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GO Market

GO Market is a trading platform for Renewable Energy Certificates, offsetting your emissions with solar energy.

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Basel, Switzerland

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May 2021
Products & Services

Net3.Energy is a trading platform for voluntary emission offsetting certificates for companies and individuals. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECS) or Guarantees of Origin (GOs) are energy certificates, which certify that electricity comes from renewable sources. Companies, which aim to offset their emissions, can buy GOs as documentation for the electricity delivered or consumed. In return they are able to claim to be climate neutral. Net3.Energy is a platform for its validation, trade and use.

Main benefits

  • For producers: higher compensation payments through higher rewards per kWh and selling of GOs.
  • For companies acquiring GOs: economical opportunity to improve their ecological footprint, and good image.
  • For the general public: lesser emissions being generated at time of energy production, reflecting in air quality and avoiding climate change.

The certificates are issued on a monthly basis, after the energy output of solar energy by our partners has been validated. They will be made available to the market and be sold through an auction system. Afterwards, the new owners are able to resell them, transfer them to other partners or make use of them (cancelling those certificates).

The tools made available via the wide ranging operations of the Stellar blockchain make it a network adequate for our bonds issuing. Operations that enable product issuing are: required, revocable and clawback. Low transaction fees are important, GOs are sold to this day at very low prices (currently USD 3 per 1,000 kWh), and high transaction costs would be a detriment from its trading or commercialization.

For the producers of green energy, i.e. the sellers of the certificates, the platform will be free to use. On the buyer side a subscription model will be offered with the prices listed in the table in additional information. There will be no additional fees for the transactions between participants.

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Progress so far

We have already built a securities exchange infrastructure for securities trading, with Stellar operations tested and functioning. We are as well on the look for professional investors for our company in Switzerland.


Goal 1: Develop the Net3.Meter for accurate measurement of production surpluses (validation) & further development of the trading platform already in existence.

  • Building an excellent team
  • Ongoing conversations with a possible supplier who should be able to provide the first hardware by November 2022

Goal 2: Finding potential producers

  • For prompt testing of the Net3.Meter and the trading platform issuance of GOs.

Goal 3: Putting prototypes into practice

  • Testing of prototypes
  • Improving of prototypes
  • Duration of three months (at least six weeks of testings) to ensure functionality

Goal 4: Reaching potential customers willing to offset their emissions.

  • Mass production and installation of Net3Meters
  • Promotion starts
  • Issuance and exchange on top of Stellar blockchain is set up
  • Legal support will be required at this stage
  • Planned for Q1/Q2 2023
To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  
  • Resources needed: Frontend developer to help with the refactoring of an already built exchange. Financial support to get business activities started (marketing budget, development of a prototype)
  • Special licences or legal support: analysis of our compliance and mandatory registers for the local Swiss laws for financial products.
  • Freelance support: Expert in electric grid operations from Spain and Switzerland

Revenue model

In order to become a successful business, the company has set up multiple ways to generate profits. The main source of income for Net3.Energy will stem from selling GOs. The producers can decide if they want to sell their certificates through Net3.Energy. If so, Net3.Energy will be selling the GOs to bigger players and can therefore achieve higher earnings, which will partly be transferred to the producers and partly be kept by Net3.Energy.

We expect higher than market prices for our certificates because we will be building a strong brand of energy coming from solar panel installations. The pricing model is described in the picture below.

Additional products

A weekly and monthly summary of the market activity trends and prices will be supplied.

The platform Net3.Energy will be profitable thanks to intermediation fees in energy production and GO-Market  subscriptions.

Market & Industry Research

Amongst others, the prices for energy skyrocket and people across the planet are unable to absorb the rising costs. Therefore any measure that incentivizes the capacity production installation and efficient energy use, is promising, profitable and strongly needed. Also, the increasing trend of sustainability is promising as the demand for GOs is growing.


There are three main competitors in the current market.

  • The Green Power Hub is a Norwegian company which enables the Trading of Guarantees of Origin. Markets are monitored in real time and members can post their willingness to buy or sell. Though in contrast to Net3.Energy, The Green Power Hub is a service platform and does not directly sell their GOs with a brand.
  • The Intercontinental Exchange is a leading provider of data, technology and market infrastructure. The main difference to the GO-Market platform of Net3.Energy is that they are mostly focused on mandatory certificates rather than voluntary ones.
  • Ceezer: secondary market guided by data to make the most from your offsetting, considering where your certificates come from. In contrast to Net3.Energy’s approach of running our own primary market under a strong brand, Ceezer connects several primary markets.

Marketing and Sales

The benefits of the business model proposed are noticeable to energy producers. Though the difficulty lies within reaching them to communicate all the advantages and gain new clients. Marketing campaigns are currently being set up, including blog content and social media presence. Later on, billboard advertising will be included, as well as  partnering with photovoltaic installation companies.

The benefits of the GO Market are summarized in the following:

  1. Change how energy is utilized and transition to less carbon-intensive solutions.
  2. Reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals.
  3. Manage emissions in the most cost-effective manner.
  4. Demonstrate to clients, business associates, and investors that you are climate- and future-conscious.
  5. Remain or become a supplier to businesses that have imposed carbon footprint limits for their suppliers.
  6. Depending on your place of operation, meet the need for renewable energy inside a nation or across numerous markets.
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We are a company based in Basel, Switzerland, led by John Felipe Branch, who organizes people around the globe to work together on developing investment products on blockchain. So far, the team has successfully built and until its technical feasibility. Now, the company is aiming at entering the energy sector.


John Felipe Branch (JFBranch#0226)


John Felipe Branch has worked 2 years in blockchain implementations for fractionalized ownership. He is an industrial engineer who has seven years of experience in investments and complex financial products. He has worked in autonomous driving research at a German University.

Gotje Frieda Rubarth (Gotje#1890)

Business Development and Partnership Manager

Gotje Frieda Rubarth has a degree in International Business with a major in Human Resource Management and International Business Strategy. Former work experiences include creating unique customer experiences at Apple and working in human resources at multiple companies.