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EduNode: Meet, learn and build on the Stellar Network

Learn about building on the Stellar Network, connect with community members and receive payments for content creation.

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EduNode's vision is to help community members to learn more about the Stellar Network, to connect with other members, and to facilitate them with the resources that they need to start building on Stellar.

One of our goals is to develop a reward system for content creators. For this, we will use Albedo, which allows anyone to securely reward/donate content creators. Albedo allows other Stellar apps to request transaction signing or identity verification without ever exposing your secret key, here you can find more details about how Albedo works: For the moment, we have implemented a “Login With Albedo” feature (, and now we will focus on developing the payment widget that will be used by users and content creators to securely send and receive payments on the Stellar Network.

Technical details

The front-end of the platform was built using ReactJS, Material UI and React-boostrap.

Community map implementation with MapboxGL.

User registration system built using Redux, Nodemailer and NodeJS.

Front end deployed on Netlify and Backend deployed on Heroku.

We use MongoDB for database management.

We believe that EduNode can contribute in a great way to Stellar's mission of educating developers by allowing them to have a better understanding about the network and by helping them connect with each other in order to generate synergies. We also help with brand awareness about the Network by developing meaningful content, resources and open-source tools that allow developers getting started.

We are constantly adding new content and updating the lists, if you would like to have your website added, please do not hesitate in getting in touch:





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