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Elixir Stellar SDK

Stellar support for Elixir developers

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We encouraged ourselves to fully integrate Stellar into the Elixir ecosystem.

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language that leverages the Erlang VM for building low-latency, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems. Elixir is successfully used in web development and embedded software.

Our proposal is 100% open-source and it is composed of 3 libraries:

1. Elixir XDR: a low-level library to encode/decode XDR data (RFC4506).

2. Stellar Base: a library that provides a complete set of functions to read, write, hash, and sign primitive XDR constructs used in the Stellar network. This library acts as an abstraction layer allowing software and IoT developers to build their own SDKs.

3. Stellar SDK: a top-level library for building and submitting transactions to Horizon.

The mission behind this initiative is to promote Stellar innovation and increase network participation by enabling elixir developers to thrive in the Stellar community.

Developed by kommitters Open-Source.

The Open-Source Program Office from kommit.


kommit is a Latin American tech talent and innovation incubator. Our mission is to find the best talent in its earliest stages and invest in them so they can work with international teams.

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Progress so far

No funds have been raised before.


Stable version. 100% of test coverage and docs are up-to-date.

Stellar Base

Beta version. 100% of test coverage and docs are up-to-date.

Protocol 19 work is planned here:


The library is in the development stage.

Pending work including Protocol 19 support is planned here:


We have established 2 clear goals for the next 6 months:

  • By August 2022, get the Elixir SDK listed in the official Stellar docs.
  • By the end of 2022, establish an open-source team around this initiative.
To get there, we request a budget of  
  1. In the next two months, we will be focused on releasing a beta version of the SDK that includes support for Protocol 19 and pending Horizon features.
  2. Once development stage (1) is done, we will run a paid training program to enable (5) Latin American developers to work with the Stellar and Elixir technologies.
  3. As a contribution to the Stellar community developers that complete the training program will provide support to the libraries by solving bugs and implementing further protocol changes.
Additional information


While running innovation processes at kommit.

We could not find a library or an SDK that allowed us to interact with Stellar in Elixir. Libraries that were found were outdated and incomplete.

We propose then, 3 open-source libraries at different protocol levels to allow elixir developers to interact with the Stellar network and create their own Stellar solutions, such as custom SDKs, XDR viewers, and embedded software solutions, such as hardware wallets.


Elixir developers seeking to propose new solutions and products with Stellar.

Relevant market segments to this proposal:

  1. Web3.0 development.
  2. Embedded software and IoT.
  3. Gamming servers.


This project will be open-sourced under the MIT license.


At present, we could not find other SDKs on the market.



  • Solid engineering team, +10 years of expertise.
  • Code is fully tested with 100% of coverage.


  • Small open-source community.


  • Elixir is not only a web development technology. It is being successfully used in embedded software (Elixir + Nerves), AI (Nx), data, and multimedia processing.
  • Elixir has a fast-growing community
  • Including a new SDK promotes Stellar innovation.
  • Create an open-source community.


  • Elixir is still a niche technology.
  • There is a low adoption for Elixir compared to popular languages like Javascript.


The xdr package (owner sunny-g) implements XDR in Elixir but relies heavily on elixir Macros which makes the debugging process tedious. So, we wanted to explore an alternative using plain modules and elixir functions.

The elixir-stellar-client package (owner Reverlylabs) only provides a set of functions to query some Horizon endpoints. The library is not a complete SDK and it is outdated since 2019.


Our marketing and sales plan is simple but focused on creating an open-source community around the Stellar libraries.

  1. Create content, guides, and SDK tutorials.
  2. Seek more funds to boost our Stellar training programs in Latin America.



Latin American tech talent and innovation incubator.

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First Deliverable

The grant from SCF will pay developers’ salaries and run a paid Stellar training program.

June - July 2022

  • Implement core functionality for Protocol 19.
  • Implement Horizon’s aggregation's endpoints.
  • Improve the SDK based on user feedback and release a beta version.
  • SDK maintenance.

Salary of 1 team member: USD 4,000

August – September 2022

  • Run a two-months Stellar training program for (5) Latin America developers.

Bootcamp cost: USD 8,000

Medium project scope - USD 12,000


Luis Hurtado

Founder / CEO kommit




Juan Hurtado

Open-Source Program Office Leader / kommit

Software engineer, open-source developer, and elixir advocate.

Interested in blockchain, DeFi, and distributed systems.



Discord: Juan Hurtado#2400