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Elio DAO

Elio is a DAO infrastructure protocol to create and manage funds, communities and other decentralized organizations.

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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) represent a paradigm shift in the way organizations are managed, leveraging blockchain technology to enable decentralized decision-making, community governance, and shared ownership. DAOs operate through smart contracts, automating transactions and organizational processes, thus minimizing the need for centralized authorities.

Elio DAO is a unique protocol as it provides the core functionality of a DAO builder in a beautiful no-coder-friendly interface, including but not limited to

  • Creation of DAO alongside with Metadata Management
  • Token Issuance, Initial Governance and Council Management
  • A full Proposal / Voting Workflow with Onchain Governance

The entire flow is ready to review in wireframes and designs in this document. Please review it for a full overview of the providing functionality and user interfaces.

The twist for Elio DAO, though, is its extendable hook point functionality, where all protocol contracts allow developers to provide extensions in the form of Soroban smart contracts that are called from within the lifecycle of the protocol. This enables a plugin-like system that people already know from web2 apps like wordpress and shopify. Elio DAO is not only a protocol, but an ecosystem, that can be extended easily and has composition as a first class citizen of it's protocol. Developers (and ourselves) can customize DAOs to legal needs or community requirements without any limits.

We have specified the technical functionality and how we are going to use Soroban to do this in this document within the section "How we use Soroban"

As Elio DAO is not a DAO itself, it will not have a token or governance model. Instead, it will provide an open-source infrastructure and frontend components for others to use and adapt to their specific needs.

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The team consists of the Founders, C-Level and Dev Team of DSTOQ - the first platform to issue stocks on the stellar blockchain. We bring a unique experience in blockchain development, startup and venture building and insightful knowledge about the stellar ecosystem.

Our protocol will be open source.

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First Deliverable

We've specified the specs in this document. The asset contract is implemented as per the specs. Additionally we created the frontend and backend repos and gave all links to wireframes / designs in Figma. We have created a documentation in our repository where you can find the links and we have published everything open source. We're eager to continue.

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

We finished the of the first deliverable within the asset contract to review. Start with the general protocol overview on how to setup and install the current status. We've started with the building blocks of the remainder protocol to highlight how an integration may look like. The assets contract readme contains an introduction into the code, that is in turn well tested and the contract trait has in-depth comments on usage. The test suite gives an overview over the implemented features as well.

Deep Ink Ventures

Deep Ink Ventures is a technical venture builder, with an exclusive focus on blockchain powered start-ups. We are developing startups in the space from the early phase to production. Our team is build up by founders with a proven track record in the space.


Deep Ink Ventures is a technical venture builder, with an exclusive focus on blockchain powered start-ups.

We take care of the tech in the broadest sense possible.

What does this concretely mean?

For us tech does not only mean line of codes but it means the application of technical possibilities into a concrete societal need and context. We are blockchain start-up founders and thus have derived from our own experiences five different aspects of the final product that we own for the founders from zero to hero (meaning from idea to launch: we conceptualize and execute on it):

These five are:

1. Product: Everything we have built was built with a concrete customer in mind. This might be an end-user, or a highly-specialized deep tech start-up, but in any ways they have needs, expectations and logics, we make sure we adjust to them, with a team of product managers, UI/UX designers, and designers.

2. Tech Stack: We have knowledge, tooling, frameworks and the craftsmanship in house to go build strong MVPs and scale them. We are building the entire stack, including state-of-the-art and audited infrastructure, battle tested backends and popping web3 frontend that can grow to billion dollar businesses.

3. Blockchain Development: We have built a team of blockchain experts with a proven track record on various chains and a wide variety of different stacks such as Rust and Polkadot ecosystem; Solidity and the EVM family, Stellar and have experience less common chains such as stellar or EOS.

We’ve delivered live, scaling and audited code with performance and security measures in mind and have a proven track record of working infrastructure and protocol deployments.

4. Legal conceptualisation: At the core our aim is always the same: to make sure that we launch within 100 days. In the past more often than not (and including in the start-ups we have founded ourselves) . Tech was ready but we were waiting for legal clearance. This is just a reality in start-ups and more often than not one of the main blockers. Depending on the business model the token needs restrictions of tradability because of KYC requirements.

One needs to think about what needs to be avoided as governance models to not be deemed a security, which jurisdiction is even viable, but also what legal and compliance requirements will the customers have. This has implications for the tech but most importantly we have come to the conclusion that it is in this sphere in many cases necessary to take this into consideration from day one. Albeit we are not lawyers, we have deep legal knowledge and a proven track record in that particular space.

5. Token Economics/ Governance models or other crypto economics.

This is a moving target and there is yet no general truth around it and we certainly do not think we have found it yet. However it is always important to look at this. Our focus is on making sure that the system can not be gamed, when it comes to liquidity incentives and other more complex targets. We work together with specialized Freelancers, as there are limits to what we feel comfortable claiming we can foresee.

Each of these 5 departments (apart from token economics) are led by one team member that has specific and deep knowledge in this topic. As an additional requirement to be leading one department one needs to have founded one tech start-up before. Our aim is to be a venture fund for founders.

We have a proven track record

We have built the entire tech for a start-up that has just raised on a 250 million dollar valuation lead by a16z, two start-ups exited within the years at a valuation over 100 million euros.

These are significant successes and we can show you more and are happy to make intros, but most importantly for us: All the start-ups we have worked with have launched. Have had customers and have actually been able to test their ideas. Not every start-up has worked out of course, but they have all launched and been able to test their idea in reality.