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Hacking Intergenerational Wealth

Building a diverse ecosystem of Black & Latinx Stellar developers to launch and grow the WealthBuild token.


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A web3 community-driven financial platform to close the wealth gap.

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The WealthBuild platform is a pre-launched platform (will launch in January of 2022) wholly owned by My Money My Future, an early stage financial services company that has been in operation since 2018.

We are building out the prototype of our AI driven advice engine and platform that will be launched in private-beta in January of 2022.

We have a testing use base of 1500 people who will be invited to use our private beta and we will be initially launching in the United States.

We are currently raising a pre-seed round of $250K and will raise a seed round of $5Million in Q1 2022.

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Goals & Budget

Q1 2022Core infrastructure for AI engine built by January 2022

Stellar Focused Hackathon - Stellar infrastructure Hackathon January 2022 (Los Angeles)- 100 Participants, 3 winners.- Stellar Tokenization Hackathon February 2022 (San Francisco) 50 Participants, 3 winners.- Stellar Rewards Hackathon March 2022 (Los Angeles) 50 Participants, 3 winners.

Q1 2022Private Beta launched

Q2 2022- Public Launch of platform in March of 2022- 2 Enterprise (financial wellness platform) clients on-boarded by April of 2022

To get there, we  will use our requested budget to:

My Money My Future has a core legal and corporate infrastructure in place that will be used as the basis for WealthBuild LLC. MMMF has obtained legal counsel through Perkins Coie and necessary trademarks, patents and incorporation documents are already in motion.

WealthBuild has recently recruited two technical co-founders, a designer, an interim CTO and several technical advisors. We are building our core AI driven advice engine on the Azure Dev Ops platform.


Phase I: A user driven community of builders and stakeholders.

The WealthBuild platform aims to be a web3 financial ecosystem that will deliver an inclusive community centered experience and valuable tools to help underserved and overlooked communities build intergenerational wealth.

To that end, WealthBuild will unifying the community through a wealth build token built on top of the Stellar Blockchain. The WealthBuild token will serve as a rewards system for taking action on the platform (i.e. users will receive the WB token for signing up, for taking action on the platform, for creating and hitting savings and investing goals). The token will also operate to create exchange value inside the platform, where users will be able to pay for and received coaching and advice from“financial influencers” on the platform.

WealthBuild will be a subscription service where WealthBuild tokens will be used to pay for the subscription and also be used to to pay for financial products through a crypto wallet.

In oder to achieve our goal of being a user driven community of builders and stakeholders and to ensure that communities of color don’t get left behind in web3 and blockchain, the WealthBuild token and application of the token inside the platform will be driven by a core group of community hackers that will cultivated through a series of WealthBuild sponsored Stellar Hackathons.

The aim of phase I of this project is to develop a community of diverse developers interested in helping us build the WealthBuild token and rewards system. We will sponsor and host a series of 3 Hackathons in quarter 1 of 202s to facilitate and train 150 developers using Stellar with the core focus of building tokenized features specifically for the WealthBuild platform.  

Top winners will receive an invite to join an exclusive group of WealthBuild token developers, award up to $1500 in XLM which will be converted to WealthBuild Tokens (1st -$1500 in XLM, 2nd $1000, 3rd $500)

We will partner with several prominent tech organizations with strong ties to diverse communities including Sabio.LA (Los Angeles’ premier Software Developer Bootcamp), Black & Brown Founders, Backstage Capital, Latinos in Tech, Startup Grind, National Association of Hispanic Engineers and other national organizations.

We believe that the WealthBuild token will serve to create incentives and engagement on the platform as well as creating real world value (as a cross-border money transfer system, value transfer for financial services and products, exchange value with key brand partners and exclusive offers with brand ambassadors (cultural influencers).

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Ramona Ortega, Founder of My Money My Future. Thought-leader in fintech and financial inclusion, expert in financial advice.

Richard Danny Comeau, Technical Co-Founder, WealthBuild, Vizient, Inc (

Jea Hyun Park, Technical Co-Founder, WealthBuild, Microsoft