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NFT Gaming with P2E elements via Smart Contracts

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In 6 months we hope to have a working demo that allows users to create in-game items, link their Stellar accounts with in-game inventories, and mint and trade the NFTs they create. Lastly we plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign using the game prototype as a playable demo to successfully attract backers.

To get there, we request a budget of  

We need help linking the game to Stellar and developing the infrastructure for connecting our game items to NFTs on the Stellar network. This will require hiring a freelancer with experience in C++ and Java to write the code linking our game to the Stellar ecosystem. Finally we need a little more funding to develop 3D art assets to improve the look of our project and attract more funding.

Additional information


NFTs will have a large impact on the entertainment industry. We believe that now is our chance to develop new, innovative, games while the market is still growing and major competitors have yet to enter the market.

Our Goal

We want to encourage players to develop their own myths and legends around the items and gear they create. NFTs help us achieve that goal by enabling us to verify the uniqueness of in-game items preventing copies and enabling more security. We also want to innovate on the Play 2 Earn model by utilizing Smart Contracts to allow players to safely loan out their gear to other players and receive a reward in game currency or XLM.

NFT Integration

Players will travel, explore, and gather materials in the world. Then they may design their item by selecting different combinations of modular parts and combine these materials to craft items. While crafting they have the option to play mini-games that can boost their items stat score. If their mini-game score is high enough the item will qualify for NFT mintable status giving the player the option to link their in-game item to a newly minted NFT version on Stellar.

Once minted the item is tracked in-game so that when a player sells their NFT on the blockchain the game will automatically update players inventories in-game to reflect the new ownership. We hope to utilize the new Stellar Smart Contracts to enable players to borrow equipment from each other and earn rental fees from these contracts.


MythForge will sustain itself by selling cosmetic items in an in-game cash shop and charging an NFT minting fee that scales with the rarity of the item players wish to mint. A rare item with high stats will cost more to mint than a more common item further enhancing its rare status.


We’ve progressed a lot since our last SCF submission. We have prototyped our combat system, built an online presence via social media and a website, hired a 3D artist, and begun development of the crafting system.

In the coming months we need help linking our game to Stellar so that we can allow players to mint their items into NFTs and track what items a player should have in their inventory based on the NFTs they own. We also hope to add more 3D models and release a playable prototype in preparation for the launch of a Kickstarter campaign in January 2023.

Game Details

The following information is meant as a general overview for the game we're trying to create.

The game world will follow a hub-and-spoke model ie. a central city, or cities, will have a gate where players can enter a combination key to teleport to another map. These map zones will vary with some being procedurally regenerated every few days while others will remain permanently unchanged. This will prevent the development of a ‘meta’ where online guides tell players and bots the most efficient way to gather materials. Players thus will be encouraged to explore new maps, discover new ways to gather materials, and will offer us, the devs, ways to fine-tune game balance and avoid the development of a meta.

Combat is planned to emphasize skill by combining combo action fighter systems with more traditional MMORPG elements. We want players to practice their technique and to reward skilled players as well as give those who have low-quality gear a chance to compete against someone with better gear.

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First Deliverable

Our requested budget is $20.000.

75% of that budget is earmarked towards paying a freelancer to connect our game to Stellar in a safe and secure manner. We need a system to track what NFTs a player has in their Stellar wallet and update their in-game inventory based on what they own and another system to enable players to mint the items they craft in-game into tradeable NFTs.

The remaining 25% would fund the creation of 3D art assets such as monsters, clothing, and weapons. Some of these art assets will help raise more funding by being sold as limited edition NFTs on Litemint that players will be able to wear and use in-game once it launches.


Annie Do

Founder, HR Manager

Bachelor degree in HR Management from the Hanoi University of Home Affairs.

Peter Krejcar

Founder, Lead Designer/coder/sound/music

Lighthouse Labs Graduate.

Aneeqa Younas

3D artist