases available in any Stellar asset.


We utilize free offerings to draw in customers initially — free-to-play games, open source software, educational content, and livestreams.
CryptoCannoneer keeps the user's attention as long as possible,  creating opportunities for them to spend money on premium offerings, merchandise, and NFTs.

Social Media
We are targeting two different players in our social media strategies; blockchain gamers and free-to-play newcomers. Our social media marketing strategy is designed to pique the interest of both populations. We understand that free-to-play gamers are focused on having the most fun possible without being subject to pay-to-win mechanics. Blockchain gamers are driven by play-to-earn potential — dependent on NFT valuation and TRRT secondary markets.  Our social outreach will bring attention to the Stellar network and our products.
Our main platforms of focus are Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch,  Discord, and TikTok.

We are partnering with popular streamers, getting them to "raid" our channel - where they bring all of their current viewers into our stream.

Special Events
We intend to create special events, like holiday themed events, with limited edition NFTs and bonuses as well as promotional giveaways.

Local Advertising
We have strong ties to the local event scene, including comic-cons and concerts.
I am an alumni of Arizona State University, one of the largest universities in the nation with connections to various clubs and students, and intend to lead educational outreach progams there.
We are deeply involved with Desert Blockchain, Arizona's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain education meetup group.

Customer Lifetime Value
We hope to engage our potential customers in many ways - playing free games, buying NFTs, experiencing the in-person services, and utilizing our learning center.
The longer we can hold a user's attention, the more likely they are to spend money.

Educational Content
We will use Medium, Wordpress, and Reddit to promote our blog content and written education. We will post educational videos and livestreams to YouTube.
This content will be helpful to aspiring cryptocurrency and IoT developers and will hopefully be useful to our marketing efforts and help encourage Stellar development.


I have many connections and resources throughout the events industry. These connections are helpful for kickoff events and promotion, especially when concerts and comic-cons return.
I have consulted for numerous blockchain projects in the past and can rely on this experience to help guide development.
I have worked for numerous startups and understand startup culture and team building.

Jay Carpenter - Founder of Desert Blockchain

EverSmart City - Blockchain based smart city development
Endless Entertainment - major national event producer

Pitch deck
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First Deliverable

Over the next 3-6 months I will use this budget to:
Refine, grow and consistently improve the product offerings so that the games provide a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.
Build a robust community utilizing effective social media marketing strategies and ROAS.
Hire development help to expediate the product dev.
Hire a social media marketer to manage content and socials.
Hire a security expert to keep user data secure.

We will likely be applying to the next round of SCF and will be profitable within 6 months.


Shane Sandler - Founder
I have been passionate about developing on Stellar since 2018 and am inspired to help make crypto easier for newcomers. Adoption requires ease of access and understanding. My focus is to make cryptocurrency more accessible both technologically and conceptually in order to help protect newcomers from predatory tokenomics and scams.

My background is in engineering, business management, filmmaking, and live events.
I was an event engineer and lighting designer for 6 years in the before times (pre-covid, back when events existed). I have run lights and video for massive concerts and music festivals including A-list talent like Post-Malone, Snoop Dogg, The Dirty Heads, and Benny Benassi.
I am a serial entrepreneur with experience starting and running multiple succesful businesses.
I love steampunk aesthetics and am obsessed with fallout/post-apocalytpic events like Wasteland Weekend. Between work and play I have been to dozens of music festivals, concerts, and live event experiences.