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Dogstar is a DeFi play & learn platform that gamifies your crypto experience

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Spain, Europe

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January, 2023
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The Dogstar platform is a gamified DeFi interface built on Stellar that aims to onboard the next waves of users into the ecosystem. Home of the Dogstar League, it is powered by Soroban applications and its own Proof of Profit technology. Transparency, learning, fun... and enjoy DeFi! Check out the progress so far here:

The features to come

The workload is organized in phases and items to be developed. As we are currently in the middle of Phase 1, our main goal is to finish this phase and start with phase 2.

Concluding Phase 1

With Phase 1 The Dogstar DeFi platform will be fully functional

  • Charts, info and graphic data of top pairs, assets and pools
  • Portfolio, info about assets and positions of the address wallet connected
  • Web wallet, allowing user to interact with web app using smartphone
  • Terry info, popup explanations about main DeFi concepts
  • Admin dashboard
  • Nextjs migration, to take advantage of SSR and improve the SEO of the site
  • All responsive

Enhancing Phase 2

The development of the Dogstar League.

  • DL Auction – Soroban
    A Soroban Smart Contract (SC) used to manage bids on the Dogstar's League banners. We will use pull over push pattern to distribute tokens from SC to destination address. This SC will use Soroban-react in frontend and dispose of functions to allow admin user:

o Create new round

o Set up banners; date round auction start & finish; amount of credits per participants

The SC will:

o Allow brands to bid for each banner

o Storage all bids and deposits

o Storage highest bid

  • DL Soulbound Token (SBT) – Soroban

A SC of a SBT that certify the performance of the DL participant. The SBT accredits a specific player, this token will not be either transferable nor tradable

  • Dashboard Admin
  • Integration swap/trade/lp
  • Rules & description
  • Welcome "Join" & wallet game
  • Profile
  • Dashboard user
  • Leaderboard
  • Report Matches Stats History
  • MAP levels & items & Bonus
  • Referral / invite / share socials
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Progress so far

The team took the SCF’s feedback and rethink the approach to the grant. As our main objective is to bring to Stellar a gamified DeFi platform that can facilitate access for the new users in a fun and transparent way, we realized the messages brought on the first application weren’t well focused.

The main focus of the team for the SCF is the use of Soroban to build a SmartContract capable of managing auctions as well as a SoulBound Token, both in the framework of the DogstarLeague.

The DogstarLeague lies at the heart of Dogstar, with the SC's, as it is the place in which we can bring and implement innovations, leveraging Stellar’s technology.

The proposal is been modified to make sure the right goals and messages are displayed in it. With this approach we make clear points towards our goals: gamified DeFi for mass adoption, in a safe and transparent way!

To get there, we request a budget of  
Additional information

What problems does Dogstar solve?

While the DeFi products & services are growing, the main base users are being pushed away by the difficulty and technicality of the Web3 – DeFi environments. By using Stellar potential of a central SDEX & AMM, Soroban promising future high transaction capacity with low costs, we can focus on how to onboard users into the ecosystem in the smoothest way possible. A super nice looking designed interface to attract users based on a “blue pill” - “red pill” modes:

  • The “blue pill” mode gives the user all the SDEX & AMM DeFi functionalities to swap, trade, add liquidity, add orders and so on.
  • The “red pill” switches the platform into a game mode, The Dogstar League, a safe & fun environment in which the users can learn how to use DeFi with no risk involved.

Breaking the barriers for new users, educating on financial and technology and adding some value to blockchain use cases.

Our progress so far

The current web3 app in production includes the following features:

  • AMM tool to execute swaps between pairs in the stellar AMM
  • LP, tool to provide liquidity on stellar liquidity pools
  • Trade, tool to trade the order book market of the SDEX
  • Integration with three browser wallets: Freighter, Rabet, Xbull)
  • An astonishing design carefully curated!

The technological stack we’ve used to build the platform is these one:

  • React js with redux toolkit as state management library
  • Code written in Typescript following solid principles and best practice to achieve clean code
  • Stellar sdk to interact with Stellar’s blockchain
  • React charts as charts library
  • Tailwind as css framework
  • We have choose Terraform as IAS to manage dynamodb and lambda function on AWS cloud services

As an infrastructure we have been using AWS cloudfront as CDN. Github actions as CD/CI platform is used to automate build, test and development pipeline. We organize code in git following feature branch convention.

How do we use Stellar?

The Dogstar League (DL) lies at the core of the Dogstar Platform. As we see other blockchain networks growing with a fragmented liquidity, Stellar’s approach to a core DeFi liquidity gives projects like ours the space to innovate on products and designs.

The DL will be a sustainable self-financed ecosystem in which sponsors will bid on Auctions to promote their brand on the DL rounds. The Auction is based on Soroban. Once the beta phase succeeds and the community has been built, a DAO will be launched to decide the proper allocations of funds collected.

The Dogstar League

The existing DeFi platforms on Stellar are functional. Scopuly, Ultrastellar or Lumenswap have helped Stellar’s growth. The Dogstar League is a game to improve and demonstrate your DeFi knowledge and capabilities. The gamers will compete against each other in a time trial mode at Stellar’s SDEX & AMM by trading, performing swaps and providing liquidity. Each DL round is set up to go for 94h (5 days). The leaderboard will be sort out by profitability, the best ones will receive their prizes (courtesy of the game sponsors!). But... How?

Dogstar will provide a private wallet to each user (it will include XLM locked for operation reserve, trust lines, fees,..). Players won’t be able to deposit or withdraw any token in their Dogstar game wallet. So they can not lose any money while the play field is the SDEX and AMM of Stellar! All players will receive the same amount of tokens when the round START!

Will the hodler beat the day trader? The swing trader is going to beat them all? nahh the scalper will pwon them all!!

Funding DL rounds

As we gain and grow on users participating in the Dogstar League, more brands and projects will show up to sponsor the events (4 DL rounds monthly). The sponsorship spaces will be auctioned by a Smart Contract built on Soroban.

The user's experience is based on achievements to be made in order to scale up the different levels: number of swaps, provide liquidity, introduce orders, certain +PnL, etc.

A profile with user's SoulBound Token and a leaderboard is developed to provide not only transparency but understandable statistics and track record over each wallet's performances. Now anyone, even the influencers can put their money where their mouth is and demonstrate it to their audience through a SoulBound Token Smart Contract.

We've been following Soroban’s development actively. We have tested different versions of Soroban, checking the different Soroban repositories in Stellar’s github. Developing a project - still under development - token-playground for submit in Soroban Equinox and paying attention to discussions and improvements about single vs dual balances, auth next, etc.

Pitch deck
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First Deliverable

According to the initial submission the first deliverable should consist in two projects: an Auction smart contract and the Dogstar Charts.  

Auction smart contract

This feature consist on the development of a Smart contract to manage the banner ads auction that sponsors the Dogstar League round. Finally, we have implemented the indicated features in the initial submission form and some more.

The Auction smart contract provides the following features:

  • Start a round: deploying smart contract and invoke initialize function. This function requires:

         o Deadline, epox timestamp when auction expires

         o Bidders address list. Advertisers address approved to bid in the auction

         o Token to bond to the round. The bids will be made with this token

         o Admin, user allowed to add new banners, bidders and admin users

         o Fee, percentage set up as a fee

         o Reward, percentage set up to award round winners

  • Add admin user, permission role to add banners, bidders and new admin user
  • Add auction's banners and set up, allowing add banners at any time we achieve a more flexible smart contract:

         o Minimum bid amount

         o Close price

  • Add approved round bidders
  • Bid for a banner. The bid function provide:

         o Send a bid for a banner

         o Allow bidders to rebid (increase previous bid only if the sum of the new bid plus the user's previous bid, becomes the best bid)

         o The bids will be store in the banner the best bid and a list with the best bids of each bidder

         o The total funds available to be claimed as player participation, fees and reward. This total exclude the loser bids.

         o The total funds collected in the smart contract including loser bids.

  • Register the player that can claim the funds collected in the auction
  • Claim function that allows players collect funds to participate in the Dogstar League
  • Claim function that that allows advertisers recover non winner bids

We have taken the following steps:

  • To understand how the, token works in Soroban we have written the code "the token playground guide" in collaboration with @esteblock
  • Elaborate a functional analysis, to complete this task was very helpful to participate in the Startup Camp.
  • Code the contract using Rust and Soroban sdk. We use the following resources to code the smart contract:

          o Documentation Soroban and Soroban sdk

          o Discord

          o Stellar and other users  github repositories

  • Code the tests to check functions works as expected when are invoked properly and  manage  it when it doesn’t

          Test success

              - Initialize contract works properly

              - Admin can add a bidder

              - Admin can create a banner

              - Approved bidder can bid and user balance is modified as expected

              - Check best bid after bid

              - Check loser bids can claim its funds back

              - Check total funds are well calculated

              - Check admin can register a new player

              - Check player can claim funds after auction expires

         Unhappy path

              - Bid out of time

              - Bidder not authorized

              - Bid under minimum

              - Bid an invalid banner

              - User no admin trying to add a banner

              - Bid after banner bid with close price

Using as a base soroban-dapp-example we have code a script that:

  • Creates a token to test the smart contract
  • Deploy de the contract
  • Initialize the contract invoking the initialize function setting up deadline, admin, approved bidders list , token, fee and reward
  • Add some banners indicating minimum bid and close price. to start the round

Repository includes a README file to explain how it works, deploy and test the code.

Beyond this deliverable we have code a web UI dapp with Next.js.  We have use soroban-dapp-example as a base. This web app allow to interact with the main smart contract functions:

  • Connect  their wallet (freighter for now)
  • See the banners available to bid in the auction
  • See the remaining time to bid
  • See the best bid, minimum bid and close price
  • See allowed assets
  • Bid an allowed asset
  • Bid for the close price

Charts deliverable

Charts with a gamified aesthetic simulating card games. On-chain information presented on different set of graphics. The information will be shown for top pairs, assets and pools.

Currently we show Assets / Pairs / Pools selected and curated by our team. In the future when the Dogstar League starts, these cards will be the ones chosen for each round of the Dogstar League, being the first measure to avoid player's abuse.

TOP ASSETS cards show:

  • Button to go to SWAP
  • Button to go to TRADE
  • Asset issuer info
  • Asset Code/ticker Logo & home domain
  • Asset price in USDC & XLM
  • Market Cap in USDC & XLM
  • Price variation in 24h & 7 days
  • Number of trades in the last 24h
  • Number of trust lines on the Asset
  • Total Holders of the Asset
  • Last 7 days of price evolution graph
  • Button “i” ("Information". Currently disabled)

TOP PAIRS cards show:

  • Button to go to SWAP
  • Button to go to TRADE
  • Asset’s issuer info
  • PAIR price in USDC & XLM
  • Market Cap in USDC & XLM
  • Price variation in 24h & 7 days
  • 24h assets volume
  • Number of trades in the last 24h
  • Spread (currently disabled)
  • Last 7 days of price evolution graph
  • Button “i” ("Information". Currently disabled)


First, it shows two graphics with the following information:

  • TVL: will count the value locked comming from the curated pools
  • Volume: will count the volume comming from the curated pools

Second, a selector to go to:

  • "All pools" sub-menu: it will show the Cards for every curated POOL
  • "My pool" sub-menu": will show the Card pools where i offer liquidity once i connect my wallet

Then, info regarding details of the selected pool with the POOL CARDS (info dummy):

  • My shares
  • Pool pair logos with 1 unit value conversion
  • Button to add liquidity
  • Button to swap
  • Pool TVL
  • Pool volume
  • Pool 24h fee's
  • Total locked tokens
  • Pool Members
  • Last 7 days of TVL evolution graph

In order to achieve this task we've followed the next steps:

  • Create graphic design of the cards
  • Elaborate functional analysis of the task:

         o Identify horizon and stellar experts endpoints implicated

         o Analyze how aggregate and calculate data

         o Analyze backend infrastructure required

  • Code the web layout. The cards design presented some css challenges that we had to face.
  • Create a npm library, only accessed from github pipeline to manage the domain layer (assets, pairs and pools) of the backend data and the connection with dynamodb
  • Create backend in aws to cache request to horizon in dynamodb. We have use cloudwatch to automatize cache refresh, dynamodb for storage and aws lamba for processing. We use serverless framework to manage and build these services. The backend maintains a cache and enable endpoints to consume the following data:

          o 29 assets selected (logo, issuer , domain)

          o Top assets data

          o Top pairs data

          o Top pools data (pending)

  • Code the data requests from react app frontend to aws API gateway endpoint.

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

Auction Smart contract deliverable

To check the Auction Smart contract deliverable the reviewer can check two github repositories:

This public repository contains the code of the smart contracts, features description, and indications about  how to deploy and test it.

This is a private repository that contains de nextjs dapp to interact with the Auction smart contract. We would need a github user to provide access to the reviewer (already requested).

Readme include description of the DAPP like so the steps to deploy it.

Charts deliverable

To check the charts deliverable we provide three github repositories and  the following url's:

This url  leads to the pages that display the card with the top pairs (pairs selected by Dogstar). For each pair it displays:

  • Issuers of the assets
  • Logos
  • Price in USDC
  • Change in price in 24h
  • Change in price in 7 days
  • Volume of each asset in 24 h
  • Price evolution last 7 days
  • Total trades 24h
  • Buttons link to trade or swap the pair

This url leads to the pages that display the card with the top assets (assets selected by Dogstar). For each asset it displays:

  • Issuer of the asset
  • Amount of the asset for the connected wallet
  • Logos
  • Price in USDC
  • Change in price in 24h
  • Change in price in 7 days
  • Volume 7 days
  • Price evolution last 7 days
  • Total trades
  • Total trustlines
  • Total holder
  • Buttons link to trade or swap the pair

This url leads to the pages that display the card with the top pools (pools selected by Dogstar) and the pools connected to the logged wallet.

Current data displayed is dummy

Private repository that contains the react frontend app code of the deliverable and the rest of the Dogstar user interface platform.

The code of the proof of intent is on the dev branch.

Private repository that contains the npm library responsible of managing the domain layer of the backend and the connection to dynamodb.

Private repository that contains the backend code in aws. This code includes:

  • AWS lambda code
  • Creation of the cloudwatch resources
  • Creation of the Dyanmodb tables
  • Creation of the API gateway endpoint
  • Serverless framework yml files descriptors
Upstroop, S.L.

Upstroop, S.L. is a Spanish company established for the development of The Dogstar Platform as well as a consultancy platform for projects building on Soroban and Solidity. As it gives legal form to Dogstar to run operations, it's also the first step towards raising funds and participating in programs such us the Community Funds Awards.


The bonding

In 2017 Jordi Viladiu invested in Stellar. Overtime he has managed to arouse interest regarding the Stellar network capabilities in the rest of the team, to the point of turning them into investors and, finally, into builders.

The team is made up of a group of senior and specialist people. But most importantly, we’re a group of enthusiasts in different fields (development, design, marketing and growth, and Compliance, Legal & Tax), with different backgrounds, connecting one to another through Dogstar.

So far, not only all work has been done voluntarily but the team has also been the first investor in the Dogstar project, a sign of our commitment to the project. Gathering all this talent and experience only has one end: success

Jordi Viladiu - Co-Founder and CEO Upstroop SL

  • Founder and CEO of, an education and leisure company for children that works with +40 schools for 25 years
  • Blockchain Advisor at FC Barcelona
  • Investor, entrepreneur and trainer with experience in “learning through the game”
  • Contributes to financial education motivated by discovery of Bitcoin and later Stellar

Marcos Oliva - Co-Founder and CTO Upstrop SL

  • Philosopher and serial entrepreneur, passionate about web and crypto development
  • More than twenty years leading IT projects as CTO, developer and consultant
  • Experience in various sectors such as Pharma, Governance, Goods and Services

Lucas Guasch - CFO / LinkedIn / Twitter

  • Business Consultant and Development
  • Co-Founder and CEO of /, a blockchain driven business
  • Passion for technology and new economic models
  • Worked on designing and implementing process efficiency through technological development
  • Invested in Ethereum mining operations in 2017
  • Brings soft skills in management and business strategic vision to the company

Jonathan Rodríguez - Dev Team


  • Senior Developer
  • 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer
  • Leads international projects using serverless technology
  • Notable projects include a co-creation online application, a medical classification algorithm, a tool for maintaining urban elements, and an e-commerce monitoring tool
  • Currently working on a platform for obtaining certifications for a company in Chicago

Vicenç Peguero - Dev Team

  • Technology lover turned full stack developer
  • IT manager at a special education school and web-based development freelancer at CodiTacTIC

David Fernández ‘Dave’ - CDO Chief Design Officer / Marketing & Growth Team

  • Co-founder of, an Art Direction and Broadcasting Studio
  • Over 25 years of experience connecting consumers with clients and agencies through compelling narratives and attractive worlds
  • Worked for clients such as Adidas, LaLiga, Nike, Walt Disney, AXN, Sony PIX, Canal+, Al-Jazeera, and National Geographic
  • Has won several international awards for his work

Efrén García - Marketing & Growth Team

  • Financial Advisor & Business Development
  • Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Play Venture Builder
  • Creates new digital business models for corporations
  • Notable experience in publishing activities and projects combining art, creativity and software

Roger Pastor - Marketing & Growth Team / LinkedIn

  • Entrepreneur with +25 projects as a founder, partner, or investor
  • Founder of Pangea Reality, the first European AR/VR company
  • 3 years of experience managing big clients and teams at Deloitte
  • Startup mentor and technology sales consultant
  • Author of two books: ‘Aumenta tu empresa’ (2018) and ‘Pon un Beatle en tu empresa’ (2023)

Matías Weisskapp - Marketing & Growth Team


  • Entrepreneur and Sales director with more than 30 years of experience
  • Partner of a blockchain consultancy company
  • Traded in many stock markets and lately fully in crypto markets
  • Mountain sports lover and father of two

Alba Mas - Marketing & Growth Team


  • Graduate in Arts and Design
  • Specialization in animation and audiovisuals from Escola Massana
  • Expert in digital animation using After Effects
  • Technical head of the Human towers
  • Coordinates heads and manages the team

Núria Lluch Robert - Marketing & Growth Team

  • Co-founder of Prelude Events
  • Global Communications Manager
  • Expertise in managing global communication strategies and promoting brand awareness
  • Passion for storytelling
  • Experience in developing and executing communication plans, managing media relations, and producing events and content.
  • Worked on several corporate, private and cultural projects in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States for clients such as Intel, Cisco, BMW, Firefox...

Carlos Escobedo - Compliance, Legal & Tax Team

LinkedIn / Twitter

  • Corporate lawyer with more than 10 years of experience advising national and international companies, family office and VASP’s
  • Member of the Barcelona Bar Association
  • Expert in legal regulation of crypto assets and AML policies
  • Compliance advisor of FC Barcelona in regulation of crypto assets
  • Managing partner at Seci Asesores

Carles Golano - Compliance, Legal & Tax Team

  • Organization, Quality and Environment Advisor
  • Engineer with more than 15 years of experience advising companies to implement real and applicable improvements in the organization system
  • Advisor in investments in the production line
  • Social and crypto investor
  • Interest in the creation of the EOS system and its application

Oriol Fernández - Compliance, Legal & Tax Team

  • Tax advisor and legal consultant
  • Founder and Senior advisor in GBS Consultors with over 25 years of experience
  • Helps national and international corporations and entrepreneurs

The Dogstar project has the implication of several companies to help on its development, definition, strategy, marketing and financials:; manna-consulting;; We also have a marketing partnership with Wavemaker, a marketing worldwide leader company.