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Decaf Pay

The cheapest and fastest way to send money internationally

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Wise, but with USDC. International payments and initially focus on the US to Mexico channel.

This will use our MoneyGram integration and mass payments functionality like the Stellar Development Aid Program.

Soroban - smart contracts for recurring USDC payments. Things like daily/monthly payments recurring payments from Decaf Pay.

Sep24 - we have built this integration with MoneyGram, we were the first wallet outside of Lobster and Vibrant, and the use is growing rapidly. We will leverage this to integrate with other on/off ramps (anchors) such as AIRTM, Kado finance, possibly VISA, Circle and other anchors in the future.

SEP 7 - we will help develop Stellar Pay with Jee and the SDF team. We are the main Point of Sales used within the Solana Pay ecosystem and have a wealth of insights around payments UX and want to build this for MoneyGram to utilize at their retail stores. We also want to use QR code payments to help users top up balances with the Decaf Pay product for easier sending of money.

SEP 10/24 - we have previously built this functionality which will allow us to integrate into savings/yield functionality like Ultra Stellar, or Franklin Templeton yield/investment products. We are still researching and looking for the appropriate, safe, yield/investment options.

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Progress so far

We focused on payments with our Point of Sales in the last application. Now we are more focused on cross-border payments (international) given the success of our MoneyGram integration in the Decaf Wallet. We also have more global (and low cost) on and off ramps with Rio/Unlimint (GateFi)/Kado Finance, with more on the way.

*UPDATE (10th of June, 2023)

Here is what we have built since submitting this application:

Here is the pitch for what we are building with Stellar:

Here is the practice pitch we did on Decaf Pay for VISA/Techcrunch:

We built a supplemental AI chatbot for Whatsapp using the same APIs (Decaf Pay and Decaf Wallet) - here is a live demo at the NYC Solana Hacker House:

To get there, we request a budget of  
Additional information

We have integrated MoneyGram Access into the Decaf Wallet and think that a website (like is the best way to get broad user adoption.

Business Model:

1. Subscription model for premium features:

For example:

- $5 a month for a US bank account (routing number). For onramping to USDC.

- Interest yielding Investments (like Treasury Management/yield on USDC balances in Tokenized Mexican Government Debt - 11.4% APY and Equities).

- VISA/Mastercard with direct USDC settlement. $10/month for card.

- Higher limit of transfers.

- On chain identity for more ramping/investment options.

- DecafAI access for personalized support and AI tools such as bill splitting, easy money sending, Easier KYC/on/off/ramping, Money features available in whatsapp.

2. Service fee% for all interest yielding investments - we are building this with Etherfuse.

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First Deliverable

It is that the sender of USDC can fill in the MoneyGram form for the receiver (like a traditional remittance flow). This is a UI/UX flow and is critical and main value add piece of our new product called Decaf Pay.

The reason we did this is from the feedback and user testing we ran with the MoneyGram integration. What we found was that users (who had USDC) in were creating wallets on behalf of their mother/father/auntie/grandfather in Colombia/Mexico etc. They would fill in the details on their behalf and get them the MoneyGram code, often because it was too difficult for the recipient to understand crypto or the flow of a wallet. So we recognized that in order to have greater accessibility and inclusivity (and adoption), we needed to make it easier for senders to fill in the details of the MoneyGram flow for recipients.

We expect this UI/UX adaptation to increase the adoption and use of MoneyGram by an order of magnitude. And we have the user data to support this.

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

We will be working as hard as possible to make available as soon as possible. The interface will be a progressive web app. The reviewer will be able to use this immediately and see the UI/UX flow for a sender to fill in the details for a MoneyGram "Cash pickup" - our goal is for this to be the easiest/cheapest way to send USDC.

It will replicate a UX flow of and the reviewer will be able to send USDC to anyone to pick up at MoneyGram. The reviewer can choose "send cash" and this will allow them to fill in the details for a cash pickup for the recipient (this can be someone else/or the reviewer themself), it will give them a MoneyGram code. The recipient will immediately receive a code and can pick up the cash from MoneyGram.

The flow will look like this.

1. Go to

2. Select an amount of USDC to send.

3. Select recipient, and select "Cash pickup".

4. Fill in details for recipient (can be yourself).

5. Receive email/text with reference and MoneyGram receipt.

6. Go to MoneyGram (like CVS pharmacy) with your ID, and pick up your cash.

Step 4 is the key UX element in this flow. Small change, but from our research we expect this to help a lot of users in the MoneyGram flow. In the traditional flow with the wallets, always the recipient needed to fill in the details (you can still do this if you choose to send to a wallet).

Decaf Inc.

Blockchain platform for payments and remittances.


A strong team of engineers and entrepreneurs building the future of finance using blockchain.

RickMartin#3767 (Cofounder, CEO) - A former Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur, UOW Young Alumni of the Year, who has pushed the frontiers of web3 technology with the likes of Google, JP Morgan, ViacomCBS, Cornell University, and more. He is on a mission to drive web3 value creation and social good.

scottym#3677 (Cofounder, Tech) - Previously driving marketing automation software at German unicorn, Flixbus. Scott dove into the world of blockchain by automating data uploading for NFTs and winning the first Solana hacker house. He is passionate about improving automation across the web3 industry and sustainably balancing decentralization and efficiency to drive best in class products.

ferchistosa#7099 (Cofounder, Tech) - Passionate about using blockchain for real world solutions, her focus lies in the mix of creating beautiful products that work for everyday people. On a mission to build products so that Mexico and Latin America can lead and capture the value of the emerging web technologies.

JuanRdBO#5071, (Cofounder, Tech) - A data scientist and software engineer that is passionate about and deeply understands the value of blockchain technology. He is constantly driving innovation and with quality in product development. Juan is on a mission to drive web3 tools to the mainstream by building better products that are accessible to as many people as possible.