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Integration of Stellar blockchain into Spatium Wallet Builder solution

Spatium offers an open-source Web3 Wallet Builder for businesses which allows to break barriers for mass adoption

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September, 2017
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Spatium is a solution for businesses that would like to provide their users with the gateway to WEB3. So any business can develop a non-custodial wallet, pack it with the best features industry has: multi-party computation instead of the private key, biometric backup instead of seed phrase, blockchain agnostic signature, DApp browser and much more.

Many traditional businesses coming to Web3 and crypto native projects want to step in with their own wallets to give end-users not only unique functionality they have, but also to guide them through Web3. Unfortunately, at a certain point they understand that building and developing a non-custodial wallet is not a simple task - it might take from three months to never. Even those who managed to overcome the initial release face countless support issues. That is where Wallet Builder steps ahead.

Wallet Builder is a platform where businesses can create their own non-custodial wallet based on native and custom modules. Such approach allows to significantly decrease the amount of resources required by the business to design, develop, launch and support crypto wallets, and introduce new features.

We are distributing our crypto wallet via B2B2C and our potential clients are both traditional and crypto-native businesses. We already have got partners with over 100k users onboarded and we have rather ambitious plans for attracting new clients.

Our team is going to implement Stellar blockchain in our Wallet Builder. So the increase in demand for our solution will help the inclusion of the Stellar chain into the ecosystem of our current and future customers and subsequently their users will be able to use the Stellar blockchain advantages.

Our solution implies to have flexible integration options: Box Solution (customized mobile App) or Wallet SDK. Thus, our Wallet Builder with integrated Stellar blockchain functionality can be used both for integrating into existing clients’ application or as a stand-alone application.

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Spatium business model and market

We are distributing our White Label crypto wallet via B2B2C and our potential clients are both traditional and crypto-native businesses. The wallet as a service market is a relatively new market, so there is great potential of growing and gaining market share. Spatium’s main goal and challenge is to be able to secure large market share quicker than other players. It is a challenge since this goal has to be reached within a year of time to make an impact. To be able to reach this goal we need to increase awareness of our platform which requires resources on business development and marketing. For this reason we are planning on raising additional funding that will be mainly allocated on promoting our platform among businesses and the developer community.

Out potential clients could be any business that would like to have Web3 wallet functionality into its ecosystem:

  • FinTech companies
  • Banks, neobanks
  • Traditional businesses
  • Centralized / Decentralized Exchanges
  • Etc.

Spatium go-to-market-market strategy

We want to motivate our clients and increase our user acquisition rate. For that reason our platform will completely free to use for projects that have less than 1000 AUM, once the project starts to get more traction and has a considerable user base we charge a license fee for further usage. That way developers and other projects get to test our product without any restrictions or extra charges, removing the barrier to launching the product.

As our clients are both in Web2 and Web3 we have several channels through which we plan on targeting our audiences. In both cases we would need to increase the awareness of our product.

What is our competitive advantage?

  • Wallet Builder is a ‘Top Gun’ in self-custody wallet development process:
  • Best on market functionality: Multi-party computation instead of Private Key, anonymous biometric backup, blockchain agnostic, any token and NFTs, pre-built On/Off ramp, swap, DeFi modules, DApp browser.
  • Flexible integration options: Box Solution (customized mobile App) or Wallet SDK.
  • To be almost open-sourced in Q2 2023. We will leave core MPC algorithms as a proprietary technology and perform regular security audits on it.

We have created a competitive edge for our partners

The whole process of developing and growing a non-custodial wallet thus becomes as easy as it could possibly be:

  • Minimum financial and time costs to launch a crypto wallet.
  • Open source framework allows businesses actively participate in wallet development and customisation either on their own or via third parties that gives more flexibility and ability to expand the functionality independently from Spatium.
  • Ability to integrate other solutions and products into their wallets, including on/off ramp services, swap providers, DApps, etc.
  • No custodian license is required since the wallet is non-custodial from a legal perspective.
  • More independence compared to using third party crypto wallets.
  • Since business controls one of the shards within the MPC Protocol, it is able to introduce any KYC, AML checks to comply with regulations of any country.

Do we have enough experience in Web3?

Our project started in 2017 and we are one of the first to release the non-custodial sMPC wallet on the market! We created a proprietary Multi-party Computation Protocol which replaces the Private Key with a set of shards that are independently generated and stored on different devices/ services. The Private Key itself is never generated. MPC enables countless opportunities and the user experience similar to the one which only custodial solutions have. MPC Protocol is the only part of Spatium Builder which will not be open sourced (at least for now), but Spatium will conduct security audits on a regular basis and upon request from the Partner.

The end result for the business is a non-custodial wallet for their end-users which can break all the mass adoption barriers mentioned above, which is possible because of the latest technologies used by Spatium.

As a result, through the implementation of our project (integration of Stellar blockchain into Spatium Wallet Builder), we want to give access to Stellar blockchain for our partners and their users.

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First Deliverable

Here is the update for Spatium's project first deliverable [tasks - Implementation of a cryptographic signature prototype using Stellar, Implementation of a distributed cryptographic signature prototype]. Our team have prepared a video screen recording that includes a detailed demonstration of the source codebase and testing of the MPC crypto module for Stellar blockchain.

Please see the link


The first deliverable included Stellar blockchain integration into MPC Cryptographic Module.

Since Spatium Wallet is not an ordinary non-custodial wallet and it is based on the secure Multi-Party Computation protocol, our team refined the distributed signature cryptographic module for the Stellar blockchain specific functionality.

Thus, the Spatium team implemented the following steps:

  • Stellar documentation research.
  • Study of the available development tools, providers, service providers of buying / selling Stellar.
  • Refinement of the cryptographic module.
  • Research of horizon api and js stellar sdk.
  • Implementation of address generation.
  • Implementation of a cryptographic signature prototype using Stellar.
  • Implementation of a distributed cryptographic signature prototype.
  • Internal testing and refinement of code.

The results of the completed first deliverable you can see The results of the first deliverable of the Project you can see via the following links:

  1. Research Report
  2. Android APK
  3. Demo video Android
  4. Demo video iOS

How to review the results we gave all the instructions in the section "How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?".

Reviewer instructions

The reviewer can check the following results:

Here is the update for Spatium's project first deliverable [tasks - Implementation of a cryptographic signature prototype using Stellar, Implementation of a distributed cryptographic signature prototype]. Our team have prepared a video screen recording that includes a detailed demonstration of the source codebase and testing of the MPC crypto module for Stellar blockchain.

Please see the link

If you have any question, please let us know.


Deliverable ‘Research work completed’

The reviewer can see the Research Report. See the link – Research Report

Deliverable ‘MPC Cryptographic Module includes Stellar blockchain functionality’

The functionality of the Spatium crypto wallet includes creation of Stellar wallets via secure Multi-Party Computation protocol. So the reviewer can check the deliverable with the following instruction:

1) Download Spatium Wallet [APK file for Android OS device]. Link for download - Download APK

2) Install application

3) Create an account

4) You can add Stellar wallet into the Wallet Portfolio. A reviewer should tap '+' near Search line and then choose Stellar.

5) Then you can see wallet address by tapping ‘Receive’

Also the reviewer can see the following videos for Android – Demo video Android , for iOS – Demo video iOS

Please note that according to the description of the first deliverable, Spatium Wallet Builder includes only address generation at the moment. Thus, Spatium Multi-Party Computation protocol supports Stellar wallet creation now. The following project phases will include sending and receiving of native coin XLM functionality, etc. See more in the Research Report, Section Roadmap.

If you have any question, please let us know.



Andrei Rabenok (Andrei Rabenok#5330)

Product Officer

8+ years in project and product management, PMP®


Valery Vashkinel


5+ years in development


Vasili Paulau (Vasili Paulau#3081)

Product Owner

6+ years in design & product management.


Piotr Marchuk

Project Manager

4+ years in development


Alexander Yushkov

Systems Architect

8+ years in development


Ekaterina Sizova

Senior Developer (project lead)

5+ years in development

Elizaveta Garchenko

Senior Developer (back end lead)

5+ years in development

Alexander Davidovich

Senior Developer (front end lead)

5+ years in development

Alexander Osenenko

DevOps engineer

6+ years in development

Alexandra Kuchynskaya


4+ years in development


Yuliya Marchuk


4+ years in design


Our team is set up for success because:

  • Our team has rich experience in the crypto industry and development
  • All team members are focused on results and product quality
  • We adhere to the principles of agile