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Product 1: Prontopagos is a non-custodial exchange - wallet with a web version and a Bot on the Telegram Platform
1- Save any digital asset represented in the Stellar network and check its balance with a reference in dollars
2- Add / Remove assets
3- Send and Receive assets by public key, federation address and Prontopagos user. (we will add phone number)
4- Make Remittances or payments in Routes from one currency to another (Bot)
5- Manage Payment Requests (Bot)
6- Exchange any asset for those available on the network (ex: BSS - >> USDV - >> USDC)
7- Create / delete buy / sell orders
8- Buy Lumens with Bolivars
9- Exchange PayPal balance for USDV (Web)
10- Automatically print the QR code corresponding to your account (web)
11- Deposits and Withdrawals of any of the assets as long as their issuers comply with the standards
12- Make payments for TV services and telephone Recharges (web)
13- Offers support for delegated signatures (only the web)
14- Configure your security levels such as 2FA, and access control verification (web)
15- Participate and earn commissions in the ProntoamiGO referral program
16- Manage contacts
17- Review last transactions and consult them in the explorer
18- Review access control by IP
19- Activate notifications of all operations with your account
20- Manage your user profile (web)
21- Consult your secret key
22- Receive support from our Zendesk tool and Telegram channels

Product 2: Anchor - GobelX
Is an issuing anchor for the Venezuelan Bolívar, the US dollar (both with reserves in Venezuelan banks) and two crypto assets BTC and ETH

Anchor - GobelX can be used from its website and its functionalities can be used from different wallets.
Anchor - GobelX allows its users to:

1- Connect through the Prontopagos Wallet or by secret key
2- Make deposits and withdraw our currencies (ETH, BTC, BSS and USDV)
3- Allows delegated signatures to trusted wallets.
4- KYC / AML verification for fiat currency management (BSS and USDV)
5- Form for users and SMEs to add their own Tokens to the network (under development)

Product 3: ProntopagosPay
Is a payment processor from a progressive website. It has a common user view and a merchant view.
A common user will be able to:
1. Connect to the Prontopagos wallet
2. Select any asset on your balance that you want to pay with
3. Make payments through QR code.
4. Review latest transactions
5. Receive payment confirmations

Product 4: ProntoamiGO
Is referral program to stimulate the performance and loyalty of our users. Through ProntoamiGo, each user becomes a promoter of our platforms and receives a commission according to the number of referrals they reach.

1. A ProntoamiGO can get its referral link (Bot + Web)
2. You can get your reference QR code (Web)
3. View the referrals reached (Bot + Web)
4. View the profit percentage (Web)
5. View the history of references and the profit obtained (Web)

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Progress so far

Gobelx - Ecosystem maintains a structure with short, medium and long term objectives and goals. With this financing from SFC, we intend to meet our short-term objectives and in this way take our company to the next level.

Specific Objectives
1. Launch and position the finished products

2. Optimize and develop improvements for the products and services offered

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

Objective 1: Launch and position the finished products
Actions to achieve our first goal in 3 months
See details in this link.

Objective 2: Optimize and develop improvements for the products and services offered
Actions to achieve our second goal in 1 month
See details in this link


Problem and Solution

What problems surround Venezuelan society?
Venezuelan society has been strongly shaken by the socio-economic and political crisis in recent years.

• Hyperinflation has driven the Bolívar (its local currency) into free fall for several years and has consumed the reserves of Venezuelans. This has led to extremely low confidence in the banking system and in the government's financial policy.

• The US dollar has become the most used currency in Venezuela at the time of payments, and transfers by Zelle have been protagonists in this new scene.

• However, not all Venezuelans have access to create an American account and the use of borrowed and rented accounts is a new modality that is widespread in the population. People and businesses move away from what is total privacy and financial control.

• The massive exodus to neighboring countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, the Caribbean islands and other places in the region, has affected a large part of Venezuelan families. The need to send money to family and friends and pay bills from a distance are the concerns of most migrants.

All this scenario has made “Venezuela an excellent example of what drives the adoption of cryptocurrencies in developing countries and the way in which citizens use them to mitigate economic instability” (INFOBAE, Sep 2020)
For some users in Venezuela, cryptocurrencies or digital assets are very popular. An evaluation of the volume of operations on the LocalBitcoins platform shows it: "the volume of Venezuelan bolivars in bitcoins has increased considerably since the end of 2019", (Coin Dance, April 2021) to the present.

Support image:

However, despite the large numbers that are detailed in the P2P portals, the multiple digital wallets that are known and the media impact that the cryptocurrency industry has in Venezuela, an investigation carried out by a private Venezuelan firm (@ecoanalitica) details that the use of crypto assets as a form of payment is not as widespread.

• Less than 5% of transactions in Venezuela are carried out with cryptocurrencies according to their results (ECOANALITICA, March, 2021), therefore, the traditional banking methods of sending remittances, the dark methods of exchanges of an informal market, and the high fees , continue to hit the vast majority of the population.

Support image:

How does Gobelx solve the current problem?
Gobelx integrates Blockchain technology, specifically from Stellar Network, to current socio-economic processes through an ecosystem of products, services and digital assets. Prontopagos (Web + BOT), ProntopagosPay, Ancla - Gobelx, and ProntoMarket.

Evade the hyperinflation of the Bolívar
Anchor - Gobelx tokenized the Venezuelan bolivar (BSS in Stellar) and the US dollar circulating in Venezuelan banks (USDV in Stellar). A common user through Prontopagos, our Wallet - Exchange will be able to deposit their bolivars and exchange them to USDV or any stablecoin represented on the network. In this way you can safeguard the value of your currency.

Immediate dollar payments
ProntopagosPay is a tool connected to the Prontopagos wallet to make payment easily by means of a QR code. ProntoagosPay allows users to pay not only in dollars (USDV in Stellar) but with any asset on their balance. Similarly, a merchant may receive this transaction in the asset that he has configured. All this thanks to the payment operations in routes.

Security and total control of your funds
The entire Gobelx product ecosystem is connected to the Prontopagos wallet which is an unguarded tool. For this reason, with our solutions, users are solely responsible for managing their funds. Regarding the personal information of users, the GobelX anchor implements KYC and AML.

Mass exodus and cross-border payments
Prontopagos BOT allows users to make cross-border payments through the payment option on routes. A user will be able to send from one currency to another in the same operation. In the same way, you can make payments for services from the web version of the wallet, regardless of the currencies used.

For our entire ecosystem to function successfully and for transactions to occur immediately, it is necessary to maintain liquidity in the market for our assets. That is why ProntoMarket will be the place where traders, investors and enthusiasts, attracted by Trading, come together to give liquidity to the market of our currencies.

ProntoMarket will have the necessary tools to attract the interest of users of different levels and different purposes. Tools for technical analysis, training program, rewards program for investors, and a Bot for Traders and market makers.

Target Market

Our solutions are aimed at private users, businesses and SMEs located in Venezuela and the rest of Latin America.

Our services are aimed at a wide spectrum of users, among which are:

- Digital banking users:
They are those users who have a bank account and are familiar with handling digital transactions.

- Cryptocurrency enthusiasts:
They are users who have already adopted cryptocurrencies or at least have a knowledge of them.

- Commercial Users:
They are users who seek to offer alternative payment methods, to attract the largest number of customers.

Revenue Model

Actual Monthly Company Expenses
Details of company expenses in link:

Monthly Income Estimate - Desired Monthly Income Estimate

1XLM = $ 0.34 We aspire to reach 10,000 users
Stellar profit

See details of the desired monthly income estimate in the link:

Market Research

Starting in 2016, a great stir was generated among consumers with the arrival of several digital wallets, since by then the shortage of cash was at its highest point and transactions were complicated, especially when it came to high amounts. Cryptocurrencies and payment processors are a growing trend in Venezuela.

However, the Venezuelan market has not yet adopted them as part of the day-to-day, this being a favorable scenario for the insertion of the solutions proposed by GobelX.

Banking in Venezuela has 14,292,142 users, which represents 69.96% of the population according to the Superintendency of Institutions of the Banking Sector (Sudeban, 2021) and our solutions are aimed at them, since they represent the banking sector. population most affected by the Venezuelan financial crisis.

Threats & Opportunities

GobelX, overcoming the economic and social situation that Venezuela is going through, has achieved an ecosystem of products and services based on the Stellar network. Its solutions are democratic and accessible and are aimed at meeting the financial needs that are hitting Venezuelans today. Amid international regulations, Venezuelans have adopted different alternatives for managing their financial transactions. The different digital payment methods, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have been protagonists in this scenario, in which GobelX has been inserted in a timely manner.


At present, several enthusiasts and investors from the cryptographic community, both local and from the Latin American region, have seen in Venezuela a favorable scenario to implement alternative solutions that manage to mitigate the impact of the economic-financial crisis, which its citizens are going through.
Currently we can list more than fifty alternatives between wallets and Exchange aimed at the Venezuelan market, some of these solutions have been in operation for several years and receive recognition from their users. However, knowing its characteristics has allowed us to discover methods and ways of how to optimize our processes to achieve and exceed the agility, productivity and performance of these leading companies. Here are some of the most used alternatives in Venezuela for each of our solutions. See image:

The mentioned solutions are supported by the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, which have highly friction processes and cause their commissions to be high and the waiting times for the user to increase.

GobelX differs from its closest competitors in three fundamental aspects, decentralized exchange, speed of transactions and low commissions, thanks to the benefits that the Stellar network offers us.

Marketing & Sales

Gobelx is oriented to assume an offensive strategy that allows us to attack, grow and improve our position in the current market. Our advertising campaign will be focused on highlighting our strengths to be competent in all key areas of the industry and shine, thanks to Stellar, in decentralized exchange, speed of transactions and low commissions. These strengths, strategically combined with the scenario of opportunities that Venezuela shows us, will lead us to achieve leadership in the financial processes of Venezuelan society.
Our first step will be to hire a qualified Marketing team or company that professionally plans and organizes the strategy with well-defined objectives and goals. Because our ecosystem is aimed at a very broad audience, different marketing strategies must be applied so that all the necessary areas are covered, capable of capturing the attention of the different user segments for which Gobelx offers solutions. See strategy in this link:

After a strong advertising campaign capable of attracting customers, the challenge of maintaining their loyalty begins. Our next steps to achieve this will be

1. Keeping our employees happy: That the whole team works happily and for the business will be our success.
2. Segment all users and maintain indirect communication with them through newsletters and mass emails with personal growth issues in areas related to our solutions eg: Psychotrading, How to earn money within our ecosystem. In which crypto asset you can invest. Market trends, among other areas.
3. Reward our users with some discounts for preferring us within the competition, this will be one of our premises
4. Always offer excellent customer service, accompanying them in their doubts until they feel satisfied.

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Rosas, Carlos Co-Founder
Systems Engineer
Area: Computer technical support. Installation, preventive and corrective maintenance of computer equipment.
10 years of experience

Peña, Lelis Project Manager
Systems Engineer
Area: Planning and management of communication and information technology projects
13 years of experience

Girardo, Erick Curator of GobelX C.A
MBA Accounting and Finance
18 years of experience

Barboza, Rafael Lawyer of GobelX C.A
Lawyer, Legal Representative
20 years of experience

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