SCF #11 is an NFT/ Gaming metaverse for football (soccer) fans, based on the Stellar Blockchain

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Products & Services is an NFT/ Gaming  metaverse for football (soccer) fans, based on the Stellar Blockchain.

The backbone is a special NFT friendly interface (FanWallet) which is connected to the Stellar DEX.  Digital or physical assets could be payed with XLM or USDC . Additional the implementation of a paymentgateway  (Coinqvest) in PartnerClubs online shops to receive coinpayments  to buy physical artikles or tickets is an important part.

The Club is able  to receive any payments with XLM , Bitcoin, ETH and stabelecoins etc. . All trades will then be matched over stellar DEX and increase trading volume. offers interactive games, sweepstakes, community engagement and voting, an NFT marketplace and fanroom, a newsfeed and a social media platform.

FanWorld  aims to create an online community where fans from many different football clubs around the world can interact with their club and other fans and earn rewards for community participation.

Football fans can interact with each other, set up a virtual fan room, play fun games, participate in raffles, open a fan wallet, vote on hot issues, and engage in many other virtual activities for football fans, depending on their interests.

Utilising the “interact-to-earn” model, users are rewarded with voting tokens, NFT trophies, virtual or real-world prizes or other incentives for meaningful participation in FanWorld’s social media portal or as game rewards. has recently signed its first contract with a traditional German football club to join FanWorld. Other contracts on the way and should be closed shortly.

Starting in winter 2022, fans of the clubs will be invited to act as community beta testers and an NFT series will be released on the Stellar blockchain as part of the cooperation with the club. This is expected to attract the club’s fans to the platform and to prompt further football clubs to join.

One key goal of FanWorld is to cooperate with European football clubs ( revenue sharing )  to bring football fans who are not crypto-experienced as new users to the Stellar blockchain by providing an easy to-use web-based custodial wallet solution. The marketing will be mainly done by the partnerclubs.

Fanworlds and FanWallet offering an advanced and improved infrastructure to maintain and trade Fantokens/NFT used for Votings and rewards. The Market for Fantokens for FootballClubs has reached a dayly trading volume of 100 million USD. ( About 50-100 fold of trading Volume of entire stellar DEX).


Problem: Untapped Potential of Fan Base

  • Football clubs have a huge following, up to 500 million world-wide
  • Club’s main income from ticket sales, TV rights, sponsors and merchandise sale
  • Potential of the huge football fan base largely unmonetised
  • Few opportunities in social media or eSports for organized competition between football fans
  • Traditional club income heavily impacted since the Covid Pandemic
  • Digital strategy of football clubs underdeveloped with huge potential
  • Some NFT offers by football clubs, but mainly aimed at crypto enthusiasts and speculators, but the core target group of a club, regular fans who are not familiar with crypto are not included


  1. MegafanWorld: Virtual 3D World as online focal point for football fans and Clubs
  2. Digital Collectibles (NFTs): Clubs can monetise their brand and players online: Fan room to show and collect digital assets. 3D shops for clubs to sell offered digital assets
  3. Fanwallet:  Custodial web-based Stellar wallet, making NFTs and crypto accessible to a broad userbase without prior crypto knowledge. For use as micropayment and voting solution for clubs and fans.

The perfect Solution for Clubs to monetise their fan base

MegafanWorld – The metaverse for football fans

  • MegafanWorld: an online 3D metaverse and social media network where football fans can interact, play, invite other users and own their own spaces, rooms or land.
  • Users (fans) choose an avatar reflecting their club affiliation (scanned 3D avatars also possible) and move through the virtual world where the stadium surroundings and important fan meeting points of their club are realistically depicted.
  • Users can individually design or furnish their own spaces and fanroom with NFT items, such as furniture, fan articles and collectibles.
  • 3D fun game (e.g. free kick) with competitions between fans and club incentives through trophies, prizes and special events
  • Clubs can participate in MegafanWorld, place their sponsors, reach and interact with their fans and receive revenue share.
  • Revenue model: user micropayments (using integrated custodial Stellar wallet) for in-game credit, NFTs, merchandise and other monetisation streams
  • FanWorld aligns the interests of traditional football clubs and their fans
  • The backbone is a special NFT friendly interface which is connected to the Stellar DEX.

Digital Collectibles/NFTs

  • In the offline world, fan merchandise and collectibles is significant market with high margins
  • Digital fan collectibles (e.g. autograph cards, digital memorabilia and merchandise) created as NFTs are the ideal digital complement, as authenticity is an inherent feature of the blockchain
  • FanwWorld users can proudly exhibit their digital memorabilia in their digital 3D fanroom
  • Buying/Selling of those NFTs is easily possible within the FanWorld using the fanwallet, as well as on Stellar DEX and any other external NFT marketplace, since the NFTs are based on open blockchain standards. All NFT transactions take place natively on the Stellar blockchain
  • Through FanWorld, clubs can either sell digital assets or give them as prizes for digital competitions, raffles or as an incentive for taking part in votes/surveys or social media.
  • NFts also will be availible on other marketplaces like Litemenint

Fan wallet

  • The web-based custodial Stellar wallet of the MegafanWorld enables easy access – without knowledge of the crypto market – comparable to buying in an online shop.
  • The transactions can be processed in XLM or stablecoins , thus eliminating the price fluctuations of a cryptocurrency.
  • The great advantage of the marketplace is that the club’s sales partners can also access the "stock" on an equal footing and thus a significantly larger target group can be reached in sales. The club retains full control and can choose the partners.
  • Fanwallet can be used for micropayments - within MegafanWorld, for digital collectibles/NFTs, surveys and voting, prize raffles, tickets, in-stadium and merchandise
  • Transactions costs are over 500x lower than traditional methods (e.g. credit card, Paypal)
  • The fan wallet is white label capable, and can be branded to football club or other parties and implemented in external websites via API
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SCF #10
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An interact-to-earn metaverse including a social media for soccer fans, based on the Stellar Blockchain.
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Progress so far
  • The Stellar wallet ( FanWallet ) was succesfully implemented in the metaverse. Now its possible to have stellar based Nfts in the fanroom and in the 3D World.
  • An online configuration tool for the avatars has been developet and implemented
  • Improved wallet technology for MatchdayNFTs and Voting  also preparing to offer virtual realestates in the metaverse.
  • betaetsversion now  almost ready and will start in the next weeks.
  • We also got permission from German Regulator for the Saison and Matchday Nfts ( like a sportbetting) to offer in Germany
  • further Club is joining fanworld.onlie and talkings with 5-10 clubs ongoing.

Our goals for the next 6 months are:

  • Starting in winter 2022, fans of 2 traditional German football club (already under contract with the company) will be invited to act as community beta testers and provide their feedback to help further improve the platform.
  • After the beta testing period and development period, we are planning to go live with a public version on Stellar mainnet in the spring of 2023.
  • Launch of NFTs with partner football clubs. NFTs to be integrated into the Metaverse and additional NFT marketplaces.
  • We aim to have around 5-10  football clubs signed on as partners and at least 50.000 active users by the end of 2023.
To get there, we request a budget of  
  to:  has partnered with FDS Soft for the development of the MegafanWorld Metaverse. FDS Soft is highly experienced with WebApps and Blockchain development.

In order to reach our goals for 2022/23 and move MegafanWorld from the current alpha/beta  stage to production, we are looking to boost development in the following areas:

  • Further development of the Metaverse with additional Stellar blockchain elements, for example NFT breeding, voting token and other utility tokens, fractionalised ownership (e.g. virtual stadium lawn or other virtual land and assets)
  • Development of the “interact-to-earn” concept, utilising a Stellar-based utility token.
  • Development of Stellar-based NFT technology, including breeding (of meme NFTs), trading platform
  • Improvements to the 3D fanroom and games

Virtual Fan Room

  • The fan can set up an individual fan room, deposit virtual furniture and NFT-based virtual objects in his room.
  • NFT based fan articles, e.g. trading cards, posters, trophies etc. can be exhibited in the fan room
  • Other fans can enter the fan room, assess and comment.
  • The fan room can be converted into an apartment or a house.

Social network for football fans

  • In the social media section of MegafanWorld, fans can chat or communicate with each other (like on Facebook).
  • Unlike on Facebook, only football- specific content is relevant. Football fans primarily want to talk about football.
  • Every user has a personal football newsfeed that is fed and configured from various sources to match their favorite club.
  • The fan can easily share and comment on interesting news with others.

3D fun games in MegafanWorld

  • In MegafanWorld, there are attractive NFT-based 3D fun games to choose from.
  • Players move around a virtual city with their avatar and receive points for certain
  • actions, such as e.g. detecting and hitting flags of rival clubs.
  • Fun 3D game Free Kick vs. other single players delivers ultra-fast multi-player free kick action.

Virtual fan shop with fan articles

  • Within the MegafanWorld is a virtual shop for selected fan articles from the partner clubs. Clubs can set up digital exhibition rooms, halls of fame or shops – to present the assets.
  • The fan can collect the purchased virtual fan articles in the form of NFTs in his virtual showcase and exhibit them in his fan room.
  • Fans can also order real-world articles from partner clubs directly online for delivery by post together along with a digital certificate of authenticity.

Surveys, Votes, Raffles

  • Fanwallet and tokens can also be used for voting/surveys/prize raffles
  • Blockchain makes voting/raffle process secure and auditable
  • Voting is a great way for clubs to interact with their fans and fits into the “interact-to-earn” model.
Additional information

Fanworld Team is activ with Stellar since 2018 , at this time we startet to launch a Security Token on the stellar Network. MEGA .

Further more the MEGA Token is also trading on an exchange:

News/ Updates:

Online Avatar Configurater

An Online configuration tool was developed and succesfully implemented. Now Fans can customize their Avater they use in the City or freekick game.

NFT Strategy

A hughe advantage for the Stellar Eco system should be our NFT Strategy with Clubs about collectibles and trading Cards.

The NFts will be launched on several Blockchains additional to the Stellar DEX : Marketplaces like Opensea/ Polygon , BinanceChain, Flow where already  hughe numbers of aktiv football interetsed NFT Investors availible . In the following we will offer them to change the blockchain and use the NFT on the Stellar Blockchain to use in our Stellar based Metaverse/ Wallet.

Cooperation with

We currently negotiate a strategic cooperation with coinqvest to implement their paymentsolution in Clubs online fanstores. As there is a hughe move from football clubs into crypto and digitalisation. The acceptance of Crypto in their Onlinestores is just a question of time. This might be a big driver for a mass adoption of Crypto. Anyway nearly 75% of retaileres plan to accept Crypto or stablecoins payments within the next two years, according to a survey by Deloitte. Users of and our Stellar based wallet will then also have the posibility to purchase phsyical fan merchandise directly with XLM or Stellar stablecoins.  The cooperation will give as hughe increase on the operational side as well on the markting side as joint marketing campaigns are possible. Stellar DEX trading will directly benefit as all purchase with BTC , ETC etc. also will be matched over Stelllar DEX.

CRM implementation of Crypo/NFT

We will also advise football clubs and recommend integrating the Crypto and NFTs area into their CRM systems. This should result in a significant increase in usage activity. Clubs can use the CRM to send digital assets (NFTs) to fans’ Stellar wallets, for example as a birthday present or submit special offers that are of interest to the target group of Cryptoafine fans.

Matchday and Season Champion NFTs on the Stellar Blockchain

With our Stellar Based NFT wallet we have the posibilty to maintain matchday and season NFts.

Season Champions NFTs, for example, would offer one possibility. For example, you could bring out an NFT for 6 teams in a league with championship ambitions, for example for 2 euros, the winner receives a buyback offer for 10 euros on the final day. The special thing about the Season Champion NFTs would be that they can still be traded after the end of the season, just as normal NFTs and therefore not expire worthless.

In our FanWallet (interface to Stellar based on Stellar Term) we can easily display segments with “Known Assets” that enable easy trading of e.g. Matchday Nfts.

The big advantage for the system is the Decentralized Exchange on the Stellar Blockchain, which allows everyone to have equal access to supply and demand. In addition, continuous trading is also possible during a game. Accordingly, Matchday Nfts, which work according to the same principle as the Season Champion Nfts, are also interesting.

The model will soon be available in a beta test version on the Stellar testnet.

Just in: Good news from the regulator regarding our Nfts on the Stellar Blockchain: Matchday and season Nfts are not sports bets in accordance with Section 3 (1) sentence 4 GlüStV 2021 in Germany. So we can offer this with permit from the regulator.

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First Deliverable

General Company Information / Financials - Approx. 900,000 shares outstanding - Management and consultants : 50% - Main investor 20% - Approx. 30 other shareholders: 30% Last financinground at 2 USD. Total funds invested in the projct so far : about 300 K USD. The Megafanstore was founded in October 2016 : Nr. 08579439 in the UK Companies House Security token on the stellar Blockchain under the Symbol : MEGA.


Andreas Schmidt


Publisher of economic and financial media since 1990, former columnist for Forbes magazine. Youngest managing director of a listed company in Germany in 1990. Experienced with software development, marketing and social media. Former football player and long standing football enthusiast. Excellent contacts in the football scene.

Reinhard Schu


International lawyer for over 20 years with experience in corporate finance and commercial transactions.

Dan Tong

Chief Developer

Dan is the CEO of FDS Soft, MegafanWorld’s software development partner, and has over 20 years experience in software development. He is former General Director of Celenia and Top manager of many companies such as Vinasources, Harvey Nash, and IITS.  

He founded the first  department  of FDS from 2008 (POS devisions), then kept on driving it to today's success. People in FDS can trust him as a live dictionary for any kind of lessons in life and work. Being deep and hands-on experienced at every stage of the software outsourcing industry,  He is determined to drive, work, and live with FDS to bring it to the top of the technology and applications mountains.

Uwe Waldenmeyer

Non-executive Director

One of the pioneers in the sale of sports merchandising articles. Excellent network in the football scene.