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Haciendo Stellar

We are a Spanish-language communication platform for Stellar and Soroban, focused on the Latin American and Spanish market.

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* At Haciendo Stellar, we will not be launching technological projects ourselves, but rather assisting those who wish to launch or have already launched their project with Stellar & Soroban to gain greater promotion for their projects.

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Additional information

Haciendo Stellar is a project that has already started in 2022 in a 100% organic way. With the SCF, we aim to take the community to the next level.

In just a few months since its inception, we have accomplished:

  • A website with over 100 blog posts
  • A Discord channel with over 50 active members
  • More than 5 online meetings with founders of Stellar projects in Latin America & Spain
  • More than 10 one-on-one meetings with founders and projects of Stellar in Latin America & Spain
  • Founders of Stellar projects support Haciendo Stellar as advisors

Now, we are working on consolidating and growing the community, by developing the following items:

  • A unique brand for Haciendo Stellar
  • A new website 2.0 version
  • Fun onboarding for new projects on Stellar
  • Fun onboarding for new projects on Soroban
  • A content creative plan
  • New social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
  • And much more :)


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First Deliverable

The first deliverable will be the implementation of version 2.0 of the website, with the new branding and strategy. We have already developed the UI and UX design, and the next step is to implement this design online. This involves three main tasks:

  • Implementation of the overall design in Wordpress
  • Design and adaptation of the desktop version
  • Design and adaptation of the mobile version.

Check point —> April 9th ::::::::

We have implemented the new Haciendo Stellar branding on a new, fancy website. This work is related to the first 10% of the deliverables required by the #SCF13.

What we did?

Task completed:

  • We have implemented a fully customized WordPress design and configuration.
  • We have designed both the desktop and mobile versions of the website.
  • We have temporarily linked the Stellar and Soroban websites, and we are also working on a fun onboarding experience for users interested in Stellar and Soroban on our website.
  • We have created and integrated a Typeform chatbot/form to allow users to contact us easily.
  • We have created and integrated a Google Analytics account, and we will soon share all the stats with the community in an open dashboard.

Plus, on social media:

  • We have activated our Instagram and Twitter profiles.
  • We are actively engaging with our community on Discord.

In addition:

  • We are currently working on a go-to-market campaign to launch our new website. The goal is to connect with developers and entrepreneurs who are already connected to the blockchain ecosystem, and to introduce them to Haciendo Stellar and the Stellar Network. (Coming soon in a few days)

Reviewer instructions

It's simple; the website will be online with public access for all visitors at

* The progress can also be followed on social media channels such as Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Check point —> April 9th ::::::

—> You could check the goals directly by visiting



Main Team:

Fede Perez Jacomet

Director in Haciendo Stellar Currently +:

  • Co-Founder & Partner in Grupo Caviar (Spain)
  • Digital Marketing Professor in Coderhouse (Argentina)
  • Partner & Advisor in Fanplayr (USA)
  • Partner & Advisor in Flashcookie (Argentina)


Miguel José Rienzi

Advisor in Haciendo Stellar (Leader of advisors)

Currently +:

  • Co-Founder & CEO Pluto DAO (Argentina)
  • Founder & CEO SmartBus (Argentina)


Marco Juncadella Hohenlohe

Blockchain & Business expert in Haciendo Stellar

Currently +:

  • Co-Founder & CEO in Grupo Caviar (Spain)
  • Managing Partner & Digital Strategist in Wild Mgmt (Spain)
  • Partner Business Development in LGN (Spain)


Jose Azanza Arias

Creative Director in Haciendo Stellar

Currently +:

  • Co-Founder & Creative Director in Immigrant (Ecuador)


Estanisalo Villamarin

PM in Haciendo Stellar


5 key differentiators of our team:

  • We are a team of senior professionals with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and business.
  • We have knowledge of the Latin American market, having worked for brands and startups in the main Spanish-speaking countries (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia).
  • We already work with Stellar projects in the region such as Anclap, Pluto DAO, Komet Pay.
  • We have a 360-degree view of the digital world; we know about blockchain but also about digital marketing, digital business, innovation, ecommerce, creativity, campaigns, etc.
  • We have a presence throughout the market, with our team distributed in Buenos Aires, Guayaquil, Santiago de Chile, and Madrid.