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We are building a comunity-driven MMORPG where players craft custom NFTs from in-game resources.

Players will leave a central hub to explore maps and dungeons that are occasionally procedurally generated. After gathering resources or trading with other players; a player may then craft items by playing mini-games. If the score in the mini-game is high enough, the player will receive an item with better stats and the option to be minted. Players who choose to mint pay a fee before the game begins the minting process via the official MythForge account on Litemint. Once minted the item is sent to the players wallet address their in-game inventory is updated.

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We are in the prototyping stage and looking to raise money to begin development.


In 6 months we plan to have completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, received grants and business loans from the Canadian government and begun development of the full game with an expanded team.

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

It is not as easy to run a successful Kickstarter as it used to be. Todays backers need to see projects that are near completion before they fund a game; a simple prototype or game design document won't be enough. To increase our chances of attracting funding and bring our concept to the next level we need to develop a single player demo featuring custom 3D art assets. With this demo we can not only secure Kickstarter funding but also attract investment from the private sector as well as successfully apply for government grants and business loans. Without a demo version funded by the SCF our timeline to completion of the full game will be delayed.


Myth Forge

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Xuyen Thi Do - Founder

BHRM from the Hanoi University of Home Affairs.

Worked in the Vietnamese government and private sector as an assistant and full manager. Underemployed after moving to Canada so she began this project. She will be running the business and financial aspects of this project.


Peter Krejcar

BMUS from the University of British Columbia

Data science certificate from Lighthouse Labs.

Experience with python and machine learning models. Music composer with works performed by the Vancouver Symphony and the Victoria Symphony. He will act as the lead game designer as well as music composer.




Saigon Dragon Studios

Will work on 3D art and animation assets.