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Litemint – Gaming Platform and NFT Marketplace

LITEMINT is a gaming platform connecting gamers to the crypto world.

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LITEMINT is a gaming platform connecting gamers to the crypto world.

  •, our homebrew tradable card game, has gathered over 50,000 players. Cards and game assets are issued as collectibles and NFT on Stellar.
  • Our open-source Stellar wallet for gamers has over 28,000 installs on mobile.
  • We are currently developing the first NFT marketplace on Stellar (Q1 2021).

Check out our Meridian 2020 presentation and panel "Stellar For Gaming" as we discuss about Litemint and the use case opportunities for Stellar.

Along with several other projects built on Stellar, Litemint has committed to adopting the Samsung Blockchain Keystore and access will be provided from all our platform services (Game, Wallet, NFT Marketplace).


LITEMINT LLC is a tech company that breaks barriers and creates innovative products to connect crypto enthusiasts, collectors and gamers to unique experiences. By leveraging the Stellar blockchain, we enhance the user experience with asset ownership (NFT and collectibles) and decentralized micro-transactions.

The platform currently receives 50,000 monthly active users on desktop and mobile. You can check this interactive dashboard to learn more: (

LITEMINT service includes independent game development and publishing (we served over half a million gaming sessions in 2020) and eSports events. We provide a bespoke Stellar wallet for gamers (open source, cross-platform and noncustodial). LITEMINT has acquired STELLARPORT in January 2020, the interaction between crypto users and gamers creates huge opportunities with tradable assets and brings unmatched dynamism to both platforms. The Stellarport platform has been fully revamped in 2020 and many more iterations are in the pipeline for 2021.

Last month, we have also announced our upcoming NFT and collectibles marketplace on Stellar. This project is an important part of our vision to foster gaming on Stellar.

Litemint Analytics


The blockchain is showing strength in addressing the demands of the ever-growing global gaming market:

  • Blockchain-based payment rails allow any game, platform, and website to implement microtransaction-based monetization, decreasing reliance on app stores (e.g. Fortnite maker in legal battle with Apple and Google).
  • DEX access provides a global avenue for players and collectors to safely trade and exchange their game collectibles and NFTs. The game industry has been plagued by the so-called gold farmers and risky off-exchange activities.
  • Game developers are offered unique opportunities to collaborate creatively and take advantage of cross-game assets.

Despite these strengths, the blockchain gaming world is affected by crippling transaction fees and overall poor transaction performance. Additionally, blockchain games remain generally inaccessible to regular gamers and top gaming portals.


Litemint takes an opt-in approach to blockchain gaming, therefore our games can reach out to all gamers on the existing market. For example, we have 7.7K users login via Facebook or Google. Coupled to a Stellar-based solution, Litemint benefits from low fees, great performance and direct access to SDEX.

Visit this interactive dashboard to get insights on how gamers engage with Stellar:

Litemint Open Source

This approach also allowed, our tradable card game, to receive extremely high engagement from traditional gamers (1.3 million card battles since release in April 2020) as well as high ratings on top gaming portals—validating the approach entirely.

Litemint Ratings

We are also able to issue all assets unlocked by players at minimum cost.

Based on players feedback, and to alleviate the lack of friendly tools for trading collectibles and NFTs on Stellar, we are also building an NFT marketplace solution.

1. Instant Gaming, Anywhere

As independent game developer since 2013, our inhouse, HTML5-compliant, game engine has been battle-tested and continuously improved for 7 years (powering 14 game titles). This expertise allows us to deliver a responsive and consistent game experience on all platforms—hugely increasing our reach in our mission to deliver blockchain-enabled games to everyone.

Litemint Gaming

Our games are also bridging the gap to non-blockchain plaforms by providing custody of assets in a traditional way. With this bridge, we can reach out to all opportunities on a huge gaming market (revenue in the mobile game segment alone expected to reach over USD 109 billion this year, source Statista).

2. A Bespoke Gamer Wallet

Litemint wallet is open-source and cross-platform, available on Google Play, Linux, Windows, Mac. It can also be launched as a web app on desktop browsers (tested in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge). Strong emphasis has been put on the UX—mobile-first.

Noticeable features include:

  • Comprehensive access to the Stellar DEX and trading of any asset pairs.
  • Instant games with leaderboards, daily challenges, shops with cross-currency IAP (path payments).
  • Languages (English, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Greek, more to come).
  • Stellar Federation including gamer ID for universal syncs.
  • Multi-account managements.
  • 24-word mnemonic (BIP39, SLIP10, SEP05).

Note: Players can link any Stellar wallet to our games, not just Litemint.

Litemint Open Source

3. NFT Marketplace, Path Payment Magic (Upcoming)

We realized that we needed a universal approach to abstract the technicalities of the SDEX, encourage discovery, search, and perpetuate the existing social engagement that we get from gamers and users. We are building the first NFT marketplace on Stellar.


  • One-click account creation via Facebook and Google ( users have all their cards automatically imported).
  • Asset discovery, advanced search and deep linking.
  • Auto cross-currency price discovery (path payments).
  • Customizable gamer and collector profiles.
  • Work with any Stellar wallet (Freighter, Ecosystem Wallets, HW wallets...).
  • Fees and reserve sponsorship for Litemint users.
  • Seamless support for claimable balances.
  • Available directly on from desktop and mobile.

Development has now started and we expect an initial beta release during Q1 2021.

Litemint NFT Marketplace

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Traction and Timeline


  • 50,000 monthly active users.
  • scores an average of 8.7/10 ratings from 2879 players on gaming portals.
  • Over 1.3 million card battles.
  • 28,000 Google Play installs.
  • 700 Discord users.

Litemint Key Traction Numbers


Litemint started as a one-man show and was bootstrapped from personal funds during its first year. The project has been a year in development before the platform was fully released in June 2019.

2019 to Date
  • June 2019 - Released Litemint Game Platform.
  • October 2019 - 36,000 users.
  • January 2020 - Won Stellar Community Fund 3*.
  • January 2020 - Stellarport Acquisition. Read More....
  • April 2020 - Launched tradable card game, Read More....
  • September 2020 - First eSports Live competition
  • September 2020 - Issued the first NFT card on Stellar.
  • November 2020 - Second eSports Live competition.

(*) Litemint won SCF3 competition in January 2020, with a prize of $22,657 (413,461 XLM @ 0.0548, 2020-01). These funds were used to develop the platform further, bridging the skill-gap by hiring freelancers, cover some of the infrastructure costs during 2020, and acquiring licenses (music, graphics, game).

2021, Game On!

Q1 2021

  • Content, Service, Ecosystem
  • (March) Beta Release of the NFT Marketplace.
  • 1.6 Major Content Update: Increasing game content by 25%.
  • Integration of the Freighter Wallet to our service
  • Continue regular events as part of adoption strategy
  • (January) Top-tier Legends Tournament Second Edition (NFT prize issued on Stellar).
  • Seasonal Quests.

Q2 2021

  • Content, Service, Ecosystem
  • Application for Tier 1 Org on Stellar (provided our nodes have completed sync, you can check progress here:
  • (April) 1.7 Major Content Update (Targeting 200-500 cards for the game 1 year anniversary).
  • (May) Integration with Samsung Keystore across all our services (including Stellarport).
  • (June) Deploying regional server in Asia along with UA targeting the region.
  • Regular events as part of adoption strategy
  • Additional eSports events during the quarter.
  • Seasonal Quests.

Q3-Q4 2021

  • Official Release of the NFT Marketplace (Out of Beta).
  • See below sections for a detailed explanation of our Marketing Strategy and Use of Funds for 2021 and 2022.

Stellarport, our subsidiary service, will also be leveraged during 2021 bringing automated anchors (Polaris), dedicated ERC-721 anchor, partnership with DSTOQ (currently being implemented) to synergize the user base.

Litemint Analytics

Marketing Strategy

Due to current limitation for advertising crypto-based products on mainstream social media platforms, we mainly depend on gaming websites (organic, featured, paid) to reach new gamers. This strategy has proven successful during 2020 to grow our user base consistently and rapidly. It will remain effective if we continue to provide gaming-first content and ubiquitous products that work on both worlds (blockchain and non-blockchain).

We will also continue to provide live events and esports competition to maximize player and content creator engagement. We expect the NFT marketplace to considerably increase gamer conversions to Stellar.

Use of Funds

Based on user feedback, we expect the NFT marketplace to considerably increase conversions for fostering game asset ownership on Stellar—the NFT marketplace comes as a natural extension to leverage our tractions and organically extend the current platform services.

The funds would help us fulfill our marketing strategy speeding the scaling of our operations for more adoption and greatly help bring the NFT marketplace to market on Stellar for more conversions.

We would also continue to provide an ad-free service on Litemint, this has been an important part of our customer acquisition strategy till now and contributed to higher ratings and retention.

Finally, we would use the funds for licensing (e.g. Zeptolab, creator of 50 million players franchise “Cut the Rope”, expressed a strong interest in publishing on Litemint). Bringing top game studios to the platform would raise awareness about Stellar technology.

Building on Stellar since 2019

Funds Budget Break-down

  • Growth, acquisition, conversion, retention 40%.
  • Staffing 30% (mainly skill gap, development, graphics and support).
  • Infrastructure Costs 15% (regional servers, overall scaling)
  • Licensing and Intellectual Properties 15%.


Team Frederic Rezeau

Thank you!
LITEMINT LLC, 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware, 19958, United States.


Official websites
Blog: Game (instant card battles):

Social links

Desktop Web App:
Google Play:
Web App for iOS:

Source Code and Binaries (Win, Linux, Mac)

Meridian 2020 presentation and panel "Stellar For Gaming".
Live eSports Tournament Highlights.

Google Data Studio Interactive Dashboards
Litemint Analytics Dashboard: Analytics Dashboard:

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