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HOMETECH by SuiteBox

Unites the world of blockchain with the real estate market.

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Product 1: SB “more than inhabit
Entering you can see what we have incorporated into the European market. Within the whole, it stands out: raising awareness of the value of “time”, the constructively sustainable, the circular economy, the expansion in geolocations and the financial / technological tool that today opens up to the world, in tune with modular architecture. Each and every one of the points is duly analyzed with field work and knowledge of a great team of specialists.

Product 2: App Hometech by SuiteBox (exclusive blockchain)
The first and only application that brings together the purchase, sale and administration, for all new construction, in different locations worldwide. This application operates exclusively through public blockchains payment methods, with certifications and tools for monitoring the work and personalization advice for the acquired house.

Product 3: Club24 App
The first and only application that brings together the purchase, sale and administration, for all new construction, in different locations worldwide. This application is exclusive through the public blockchains payment means, with certifications and the tools for monitoring the work and personalization advice for the acquired house. They can only be generated by subgroups of 24 buyers who open and close a club with the return benefit of 30% of the total paid at the end of the last delivery.

Product 4: App IN (work in progress)
The first and only application that brings together the purchase, sale and administration of hotel rooms at a wholesale and retail level. The details of the process are well advanced.

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Progress so far

At this moment our business is beginning to work (we have some customers interested in buying properties). We have been working with a third company to develop part of the software. At this moment we need to finish the software development to launch the company onto the market. This will be finished in 6 months.  Once is ready the next part will be to do all the business development activity.

To get there, we request a budget of  

Finish software development: backoffice + frontoffice (web+app) development (40.000 €) + blockchain development: (60.000 €)
Once we launch the platform we need a Community manager: (40.000 €)

Additional information

Problem and Solution

The real estate world is very far from blockchains, it is a sector that has been forgotten for decades for not incorporating the new technologies applied to improve the final product and multiply its benefits. Hometech is the work of three years of research to efficiently and categorically unite a broad, fast and arrival result to the blockchain world. With more than 30 million users buying and selling houses and some forty million square meters built around the world year after year, the market is endless. And what is better, it does not have an approach to blockchains to this day. There are approaches that propose and try to generate a link but to date this is not built in the world we know. The trend is to merge the new (blockchain), with the present (modular architecture) and future (modular architecture linked to blockchain), generating a successful formula with rapid market penetration. The short-term projection (seeing the evolution of recent years), leads us to think that everyone who operates with blockchains will see Hometech as a platform where they can buy and invest with their cryptocurrencies in real estate. At this point, we have looked for and analyzed different cryptocurrencies and we see with very good eyes breaking all the schemes leaving aside the best known and media and focusing on a cryptocurrency that is growing and with a future, that is fast and adjusted in its prices and above all accessible as Stellar Lumens (XLM). Hometech applicative is the new tool that humanizes finances, and solves new construction, revolutionizing the way to get there.

Target Market

Our main objective target is that part of the population that is already in the blockchain circuit and seeks to invest in a sector as important and profitable as real estate. Taking advantage of the bullish channel and impact of cryptocurrencies around the world to seduce new users by facilitating their entry into this new way of investing.

Through studies we have carried out, we define two segments:
Segment 1: Between 25 and 40 years old (very aware of the digital age).
Segment 2: Between 40 and 55 years old.

Both segments of any nationality and gender. With indefinite location.
The main countries-continents for development will be: USA, South America, Mexico, and Europe
New construction, construction to live, construction for a second home, are the three differential areas that will define the concepts of the previously exposed targets.

Revenue Model

Our app is based on the Blockchain business, associating them with the SuiteBox construction systems, from fintech and the strategic plan for the expansion of the real estate market. Any new construction business that wants to use Blockchain technology as a means of payment, must use our application. We estimate that no less than 1% of the total operations of the global Blockchain will go through our app.

Market Research

The expansion of payment, collection and transaction methods have increased exponentially around the world before, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, we can already say that it has not arrived for a certain duration, on the contrary, it comes to take full control, improving and facilitating all processes.

As has already been proven, this methodology has a very positive effect in many sectors, however, we do not find it in the real estate market. There are many investors (small and large), who have the need to expand their investments in a way that is not yet very “clean”. And to be more specific, thanks to blockchains payment mechanisms throughout the new construction market, in 4 years 1,658,800 m2 should be generated, with an approximate operation of $ 2,602,920,000. (Calculations from internal studies on the HOMETECH app)

Threats & Opportunities

Hometech by SuiteBox is the most important launch to start 2022 related to blockchains. A new application based on a new technology and the only company that presents this innovative development. Right now, the market (customers) seems excited to move applications to blockchain technology. Governments are moving in two different directions: on the one hand, they are promoting blockchain technology as the new technology for the future, and on the other there is no clear regulation in some countries. Undoubtedly, we believe that this scenario will change as a result of the fact that some countries already create regulations around blockchain technology (Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Chile).


At this point we define two types of business, both have their respective competencies, but always speaking separately.
The business of modular, sustainable, efficient construction (passive houses), with record times in execution, among other benefits, is undoubtedly an alternative to traditional construction, where, by the way, it increasingly lacks a highly qualified hand, sustainability and execution times.
This sector is undergoing a change by leaps and bounds.

Obviously we find competences of construction companies that have reinvented themselves or new companies that promote this method.
On the other hand, the world of blockchain, the decentralization of money, the strong commitment to a direct channel between person A and person B, making transaction processes extremely easy.

In this sector, despite its precociousness, there are also actors taking advantage of the rise of the new Blockchain technology. There is no doubt about the growth obtained and the future growth in the short term.

However, we have not found a single company in the world, that solves, or rather, that mixes the Blockchain world with that of real estate.
Hometech By SuiteBox makes precisely that union, that assembly, that binomial that thanks to the “Club24” product will be resolved and will facilitate transactional processes and humanize the finances of every Blockchain user.

Marketing & Sales

There are different strategies for all marketing activities:

We have collaboration agreements with third-party companies that help us to carry out all commercial activities for different countries (Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Mexico). Present the new service to distributors we have around the world so they can bring the new service to their current customers.HashingDNA, the company that will be in charge of everything related to the development of the Hometech by SuiteBox app.
Direct sells. We will carry out different marketing activities:

- Direct marketing to cryptocurrency users (Database with more than 40,000 direct contacts).
- Traditional media
- Youtube
- Linkedin
- Google adwords
- Instagram
- International real estate fairs
- International Financial Fairs
- Presentations in architecture schools
- Conferences for conscientious investors interested in Blockchain as a payment method.

The strategy that we will adopt towards our potential clients will be based on the rapid dissemination of this novel and unique service-product in the different distribution channels. Building trust in them through digital certificates. This will allow us to gain positioning and notoriety in the market and then extrapolate it to others with the same or more growth potential.

By having know-how of the new construction systems, being these faster in the processes, economical and sustainable (a low environmental impact), it strengthens us even more and makes Hometech a double solution of maximum interest worldwide: Blockchain and sustainability."

Resources & Relationships

Own technical team with expertise on blockchain.
Representatives in each partner country.

Pitch deck
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First Deliverable

The initial goal of the investment is to finish a platform (front office and backoffice) to manage the customers.

Once the services are ready we enter on the second phase of the project which is the gotomarket.

There is a monthly maintenance fee for servers and software


Exequiel Milani

CEO, Ideologist, consultant, manager, partner in different jobs that give 27 years of experience in work activity.

GRUPO USINA Current Founding Partner:
Grupo Usina has the purpose of contributing to the reactivation of the regional economies. The mission of creating, designing, executing, managing and monitoring innovative and sustainable programs that integrate private and governmental teams. All of this aligned with our vision: an Argentina that is up and running and productive, that improves the quality of life of its people, and becomes a benchmark in South America.

- construction company with renewable and innovative systems.
2015- Current

Partner director
2009 - 2014
Contacts with suppliers, commercial development, maintenance and generation of new alliances with hotels and service providers in general.

Managing partner
Portal of logistics services for the Tourism and Corporate sector

Argentina Country Brand
Responsible for the Argentine Stand at ExpoZaragoza
Creator and partner of Argentina Visits you at the fair of the communities of Spain.

Commercial manager
2007 - 2009
Pueblos Group SRL

Managing partner
2003 - 2006

Plant Manager
2000 – 2002

Germán Calcina

COO, graduated in business and marketing in 2009 from EUNCET University.
Entrepreneur in the Beauty sector since 2007, he has developed projects in this sector with success. He currently maintains 5 beauty salons.
Director of strategy and expansion at Evolució from 2014 to 2017, a company dedicated to digital marketing, implementing the Google Business View service in large companies.

In 2016 he constituted a new company (Calcina Innova Group SLU), a company dedicated to ecological and sustainable modular construction that will act as a connection link with SUITE BOX Argentina (a company dedicated to the same in 2014 and with an innovation award in 2015) .
Co-founder Suite Box Spain