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What is GTS and what does it allow traders to do?

GTS( Gobel Trade Space) is a Crypto platform developed on the Stellar Network, where traders will be able to trade on CFDs of different crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripper, Stellar and others) and later on forex, stocks and commodities.

GTS (Gobel Trade Space) will allow traders to perform all necessary trades on different financial markets.

  1. It is possible to trade upwards or downwards, in bull and bear markets.
  2. You can invest from symbolically small amounts of money. (minimum investment equivalent to 1USDT).
  3. Allows the option of financial leverage under ESMA rules (2:1 for cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.))
  4. Trades will be executed immediately and settlements will be instantaneous.
  5. And unlike futures contracts, CFDs have no expiration.
  6. Access to the platform is from any wallet in the Stellar network.
  7. Users can trade any assets they have in their balance, as long as these are equivalent to the minimum investment allowed and there is a payment en route for converting them to a Stablecoin.
  8. The platform maintains the principle of non-custodian as all user operations will remain on the client's side.
  9. GTS will provide real time charts of the different markets, with a Spread = 0 so as not to break the technical analysis performed by traders.
  10. The platform will charge 1 XLM for each entry, exit and movement within the market.
  11. A trader will be able to place an order, visualize his entry/settlement point, his profit and loss in real time and will be able to close the order or modify his values.
  12. There will be a DEMO account running on Stellar's Testnet network and it will be funded with up to 100,000 USDT reloadable for all those who wish to practice before trading with their real funds.
  13. All profits will be received in a Stablecoins of the user's choice.
  14. Also from the platform you will be able to buy, store, trade, exchange, learn and earn crypto with a few clicks.
  15. GTS provides users with more than 20 free courses for the training of Spanish-speaking traders.



But where will GTS liquidity come from?

Investment Fund is a liquidity pool based on the AMM principle, which will be controlled by the Bridge Server and will act as a counterparty to traders' trades.

The Investment Fund protocol will allow LPs (Liquidity Providers) to receive excellent interest from their winning trades in GTS. Initially the Pool will only work with Stablecoins, which will allow LPs to stay out of impermanent losses due to volatility in Crypto.

Is there any risk of capital losses from Liquidity Providers?

When a Liquidity Provider deposits its investment it must select the time it is willing to lock its asset.

Similarly, the system returns a token with which he can withdraw at once, if he wishes, with the initial investment minus the withdrawal fee. After a certain period of time, if you wish to withdraw before fulfilling your blocking commitment, the system returns your investment without receiving any accrued interest. Once the commitment time has expired, the system stops paying interest to the account until the user withdraws or wants to make a new investment.

In the same way we could think that the capital of the liquidity providers is put at risk as it is the immediate counterpart of the traders' operations. Certainly with their investment the winning operations will be paid, so that in some occasion the liquidity providers could appreciate that their interests are not increasing as they expected or even that their capital has decreased at some point. However, statistics show that these results will not be unfavorable for LPs.

Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk, as leverage can work both for you and against you. Therefore, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors, as it could lead to the loss of all invested capital. Many regulatory companies act out of a desire to protect the retail investor as official statistics show that retail investors end up losing money, however the majority of investors who trade Futures also lose money. The fault does not lie with CFDs, but with the lack of knowledge and experience of the investor.

GTS will at no time be able to manipulate the charts as the one who acts as the trader's counterparty will be the Bridge who would evaluate every detail on the blockchain and the real market movements.

However, in some occasions Investment Fund will protect its positions to the most experienced traders or to the positions with the highest probability of profit. In these cases, it will send the trades directly to other external exchanges immediately thanks to the WSS connection it maintains with them (e.g. Binance, Kraken). Investment Fund, will have several instruments, user profiles, experience of its operations among others that allow it to decide whether to take the operation or make a copy of it and send it to an external market. In this case GTS would be acting as an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) broker, as it would look for the best market options for the order.

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Progress so far

GTS is currently under development. It has some functionalities already implemented such as linking with the Prontopagos Wallet and other Stellar wallets. The necessary improvements are being made for signer management and the creation of the DEMO account.

This funding would be very useful to advance the development of GTS and the Investment Fund.


In a period of six months our goals would be:

  • Culminate the development and the first testing phase of GTS and the Investment Fund with all the functionalities foreseen for its first version.
  • Launch the Beta version of GTS for a period of 1 month to allow us to test, evaluate and refine the Business Model of the entire ecosystem.
To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

In terms of development, our operating plan would be as follows:

Q1 -

  • Complete the development of the GTS (Gobel Trade Space) user interface.
  • Improve the visualization of trades for the user.
  • Add new functionalities such as leverage, stop loss, take profit, averaging.
  • Incorporate trading options, user trade statistics, and Lumens purchase.
  • Complete the development and testing of the Liquidity pool.
  • Integrate and test the operation of all system components.
  • Create an internal system of metrics and statistics that will allow us to keep track in real time of the entire ecosystem.

Q2 -

  • Incorporate the affiliate program.
  • Incorporate all customer service channels.
  • Complete the Whitepaper of the whole system.
  • Launch the first Beta version of GTS running on testnet, with rewards for those users who achieve profitable earnings.
  • Test, evaluate and refine the Business Model for the entire GTS ecosystem including the legal counsel considerations we are requesting.

In legal terms:

The Gobelx management team is initiating relations with the company FinClusive in order to obtain legal advice and integration with its financial inclusion services. In addition, the first steps are being taken to register the company in another country that offers a regulatory mechanism to provide users with greater confidence in our solutions.


Problem and Solution

Online trading is a fast growing industry in recent years. Thanks to this, nowadays there are many people who live happily from their trading activities. In this sense, brokers play an indispensable role, since they are people or companies that play the role of mediators between clients and the financial market.

Trading on traditional exchanges implies knowledge of the crypto market, since in each operation the user buys and sells the underlying assets. GTS allows users to trade in any of the market trends and receive their profits in a Stablecoin, just as it would happen in a traditional broker.

How do we use Stellar?

The platform is developed on the Stellar network using all the benefits provided by the Blockchain, especially the security of transactions, low commissions and speed. A user can access the platform from any account in the Stellar network, and the platform maintains at all times the principle of non-custody, as all transactions with its secret key will remain on the client's side.

Trades will be made with any of the tokens you may have in your balance as long as you get a payment en-route to make the exchange, at the time of the trade, to a Stablecoin (USDT, USDC, USDV). Every trade made on the platform will be able to be confirmed in the browser, thus, raising the level of confidence in the user. The charts will be a copy of the real market thanks to the Tradingview tool and the price of the trades will also be in real time thanks to the WSS connection with the traditional exchanges.

Likewise, the Investment Fund is developed in the Stellar network using the advantages offered by Stellar's Bridge Server.

Target Market

In Latin America and especially in Venezuela there is a high number of traders in training. The participation in courses and academies show how attractive it has become to trade in the financial markets. CFDs and Futures are very popular, but are high risk for those who do not have much experience.


GTS is especially aimed at this sector who, after having started in the world of trading, wish to test their knowledge. The broker alternatives used in Venezuela are Binomo, Avatrade, XM, FXTM, IC Markets, HotForex, Plus500, Stormgain among others. However, all of them have their limitations such as geographical restrictions, the time to fund their accounts and not being accepted the type of currency, high spreads, high withdrawal commissions and others.

Switching to trading on crypto exchanges is a way to go, but it involves buying and selling the underlying assets. In this sector of traders, there are not only crypto users. Many traders operate in the markets applying only technical analysis, looking for price variation to make a profit in any of the trends. For them GTS will work as a traditional broker.

Business model and financial plan

From GTS users will be able to open a trade, modify the order by adding more money or close it. For each of these operations the platform will charge 1xlm. In addition, a 0.3% commission will be charged to each liquidity provider that wishes to withdraw its assets from the Pool.

These commissions would be the Platform's main source of income, which would be enough to make our financial plan profitable, based on the official statistics of current brokers. However, our business model is not fully constituted, as it is in an evolutionary process, due to the incorporation of new functionalities that can increase its income and expenses, such as the management with the users' leverage, the incorporation of Lumens Purchase and other Crypto, the required licenses, improving our plans with the service providers among other aspects.

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Carlos Javier Rosas Finol

Co-founder of GobelX


Cristian Elias Garcia Villavicencio

Head of Development at GobelX