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Infinity Wallet

The 1st desktop wallet providing a one-stop solution for payments & seamless use of DeFi with Web3 browser for easy access to Web3

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Infinity Wallet is the first non-browser-extension, all-in-one non-custodial multi-chain wallet ecosystem (“A wallet super App”) and Web3 Browser of its kind on desktop. Providing a one-stop solution for seamless usability of DeFi, NFTs and easy cross-border payments, along with a gateway to the entire Web3/DApp space directly within the first Web3 browser and DApp store. Redefining the wallet, DeFi and Web3 experience to fulfill all a user's needs in a single platform, while removing the complexities of decentralized finance and Web3, enabling economic freedom for everyone globally!

From day one, we have focused on enhancing and providing the best possible user experience and lowering the barrier to entry, to allow for streamlined and secure adoption of DeFi and Web3. Providing a world-class user experience with a seamless user interface, and a full spectrum of constantly growing in-wallet features and services as a one-stop hub, delivering a more curated and complete in-wallet experience. Making Infinity Wallet the complete solution for all crypto users’ needs, while making adoption and usage of cross-border payments, DeFi, NFTs and Web3 easier than ever before.

Infinity Wallet is not just a unique one-stop wallet built for the masses, but it is also the first desktop platform to provide users with access to the entire Web3 and DApp space without needing to leave their wallet, with the first Web3 browser and DApp store on desktop as a standalone App. Finally removing the need to use unintuitive, unfriendly and feature-lacking browser extension wallets ever again! Providing a far superior, safer and more natural user experience, with a range of unique advantages for users, DApps, and chains alike, while enabling easier usage and adoption.

Problem/Solution, How it works with Stellar & Developments:

Due to lack of space on this form to explain everything in detail, we have created a google doc which explains all the information requested:

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Previous Project(s)
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Progress so far

We have made some modifications to the budget and milestones. However, we noticed based on feedback from the last review that there was a misunderstanding of the previous project proposal as the feedback was not related to what was proposed.

This was the feedback we received previously which was completely unrelated to the original proposal as I will show in the breakdown here:

  1. It mentioned in the feedback that the proposal lacked information regarding impact and value to Stellar, although in the proposal there are pages of information on the impact and value to Stellar.
  2. It mentioned in the feedback "It looks like any other trading platform", although we are not a trading platform but an all-in-one self-custodial wallet ecosystem.
  3. It mentioned in the feedback "They're mostly focusing on XLM and creating a custom token", although we are not looking to create a token nor did we mention anything of the sorts. We are looking to provide the ability for users to use the wallet with XLM and all Stellar NFTs and added any assets on Stellar within their wallet for use.
  4. In the 2nd comment it mentioned "I'm a bit confused at the difference between the sending and receiving wallet and why they would be separate", although there is no sending or receiving wallet that is separate.

To get there, we request a budget of  
Additional information

Due to lack of space on this form to explain the Additional Project Information questions asked, and also some we would like to provide, we have created a google doc which explains them (

  • Planned Developments;
  • Stellar & Soroban;
  • Mission;
  • Revenue & Funding;
  • Audience;
  • Traction
  • Competition
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Relationships
  • Marketing
  • Project Roadmap
Pitch deck
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First Deliverable

The first deliverable would be the milestone outlined in the deliverables breakdown section titled “Stellar Chain & core functionality”. However, as the first milestone would be more than 10% of the work and it would be hard to split it up the work, we have split up the cost for the first deliverable/milestone. We are happy to receive 10% of the total grant amount for the 1st milestone, and then the full remaining amount on completion of all milestones and the live verifiable launch (as was discussed in messages).

The first milestone would consist of the integration of Stellar chain for XLM, this would include its core functionality, such as:

- Creating / Restoring wallet;

- Balance tracking;

- Address Derivation / Receiving;

- Sending;

- Dashboard portfolio analytics;

- Wallet value movement charts;

- Historical price value support;

- Complete transaction history, including balance movement tracking per transaction "Balance after", and other advanced details such as value at time of sending and value now represented in the users choice of currency;

Reviewer instructions

The steps for the reviewer to check the completed deliverables, would be:

1- We will share our internal release with the completed deliverables that can be downloaded and installed (Windows, Mac and Linux);

2- The reviewer will be able to review that the developments and integrations are complete via the provided release, checking against the list of deliverables to ensure everything has been completed;

3- We can prepare a video guide explaining the work/deliverables completed, that can be followed during the reviewers checks;



Information on our team, location and experience/history/success can be found at the following link

Below is some information on the core/lead team members:

1- Aaron (Aaron | Infinity Wallet#9732)

Position: Team Lead

Short bio: A background in software development and UI/UX design, received a scholarship for a Google Nanodegree and masters in computer science. Has over a decade of experience in the crypto space as a user, investor and developer.


2- Kyan (Kyan#4727)

Position: Operations Lead

Short bio: A background in computer science and finances, with a masters degree in computer science. Kyan has close to 8 years of experience in the crypto space as a user and investor.

3- Juan (N/A)

Position: Tech Lead

Short bio: A background in software development and hardware, with a masters degree in computer science. Juan has over a decade of experience in the crypto space as a miner and developer.