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Kuri Bank

KuriBank offers international investments and use those fund to provide loans to SMBs and financial structure for corporations

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We are based in Ecuador and incorporated in US and Ecuador

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H3 International investments

  • We use blockchain to offer international investments through Dapp with interest rates ranging from 5% to 8%.
  • We plan to allow deposits on Fiat, Crypto, or Stablecoins, and convert every deposit to stablecoins, so we want to implement Stellar to convert, move and secure all these deposits.

H3 Lending Business

  • Using the funds obtained, we provide direct loans to SMBs in emerging markets with interest rates ranging from 14% to 28%.
  • The difference between deposits and loans constitutes our revenue and we deploy the profits to our investors.
  • We will also use Stellar to move back the funds to the depositors.

H3 Financial structure

  • We are creating a fintech network with companies that want to give direct credit to their customers, we charge an implementation fee, a sales commission, and the respective interest.
  • We use blockchain to track all the movements of money from our side and transfer it to the companies.
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Progress so far
  1. Obtain 5 new corporate customers to implement our financial structure.
  2. Get at least $300K on international crypto deposits, backed by our token or NFTs certificates of deposits.
  3. Build our first loan portfolio with loans to at least 25 SMBs
To get there, we request a budget of  
  • We need funds to hire blockchain developers to complete our system on Stellar.
  • We need to hire marketing and growth profiles.
  • Hire designers to improve the UX/UI
Additional information

Revenue Model

We make money from two sources:

  1.  First is the licensing of our financial software to corporations where we charge an initial implementation fee of around $50K and share 2% of the sales plus the  interests generated.
  2. Additionally, we will build our own direct lending business and generate revenue by charging interest rates of 14 to 28% per year.

Why we picked this idea?

We have already founded a fintech and worked in banking for many years. We recognized that the market offered a tremendous opportunity. It is estimated that 70% of all SMBs in Latam lack adequate access to financial services. The number of entrepreneurs who can receive formal financing to start their business is only 5%, and in the case of women, it is only 2%.

Our goal is to provide traditional companies with the ability to provide credit to their customers without having to rely on banks. This will enable us to expand our network of credit for SMBs.

Millions of dollars have stagnated in crypto investments, and a lot of these investors are seeking ways to secure these funds. Thus, we are offering international investment opportunities as fixed-term deposits and using these funds to provide loans to small and medium-sized businesses in emerging markets.

Pitch deck
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First Deliverable
Kuri Bank

We are fighting the huge SMB's illiquidity by providing financial structure for traditional companies, and direct loans to SMBs, that we are financing with international blockchain investments. This is a 60 billion dollar market Our revenue comes by licensing our financial structure to corporations, and by interest generated on direct lending. We have already attended our first corporate client with $50K in revenue and have a loan waitlist for more than $1 million and we haven’t launch yet.


Francisco Merchan (Francisco Merchan #0517)

Cofounder and CEO, a former banking process innovation manager, who founded two previous startups.



Ludwig Pucha Cofrep

CTO and cofounder, DeFi and blockchain enthusiast, who already founded a profitable lending fintech startup in Ecuador.