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Sign, Scan and Stamp on Stellar Blockchain

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Product 1: Digital Document certification (

We are able to stamp a hash on Stellar blockchain of any digital document that you have on your computer. You can see how it works on the following video.

Product 2: Pictures and videos Digital certification (Hashingproof app)

We are able to stamp a hash on Stellar blockchain of any digital picture or video that you have take with your cell phone. You can see how it works downloading the our app Hashingproof and taking any picture or video with the app. Certification will be done with only one click.

Product 3: Digital Signature (work in progress)

When you want to sign electronically a digital document you will click on the sign button on the document. Then you will receive a private and unique (only one use) code on your whatsup or telegram app. You will have to introduce this code in your electronic document and accept it.  When you do this automatically we stamp a hash on Stellar blockchain with the information of the document you already signed (content, date, hour, etc..) that will remain timeless. Your document is already signed.  

Product 4: Email certification (work in progress)

When you want to certificate an email just add a new email address (ie to your email. All the information from your email and attached documents and metadata will be stamped in Stellar blockchain. In exchange you will receive a pdf certification originated by hashingDNA with all the information email sender, email recipient, content, attached files, date of the email, hour of the email. You have to keep the email (it is not stored in by hashingdna) and your pdf certification document. The info stamped in Stellar blockchain timeless (with no additional cost).  

Product 5: Scan certification (work in progress)  

When you scan a document we can certify that this document is original (no one has done a rework on it). When we take a picture of the document using our app we will send a stamp of the document at Stella blockchain so we can certify that no one has manipulated the original paper.

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Progress so far

We have develop a part of the software that is able to stamp a hash on the Stellar blockchain. At this moment we need to develop a front office
and a back office to make sure that this part of the software has sense for the customers. In other words, we need to finish the software
development to launch the company onto the market. This will be finished in 4 months.  Once is ready the next part will be to do all the business
development activity. For doing that we need to hire 3 business development managers for cover three different regions: America (norht and
southamerica), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific and Oceania).

To get there, we request a budget of  

Finish software development:
1. App development: 30.000 €
2. Web development: 15.000 €
3. Blockchain integration: 60.000 €
4. Server setup fee: 450 euros

Gotomarket activities
5. Community manager: 40.000 € (salary + taxes)

Additional information

Problem and Solution

Currently exists digital certification services (Digital Signature, email certification, electronic signature, etc..) and many companies are offering this service onto the market. The service works as follows: each time you want to certify a document a copy of the document you want to certify is stored in a private server that will keep the document for a maximum period of 5 years. If you want to keep the certification for a longer period of time, or the document is bigger than 2.5MB you have to pay an extra fee of money. There is no other way to make a different process.

Two factors create a new technology:
Appearance of blockchain technology. Thanks to blockchain there is no need to keep the document on private server. The blockchain technology allow us to read the hash of the document, and stamp it on a blockchain. This solution is much more secure than previous process (there is no a private server that you have to guard from fires, floods or damages) and even cheaper (you don’t have to pay a rental space, internet connection, electricity, etc)…
Approval by the European Union that any decentralized ledger (blockchain) could be assimilated to a eIDAS company. This is important because we can offer services as digital signature, email certification, or scan certification with approval of the European law.

Thanks to that trends we can launch a privacy services (Digital Signature, Email certificatio and scan certification) much more secure (the certification is in a public blockchain not in a private server) and cheaper (you don’t have to pay a fee to keep the server protected). This service will create an opportunity on a big market that it is growing in a double digit rate.

Target Market

So far we created a technology to stamp a hash on Stellar Blockchain, nevertheless we need to create a service to give meaning to the technology that we developed. We will start doing all the gotomarket activities next September where we will start working for third companies in order to run a business.

With the 4S Project (Sign, Scan and Stamp on Stellar Blockchain) we will focus to companies that are using traditional digital signature services and appreciate an extra security for a lower price. That means that we are not gonna create a new product/service. We will work for those companies that are already familiar with digital certification services but they price or security sensitive (are constantly looking to increase security or decrease price). Some of the customers that we are willing to work for are doing some of the following activities: sales orders, buying orders, electronic invoices, hiring, signature collection, NDA, etc… We don’t have any segmentation on annual sales, size, or type of industry. We segment the market taking into account the “use of the tecnhonology” and we consider that there are high technological companies in any industry. We are focus on B2B market (business to business), not B2C (business to consumer).

At our first step we will look for IT Directors that want more security for a lower price that can take decisions with no problem. We are not focus on any geographical area but we will work as an oil stain: first we will cover those markets that geographically and culturally are closer to the Spanish market. Later on, on a second stage, we will try to cover geographically all the markets grouped in three big regions: America (north and south america), APAC (asia pacific and oceania), EMEA (Europe, Middel East and Africa).

For this project we consider that our product has an edge over our competitors product.

Revenue Model

Our business plan is based in selling the different services (digital signature, email certification and scan certification) to the market. As we mentioned before the digital signature market is around $1.400 M on a world wide level and is growths on a 30% rate.

The idea is being very aggressive on prices. We will offer digital certifications at half price of our main competitors to gain a significant market share really quickly. We consider that we can sell certifications for 0,1€ and share the profit with the distributor (that’s the reason why we consider that we are selling certificates at 0,05€). We will compete on quality and price at the same time in order to close the door to future competitors.  

Market Research

Due to COVID pandemia the growth of the digital security solutions has rocket. People is not able to meet, but we have to keep the economy rolling so people and companies are taking advantage of digital tools. Thanks to this scenario, just considering digital signature market size we are talking a market size of $14.100 M in 2026 on a world wide basis (there is no data for email certification or scan certification market size). For this year 2021 the market size is gonna be $2.800M with an annual growth rate of +31%. (source: MarketsandMarkets).

Considering that we want to have 0,025% market share (less than 1% market share) in 3 years that means a turnover of $3,5M. We already make a market research in Spain with different IT Directors that are using digital certification solutions (digital signature, email certification, scan certification, etc..) and they are really open to move to blockchain technology (more secure and cheaper than the service that they have at this moment). We are quite positive that this is a very conservative scenario and easily the digital signature service, email certification and scan certification can reach 0,05% market size (around 7M€)

Threats & Opportunities

We are facing a big opportunity thanks to a new application of a new technology. HashingDNA has been one of the few companies to develop a software stamping solutions on blockchain technology. At this moment the market (customers) looks excited to move applications to blockchain technology and governments are promoting the use of blockchain technology. The only problem that we are facing as a company is a lack of recognition by the market.


Currently there are a large number of competitors that offer a similar service based on private server. These different competitors have been qualified by the different governments as a trusted digital signature providers (they have a process accepted by the law where they can demonstrate that a person signed a document). The market already exists on an international level. Some of the most important competitors are the following: Docusign, PandaDoc, Hellosign, eSignLive, SignNow, SignEasy, RightSignature, Signable, GetAccept, AdobeSign,, etc…

There is a detailed information of competitors turnover in the following link The market is really fragmented (20 bigger companies have a total turnover of $212M - 7,5% of the total market-).  

Marketing & Sales

We have different strategies for all marketing activities:

Partnerships and strategic alliances.

Contact directly to all companies that offer digital signature services (nationally and internationally) and offer a solution based on blockchain. The idea is that they can offer a product with more secure to their current customers at a lower price. Our forecast is that there are around 200 companies in Europe and 200 companies in the rest of the world so easy to identify on a cold call and make a business proposal.


We have collaboration agreements with third companies that help us in doing all the commercial activities for different countries (ie. IT Midia in Brasil, Beehome in Brasil, Innovation Hub in Tolum -Mexico-, Sunworx in Mexico, JC15 Consulting in France, etc..). Introduce the new service to the distributors that we have worldwide so they can push the new service to its current customers.

Integrated in other solutions.

We have some solutions based in certification in blockchain technology with different case of use (ie. traceability, integration with other existing solutions, etc..). The idea is to offer additional services to current customer database.  

Direct Sales.

We will do different marketing activities:
direct marketing to crypto currency users (Database with more than 40.000 direct contacts).
Social media advertising (linkedin).
Google ads campaign

Resources & Relationships

As a part of HashingDNA strategy we are working to integrate our solution with different software solutions where we can add value (ie. Software that takes noisy on the street and wants to share data with the community on an open escenario environment). On that area we have developed good relationships with different software solutions where we can also integrate security solutions (digital signature, email certification, etc..).

On the other hand we also have international agreements with different companies that can offer our range of solutions to the market really fast. Our agreements are based on South America (Brasil, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela) where we feel really confortable. We have agreements with IT MIDIA (largest content group in Brazil), … We can say that we cover 90% of the South American market. On North America we are part of Smart city cluster located in California and we have to decide who is the best partner for us.

We have some agreements in France (JC Consulting) and we are working with other European Countries to be able to make a market penetration really fast.

Proof of existence solution for any digital file, on a public blockchain ledger

On the video you can see how we create a certification from a digital file using Stellar blockchain. On a similar way we plan to use Stellar to create a digital signature, email certification and scan certification service using Stellar blockchain.

Pitch deck
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First Deliverable

The initial goal of the investment is to finish a platform (front office and backoffice) to certify emails, digital signatures, and Scan certification which have a very similar technological structure. First of all we will center on email certification where the technology is easier than other services. We will create a new email address that each time you send an email to this email address, automatically stamp a hash on the stellar blockchain. In exchange you will get a pdf file with the certification of the email sent (sender, files, metadata, etc..). Later on we will work on the process of the Scan certification with is very similar to the email certification technology and require some additional programing. Finally we will work on the digital signature service. We will take advantage of the previous technology developed and using the same structure we will make a process to digital sign a contract. On that service you will get via whatsup or telegram a code that has a single use to sign a contract.

Once the services are ready we enter on the second phase of the project which is the gotomarket. The idea is that we will reach different digital signature companies on a world wide level to offer the services based on the blockchain technology. For the second phase we need a community manager that takes care and manage the platform developed in the previous phase and business developers that push the products in different geographic markets.

There is a monthly maintenance fee for servers and software


HashingDNA is a company that already create a certification solution based on a Stellar blockchain. You can check the solution on our web page  or our app The Directors of the HashingDNA are the following:

1. Kim Solsona (CTO).

He left his studies really early due to his curiosity for the online world. He his a self learning professional always involved in cutting edge technology. Since 2014 he his involved in deploying blockchain solutions. His deep knowledge about blockchain technology and capacity to image decentralized solutions is a very important asset for the company.

2. Edgar Jorda (CEO).

He holds a management degree in Esade and a MBA in University of Illinois (UoI). He has been involved in the startup ecosystem since the very beginning of his career. Just after finishing his studies in University of Illinois he launched a content bank based on internet (1999) for Spanish speakers website located mainly in America (north and south america) and Spain. He make a sucessful EXIT after selling the company to AoL. After that he moved to Samsung where he was in charge of all the internet activity (first on a local basis in Spain and after that on a international basis) from publicity to online sales (definition and launch of the project, where he gets recognition from Korea board of directors). Later he move to manage an innovation ecosystem from esadecreapolis (early 2008 after professor Henry Chesbourgh published his open innovation book). He has been working in esadecreapolis until he move to HashingDNA as a CEO with the goal to develop solutions around blockchain technology.